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Of experiments at the zero gravity point and the Coriolis effect.
By Kalyani Shankar
Secret Diary of
I proclaim that as a proud citizen of Arunachal Pradesh I eat beef and other meats.
The page 3 people, the chatterati and those in the news for being in the news
Published feedback from our readers: rants, raves, bouquets, brickbats
Movie Review
The love story at the core gets submerged under the weight of period costumes, props, dialogues and the actors’ own obvious self-consciousness.
10 Questions
Co-founder of, an initiative to use modern media to impart all things Indian, on its latest mythological board games
The states of the nation: news, headlines, gossip, rumours, things we learnt
Outlook in retrospect.
Business in bitesizes
Cover Story
kangana ranaut
She is a bit of her characters, and unlike any of them. Kangana is style and substance. And rooted, to boot.
‘People Say It’s Your Best Time. But I’d Say It’s Bollywood’s Best Time.’
Kangana Ranaut on her characters, the changing face of Bollywood and shift in the role of the heroine in the industry.
Namrata Joshi Interviews Kangna Ranaut
kangana ranaut
The Mad, Bad Girl Of Bollywood
Nine of Kangana’s best in the last nine years...
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Queen Of An Empty Vessel
To hold Tanu-Manu up as part of the filmography that reveals the spirit of women’s liberation in small-town India is ridiculous.
Saba Naqvi
The Centre’s attempt to amend the Constitution is disgraceful
Madhya pradesh: NREGA works
In MP’s Bundelkhand region, a sarpanch-babu nexus means NREGA benefits dry up for the poor
nation: rajya sabha
A loose cut from Jaitley and deep questions of structure play out
Bicameral Vision
We must respect the synergy the two Houses bring to the nation
Gopalkrishna Gandhi
haryana: dlf-vadra deal
A letter from Khemka lays bare the outline of a plot by which DLF may have benefited
bangalore: bda plots
BDA plots on dried lakes come under threat
Why does it take the NYT to break a Pakistani scam?
bangladesh: modi visit
Modi’s Bangladesh visit finds the nation battling for its soul, as its two begums battle each other
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Letter Bombs In Bangla
Religious intolerance has sent deep roots into Bangladesh's society, and now we are experiencing its bitter, extreme fruits.
Saleem Samad
The economist and Niti Aayog member is the man of the moment in the government.
ifc status
The country’s financial capital loses out to PM’s Gandhinagar brainchild
Old Monk, the brown sage-head Indian men swear allegiance to
20 OUTSPOKEN, outstanding, outlier
I miss the lighter, more pleasant read Outlook used to be.
20 OUTSPOKEN, outstanding, outlier
Why I Love Outlook
Its coverage of issues that plague people in the remotest of places makes it an inclusive magazine.
Jyotindra Jain
Mind your body
The Chinese still use the Asian pot and squat daily with pride.
A random sample from the British newspapers
Arts & Entertainment
entertainment: gaming
Finger on the button, gaming lounges are the full experience
Sudeep Sen traverses in this new compendium a range of poetic influences, cultures and concerns, yet retains a consistency of style and sensibility
Shashi Tharoor on Fractals: New And Selected Poems/Translations 1980-2015 By Sudeep Sen
Entices the reader into turning the pages, hoping to find some kind of answer to all the questions that the story raises.
Anjana Basu on Sleeping On Jupiter By Anuradha Roy
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