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The comparison of the 'Ground Zero' mosque with our own temple vs mosque controversy in Ayodhya is not entirely out of place
By Vinod Mehta
The Secret Diary Of
“When I said things are bad, I was referring to Kashmir....” His response was typical: “Was it ever good, beta?
The page 3 people, the chatterati and those in the news for being in the news
Random notes, gossip, bitching, angles, conspiracy theories, spoofs, essential fundas
Published feedback from our readers: rants, raves, bouquets, brickbats
10 Questions
The national award-winning Bengali actress on her B’wood stint and upcoming film Life Express
The film held the promise of churning the masalas to the core but stops well short of it. The real film itself has little more to offer than its own trailer.
delhi restaurant
If you want the music turned down, as we did, then you are too old for Smoke House Deli.
Best B-Schools 2010
Outlook-MDRA Survey
For people managers of the future, Outlook-MDRA’s definitive guide to the best B-schools in the land
Reading list for gravy-train riders, back-up plan for the also-rans
Programmes try to create grads who are effective from Day 1
In a world obsessed with the MBA degree, few have questioned its relevance in today’s business environment...
The story of a how a feeding bottle salesman started a private port
Dollops of info to smoothen the rough-and-tumble of business
indian thinkers
Indian business gurus come of age globally
Beating the drum of India Rising is all very well but India is ignoring less flattering aspects at its own peril.
Indian firms must opt for the nimbleness and creativity of co-creation
The world flips on cutting-edge management theories. But an unready India quietly resists.
Human capitalism
Corporate sensitivity is the new mantra. Will it go beyond PR?
MBAs in Politics
The ingress of management practices into politics bodes well
succession planning
Business houses are planning their successors well in advance
business films
Tinsel town has its own take on corporates and the pursuit of profit
Convocation Address
Vision, venture, persistence—any day, they surpass wealth and talent
ayodhya: babri verdict
As judgement day nears, how will the Ram debate play out now?
ayodhya: verdict
In Godot’s Town
Fear and ennui run high as Ayodhya awaits title suit verdict
Prarthna Gahilote, Sharat Pradhan
kashmir: protests
New Delhi seems befuddled about what to do with Kashmir
kashmir: protests
“AFSPA Is Not The Main Issue”
Hardline Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Geelani spoke to Hakim Irfan
Hakim Irfan Interviews Syed Ali Shah Geelani
kashmir: reportage
Kashmir, Looking In
India’s success has sweetened the foreign reportage on Kashmir
Pranay Sharma
karnataka: bjp
Tainted mantris define Yediyurappa’s cabinet
Politics is expensive. MPs need a hike to stay afloat—and honest.
politics: tamil nadu
A Chola statue starts a DMK-BJP sidestory
bengal: bureaucracy
A pre-emptive flight of Bengal’s bureaucracy
Against a militaristic approach to the Maoists, Nitish tries persuasion
Aiming at a grand strategy for India through multiple strategic scenarios of net assessment, this book argues for an imaginative calculation of our various futures
S. Enders Wimbush on The Long View From Delhi: To Define The Indian Grand Strategy For Foreign Policy By Raja Menon and Rajiv Kumar
Legalising cricket betting seems the only practical solution
insurance: ganapati
Safeguarding Ganapati against terrorists
kerala: the church
Kerala ex-priest’s tell-all book puts Church in a spot
Film Festival: Indian cinema
A new brand of Indian cinema makes its mark at the Toronto fest
health: hiv
HIV-positive cases in children on the rise
andhra pradesh: turmeric
Menstruating women can’t touch turmeric
ports: toxic waste
Toxic waste is sitting idle at our ports
himachal pradesh: environment
Too many hydel projects spell ecodisaster
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