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“You only have a single-entry Israeli visa,” she said. “How will you re-enter the country when you leave Gaza?”
By Sreenivasan Jain
The Secret Diary of
My PK poster (railway track, nude posterior and transistor et al) is my tribute to the Marilyn legend
The page 3 people, the chatterati and those in the news for being in the news
Weekly cartoon by Sorit
Published feedback from our readers: rants, raves, bouquets, brickbats
10 Questions
The actress on her debut role in the American series Homeland as ISI agent Tasneem Kureshi
movie review
This is what experts call the Stockholm Syndrome, where the captive audience falls in love with the captors (aka actors)
movie review
Patchy in the masala entertainment quotient: some flavourful scenes, and also long and insipid sequences.
The states of the nation: news, headlines, gossip, rumours, things we learnt
Business in bitesizes
Cover Story
Chennai 375
Chennai turns 375 even as the old and the new stay ‘gridlocked by progress’
Khushboo : One Word For A Year-I
Krish Ashok : One Word For A Year-II
Chennai 375
Nalla Madras!
It’s a British-Tamil creation, only just shedding its marinade
Timeri N. Murari
The Amit Shah-Modi combine has even marginalised the RSS
appraisal: planning commission
The PM reads out the obituary of the institution
bjp: varun gandhi
His arrogance and open defiance of Modi during the campaign costs Varun dearly
China’s progress impresses Modi, but at what cost has it come?
memorial: M.K. Gandhi
Sikh groups, women take umbrage at idea of having a Gandhi statue at Westminster
diplomacy: indo-pak ties
Is it the ‘statesman’ of this picture or the one who prefers tough talk over dialogue?
diplomacy: indo-pak ties
When There Seems No Need To Walk The Talk
Pakistan’s in ferment and is anyway an uneasy issue with the BJP. Modi feels dismissing it now works for his strongman image.
Saba Naqvi
protests: pakistan
Imran, Qadri hem in on the Sharif regime as the army stands tall
More government took Himachal near the top of development indices
west bengal: industry
A stuck Jindal project in Bengal doesn’t go down well with Mamata
hyderabad: society
The Playboy Club opens in the Telangana capital...but alas, no bunnies
lucknow: food
110-year-old Tunday’s sets up a food mall
With boundless energy, BKS kept the best ideals of yoga alive
Arts & Entertainment
Singer Patricia Rozario’s resounding success did not cut her from her roots
bollywood: rohit shetty
Rohit Shetty—cool hand gatherer of BO hits, impervious to criticism, smasher of cars
Six novellas from Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, Tamil, Malayalam and Marathi literature offer a glimpse into different Indian realities for a bhasha-deprived generation
Chandan Gowda on Vaadivaasal By C.S. Chellappa & Dweepa By Na. D’Souza & Tyanantar By Saniya & Moogavani Pillanagrovi By Kesava Reddy & Sheet Sahasik Hemantolok By Nabaneeta Dev Sen & Jeevichirikkunnavarkku Vendiyulla Oppees By Johny Miranda
A scholarly investigation into the top-sec­ret visit of Rudolf Hess, Hitler’s second-in-command, to Britain in 1941.
Anvar Alikhan on Night Flight To Dungavel By Peter Padfield
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