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19th Anniversary Special
It’s a palm-sized electronic alter ego. It both chains us and invests us with a new freedom.
In just 19 years, cellphones have most of us eating out of its screens. This poll reveals the extent of our cellular obsession.
A little bit about the many parallel worlds we live in, drawn together by the collective buzz of the phone
Moupia Nandy : Moupia Nandy, 37
Chiranjit Parmar : Chiranjit Parmar, 75
Santosh Rai : Santosh Rai, 37
Rohini Singh : Rohini Singh, 46
Harkirat Ahluwalia : Harkirat Ahluwalia, 40
Sandeep Jassal : Sandeep Jassal, 44
Mohd Haneef : Mohd Haneef, 26
Subburaj : Subburaj, 42
Rajshree Vaidya : Rajshree Vaidya, 44
Gabriel Sang : Gabriel Sang, 22
Apsara Iyenger : Apsara Iyenger, 26
Sonal Giani : Sonal Giani, 27
Kanika Kamra :  Kanika Kamra 24
Monica Grewal : Monica Grewal, 44
Neena Sinha : Neena Sinha, 56
Harikishan Verma : Harikishan Verma, 45
Ruchika Gupta : Ruchika Gupta, 33
Dipak Chakraborty : Dipak Chakraborty, 52
Kusumam J. : Kusumam J., 54
The co-author of Cell Phone Nation looks at our smallest instrument of communication as it changes the way we live.
small towns
India’s small towns have grown upwardly mobile—and the mobile has speeded them
Mobiles: a chronology
The mobile’s amazing fecundity can be tracked to the first fire signal
the one without
Landline phones, the mobiles complete the unholy triad
leap of mind
When men were men, and the Brits were nervous. How would the titans have used social media?
in retrospect
Would a mobile-enabled Emergency have been different?
On the mobile phone, its impact on our lives and the society we live in.
With the same old idiots using it, smart tech doesn’t do too much
phonecam shots
When the camera went pleb with the arrival of the phonecam, everyone but everyone was clicking. So were the ace lens-eyes. Here’s a small portfolio....
The NID-trained designer works on crafting user experiences on mobile phones.
India’s telecom history, mapped via the many scams and controversies
the economy
As mobile telephony trickles down to every alley, the industry is looking beyond voice-calls—to data and apps—for future growth
Motilal Oswal : Spade For Burying Money
Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos says the next wave will come from mobile, the default mode of accessing the internet for the new generation.
When the mobile phone became the symbol of match-fixing
mobile phone: advertising
They sold it to you on the over time ads pitched mobile use into the stratosphere
Two decades ago, they’d meet at a water tank here. They are back again, as a Whatsapp group.
personally speaking
From Bookmyshow to Uber via Tripadvisor...and
...and the losses
For the mobile also stifles wit, wonder and punctures gassy yarns
mobile ties
Heaven’s lost the prerogative, relationships are now being made and broken on mobile phones
vexed & hexed
The troubled tale of my many frustrations with what everyone loves
personally speaking
How stardust from the sky became numbers on my phone
personally speaking
Ringing Endorsement
Bollywood has made enough music around telephones and mobile phones...
Rohit Mehrotra, Vipin Nair
Last Page
I had my epiphany one evening in 1991 in Guruvayur from where I was trying to call the US embassy for a fix on my green card renewal appointment...
First Person
The thrill of managing to make calls from a locked up bakelite instrument...
Photo Feature
Meant as a communication tool, the mobile also not just kills conversation but also, at times, puts greater distances between people.
Mobile Polls
How the mobile phone, through SMSs, Twitter, WhatsApp and other applications, was the most important tool to connect to the voters in Election 2014
Waxing Philosophical
If that is too extreme, should the mobile phones be allowed in flights? Used to vote? Allowed while driving? Banned in schools? Banned in restaurants? Banned on a day in a week?
Some unusual stories about the mobile from across the world
Mobile Film
A group of artists, filmmakers and technologists from Mumbai works together with a group of sailors from the Gulf of Kutch to produce a feature-length experimental film
19th Anniversary Special
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