Black Tornado by Sandeep Unnithan
‘Mumbai-style attacks will inevitably be repeated. Terrorist groups and their state sponsors have been quick to realize the benefits of such high-visibility strikes... The Mumbai attacks were a monumental tragedy. The failure to learn from it will be a bigger one yet'
Web | Nov 26, 2014
The Taste of Words: An Introduction to Urdu Poetry by Mir Ali Raza & Gulzar
On Ashura, one of the days of holy observance for Shias we revisit two short poems by Mir Anees, from an excellent new translation of Urdu poems into English
Web | Nov 04, 2014
S.D. Burman: The World of his Music by Khagesh Dev Burman
On the 39th death death anniversary of Sachin Dev Burman (October 1, 1906 to October 31, 1975), a look back at the last three years of the maestro's life
Web | Oct 31, 2014
The Taste of Words: An Introduction to Urdu Poetry by Mir Ali Raza & Gulzar
What better occasion than Diwali, that celebrates the return from exile of Lord Rama, to revisit this short extract from an excellent new translation of Urdu poems into English
Web | Oct 24, 2014
Dark Star: The Loneliness of Being Rajesh Khanna by Gautam Chintamani
In the climax of Anand, when the audience saw Rajesh Khanna die on-screen, it didn’t bother about anyone else; but in Namak Haraam, Khanna’s cinematic death ended up giving Amitabh Bachchan a new lease of life.
Web | Oct 22, 2014
Korma, Kheer and Kismet: Five seasons in Old Delhi by Pamela Timms
The Navratri are a time of avoidance of certain foods rather than complete abstinence and while there is an emphasis on purification and cleansing, food is still at the heart of the celebrations
Web | Oct 03, 2014
Sun Mere Bandhu Re—The Musical World Of S.D. Burman by Sathya Saran
On S.D. Burman's 108th birthday recalling his magical teaming up and finally splitting with Sahir, and the 'rediscovery' of Geeta Dutt
Web | Oct 01, 2014
The Diary Of The Nation’s Conscience Keeper Not Just An Accountant by Vinod Rai
The man who made the office of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India a force to reckon with tells all—from the 2G scam to CWG fiasco to Coalgate and the K-G Basin—in a damning memoir.
Magazine | Sep 22, 2014
The Essential Ved Mehta by Ved Mehta
When a central minister arrived at the Delhi central telephone exchange, roundly abused all and sundry, brandished a pistol and threatened the operator that he would kidnap her...
Web | Sep 10, 2014
 The Jihadis Return: ISIS and the New Sunni Uprising by by Patrick Cockburn
Washington's “war on terror” has failed because it did not target the jihadi movement as a whole and, above all, was not aimed at Saudi Arabia and Pakistan
Web | Aug 21, 2014
by Eduardo Galeano
12 of the 366 episodes from the history of humanity covered in the book: from Joseph Stalin and Muhammad Ali to Albert Einstein and Barbie
Web | Aug 19, 2014
Off the Record: Untold Stories from a Reporter's Diary by Ajith Pillai
'He had concluded, or had been told, that the mafia in the city was made up of Muslims and Muslims alone... Mr Naipaul kept thinking I had brought him to meet a Muslim gang'
Web | Aug 13, 2014
Decoding Didi Making Sense Of Mamata Banerjee by Dola Mitra
Mamata was magic; like moths to a flame, the media was drawn to a future CM; for the masses she nearly was Devi, slayer of evil. For everyone in Bengal, Mamata portended ‘poriborton’.
Magazine | Jul 07, 2014
The People's Platform: Taking Back Power and Culture in the Digital Age by Astra Taylor
Racist, sexist, and homophobic harassment or “trolling” has become a depressingly routine aspect of online life.
Web | Apr 10, 2014
Gas Wars: Crony Capitalism And The Ambanis by Paranjoy Guha Thakurta & Subir Ghosh & Jyotirmoy Chaudhuri
Exclusive extracts from a new book on the KG Basin gas controversy reveals for the first time the views of two key players well acquainted, through first-hand knowledge, with Reliance’s moves on the pricing and use of natural gas
Magazine | Apr 14, 2014
The Fiction Of Fact-Finding: Modi & Godhra by Manoj Mitta
Nine hours, two sessions, 71 questions; yet, as a new book examines, all SIT’s done is put Modi’s defence on record, not challenge contradictions
Magazine | Feb 17, 2014
My Experiment With Gandhi by Pramod Kapoor
A new biography of the Mahatma explores hidden facets of his life. A section from the first chapter, ‘The Final Hours’.
Magazine | Feb 03, 2014
I remember sentiments like ‘Coffeekku vazhi unda?’ which translates to ‘Is there a pathway to coffee?’ floating around the house as if the beverage were the path to enlightenment.
Web | Nov 14, 2013
To return to Patna is to find the challenging thought of death, like the tip of a knife, pressing against my rib.
Web | Nov 06, 2013
The Siege The Attack On The Taj by Adrian Levy & Cathy Scott-Clark
A blow-by-blow account by two journalists of the 26/11 attack on the Taj in Mumbai on the fifth anniversary of the event
Magazine | Nov 11, 2013


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