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If you go to Greece on a holiday, you will surely go to Athens. The other must-do is a cruise to its famous islands...
By Ravi Sharma
the Secret Diary of principal
Girl’s skirt shorter by 25 mm, first time: Rs 300 fine, second time: compulsory wearing of 9-yard saree for three weeks and Rs 500...
The page 3 people, the chatterati and those in the news for being in the news
Weekly cartoon by Sorit
Published feedback from our readers: rants, raves, bouquets, brickbats
10 Questions
The reluctant actor on his new film, Fireflies.
movie review
Everything about it is lacklustre—right from the script, direction and acting
movie review
Among recent Bengali cin­­­ema’s best visual tales, about a charming set of quirky characters
The sessions got all muddled up, the authors were fuming, the panelists were clueless, audiences were thin and organisers nowhere to be seen...
The states of the nation: news, headlines, gossip, rumours, things we learnt
Business in bitesizes
Cover Story
diwali discounts
Online players change the rules of the festival sale game, often bearing the cut themselves
diwali discounts
Who Says Meerut Can’t
Online shopping attracts awe from youngsters, distrust from the older generation
Pragya Singh
MOP Mentality
jump cut
The Party Ain’t Forever
The new trend of online retail players offering deep discounts cannot be sustained in the long term
Rajeev Karwal
A Gujarat HC order seeks to draw the curtains on Snoopgate
Gujarat: administration
The curious reward-and-retribution handouts for top Gujarat cops, babus
photonews: cyclone hudhud
While Cyclone Hudhud's eye held Vizag in its cruel gaze, Orissa too counted the heavy costs.
politics: congress-bjp
The Congress can lament there. The BJP needs a triumphal arch.
politics: bjp
Buzz of cabinet expansion after Oct 19
indo-pak skirmish border villages
While TV anchors ratchet up war rhetoric and patriotic fervour, people at the receiving end on the border pay a heavy, undeserved cost
jump cut
Cult Of Gun-patis
The Modi government’s policy of how to deal with Pakistan raises some serious concerns.
Pranay Sharma
chinese goods
Indian Diwali ware is deluged by cheap Chinese goods; crackers resist the onslaught
Mangoes too can be a vehicle of narrow, and avoidable, nationalism.
culture clubs
In big, bad Delhi, minority groups create their own party space
Mind your body
There really is more to food beyond the limited labels of dieting, calories and fattening.
Why is academia being inoculated against thinking, political minds?
Kailash Satyarthi gets the Nobel but was he working against India’s trade interests in the ’90s? And why lobby for the prize since 2005?
Manufacturing Piety
Satyarthi’s Nobel only reinforces the West’s warped superiority
Francois Gautier on Kailash Satyarthi
Arts & Entertainment
film: fanboys
A cabal of Salman-worshipping males
'We Felt We Were In An Alternate Universe'
The directors on making their documentary on film-star Salman Khan’s stupendous fandom, Being Bhaijaan
Namrata Joshi Interviews Samreen FarooquiShabani Hassanwalia
film: shiva anniversary
Shiva broke many moulds, set up the career of RGV. Now, 25 years on...
Bhavani, You Thug
It managed to capture the youth unrest of the times in a manner that still strikes a chord.
Namrata Joshi
Pathbreaking stylistic invention and mystical yearning are the hallmarks of Raja Rao’s writing
S.B. Easwaran on The Serpent And The Rope By Raja Rao & Kanthapura By Raja Rao & The Cat And Shakespeare By Raja Rao & Collected Stories By Raja Rao
An intimate insider’s viewpoint about a juicy gossip session with people you might have met a few years earlier.
Anjana Basu on Strains In A Minor Key: A Celebration Of Sixty Years In Calcutta By Rani Sircar
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