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So what is the key to the problem of West Bengal caught, as it is, between the devil of the old-guard Marxists and the deep sea of Mamata?
By Anvar Alikhan
the Secret Diary of
Ever since I was framed by the CBI, several friends in the DMK have been trying to make me see the silver lining
The page 3 people, the chatterati and those in the news for being in the news
Random notes, gossip, bitching, angles, conspiracy theories, spoofs, essential fundas
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10 Questions
The filmmaker recently starred in two movies, Aar Ekti Premer Golpo and Memories in March, portraying gay men in both.
movie review
Has something that most contemporary, uber-slick Bollywood flicks lack--quietude and calm. It's a world of thoughtful pauses than a furious pace.
movie review
A beguiling mix of thriller and sci-fi and there are liberal lashings of emotions too
What do Indian writers covet more than the Booker Prize? Why are the latest Amitav Ghosh and Adiga are getting published before schedule? And the truth behind bestseller frauds.
Cover Story
That is what our godmen are to most Indians: present on call
The Last Apparition
Holy Smoke And Mirrors
Exposes or not, godmen will thrive, public figures will kiss their feet
Rahul Singh
That Irrational High
How godmen hoodwink the gullible into subscribing to their divinity
Ajith Pillai
gujarat riots: modi’s role
Modi’s role is unmasked again, but Gujarat riots SIT isn’t looking
politics: dmk
Political compulsions—the uncertainty over the assembly polls, the need to hold a place at the Centre—tie DMK’s hands
The Communists appear to have recovered some ground and the mood in the Left camp has lifted a bit
agriculture: foodgrains
Bumper wheat crop poses new headaches
economy: small businesses
Small businesses are being squeezed on all sides, schemes are little help
technology: mobile phones
The Android operating system swamps the mobile phone market
rajasthan: female infanticide
They have all been killed quietly, leaving Devda just with 20 girls compared to 300 boys
nation: population
The lowest sex ratio since 1947 has the Centre worried
kanha: tiger census
MP officials seem deaf to falling tiger figures
street kids
A Delhi survey paints a disturbing picture
weddings: austerity debate
It’s culinary monogamy. India ponders a one-dish law at marriages.
Mind your body
Bel ka sharbat and nimbu pani are good too, but sugarcane juice is first amongst equals. Cheers!
cricket: bowling
A batsman’s game cricket has always been, but its rules have never skewered bowlers more
Jamil Ahmad, 78, ex-bureaucrat, chronicler of tribal Pakistan, shared a life with his novel
View From An Eyrie
A first novel’s portrayal of tribal life in Balochistan and NWFP, one of casual bloodshed and deprivation, rings true
Sunil Sethi on The Wandering Falcon By Jamil Ahmad
There is humour in this collection, and humaneness. And there is hope.
Gillian Wright on The Oxford Anthology Of Writings From North-East India: Volume One: Fiction Volume Two: Poetry and Essays
Edited By Tilottama Misra
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