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There are lots of gawkers in Oxford these days—Harry Potter fans who come to see some of the famous locations used in the movies....
By Anvar Alikhan
the Secret Diary of
"Don't be a minion to the silly onion. No pyaz is the new andaaz (style)."
The page 3 people, the chatterati and those in the news for being in the news
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10 Questions
The writer-musician on his new album Found Music, which has been well received in the UK
Movie Review
A welcome whiff of fresh air for Bengali mainstream cinema
movie review
Why blatantly follow the Sex And The City template right down to the facile, inane voiceover?
Cover Story
Outlook-Moods Sex Survey 2011
The fling thing: Casual sex is taboo no more. A young nation gets all frisky and experimental between the sheets
One Night On The Highway Ain’t Enough
Admittedly, men are better at casual sex than women, but it’s no noble or empowering
Anuja Chauhan
Your Place Or Mine?
The crisp, clean, well-lit rustle of carnal ‘fun’
Palash Krishna Mehrotra
Not On The Same Page
Well, the cocktail circuit is no hunting ground
Suhel Seth
The Shaken Booty
On women, sex, Bollywood’s hypocrisy knows no bars
Jerry Pinto
Pulp Romance
Make Love, But First Make The Lover
The warm, sensitive stud has morphed into a handsome handyman but Mr Right is still a fantasy
Nilanjana Roy
See You Sometime
When a one-night stand was a win-win situation
Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan
Stood Up And Delivered
1960s Delhi: staid. Swinging London was a candy shop!
Bhaichand Patel
Be A Constant Gardener
Hard focus and breezy persistence can win any woman
Hari Menon
How To Pick Up A Man
The wit, the look—it’s all part of the game, mate
Tishani Doshi
Click On The Big O
Nowhere else can you cast a worldwide web for that fast fling on the move as on social networking sites
Megha Singh
terror: hindutva angle
Swami Aseemanand startles, and raises many questions
terror: hindutva angle
Bad Apples From The Family Orchard
The BJP’s denial of any link with Hindutva terror is as loud as its embarrassment is acute
Prarthna Gahilote
hindu terror: the bias
Swami And Friends?
Did we get the terror prism all wrong, did majoritarian bias blind us?
Saba Naqvi
Samjhauta Express: Pakistan
It’s Swamiplay
Pakistan now spins Samjhauta as its 26/11
Amir Mir
security: intelligence
RAW, IB get new chiefs. All their creative energy will be needed.
Telecom: 2G Scam
No one’s buying Kapil Sibal’s defence of 2G
economy: food inflation
Is the government as helpless as it seems?
Regularisation rather than regulation has become the norm in our coastal policy. What a foolish government!
cricket: ipl
In the IPL auction, rules faded before the Greenback
cricket: ipl
There’s No Social Contract
Unlike BCCI boss and IPL team owner N. Srinivasan, chief flouter of rules, Kumble should keep one hat on
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