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The Last Word by Hanif Qureishi
Kureishi's art stands renewed in this novel, and his language retains its vigour
Reviewed by Tabish Khair
Magazine | May 12, 2014
The Accidental Prime Minister: The Making and Unmaking Of Manmohan Singh by Sanjaya Baru
This model piece of non-fiction narrates a tragedy of our times—how the brilliant Manmohan Singh fell from grace and stumbled his way through a tough term as PM
Reviewed by Gurcharan Das
Magazine | May 05, 2014
Conversations With Waheeda Rehman by Nasreen Munni Kabir
This Q and A book allows Waheeda Rehman to show her personas—as actress, star, Everywoman, luminous beauty
Reviewed by Sathya Saran
Magazine | Apr 28, 2014
100 Things To Know And Debate Before You Vote by Hindol Sengupta
Written like a ready reckoner of issues that should have mattered and set the agenda for this election
Reviewed by Lopa Ghosh
Magazine | Apr 28, 2014
Arctic Summer by Damon Galgut
A novel about Forster details the painful gestation of A Passage To India and the unrequited love at its beating heart
Reviewed by Anvar Alikhan
Magazine | Apr 21, 2014
Idris: Keeper Of The Light by Anita Nair
Nair brilliantly captures the music of many tongues as she traverses the different terrains.
Reviewed by Manjul Bajaj
Magazine | Apr 21, 2014
Aavarana—The Veil by S.L. Bhyrappa
Bhyrappa’s fevered hatred of Indian Muslims and their heritage violates his own, bragged principle: truth-telling
Reviewed by Sudheendra Kulkarni
Magazine | Apr 14, 2014
Jungle Trees Of Central India: A Field Guide For Tree Spotters by Pradip Krishen
A spectacular book on the jungle trees of India
Reviewed by Mahendra Vyas
Magazine | Apr 14, 2014
Maverick Unchanged, Unrepentant by Ram Jethmalani
Acerbic and fearless, Jethmalani holds forth on topics from China to Bofors, throws in some advice for the Dynasty
Reviewed by Soli J. Sorabjee
Magazine | Apr 07, 2014
India Psychedelic: The Story Of A Rocking Generation by Sidharth Bhatia
For all who are interested in pop culture, remember JS fondly and especially all independent musicians
Reviewed by Rahul Ram
Magazine | Apr 07, 2014
Wisden India Almanack 2014 by Suresh Menon
Cricket, lovely cricket! And Wisden India Almanack—poignant, joyful and indignant—has served it well.
Reviewed by Sandipan Deb
Magazine | Mar 24, 2014
We Need New Names by NoViolet Bulawayo
Despite its flaws and inconsistencies, a powerful and mov­ing novel
Reviewed by Anvar Alikhan
Magazine | Mar 24, 2014
Capital: A Portrait Of Twenty-First Century Delhi by Rana Dasgupta Perpetual City: A Short Biography Of Delhi by Malvika Singh
Essentialism feeds specious arguments in Capital. Perpetual City breathes a time of grace and preferment.
Reviewed by Hartosh Singh Bal
Magazine | Mar 17, 2014
Indian Muslim Spring by Hasan Suroor
Muslim youth today wish to be independent-minded and liberal, able to exert free will and free choice.
Reviewed by Manju Kak
Magazine | Mar 17, 2014
Punjabi Parmesan: Despatches From A Europe In Crisis by Pallavi Aiyar
Europe in decline: tales of homebred sloth, migrant labour, and a North-South rivalry feeding Euroscepticism
Reviewed by Anvar Alikhan
Magazine | Mar 10, 2014
Sahir Ludhianvi: The People’s Poet by Akshay Manwani
Manwani has crafted a sculpture using the clay of interviews, records, other published material and, of course, Sahir's poems
Reviewed by Sathya Saran
Magazine | Mar 10, 2014
Homeless On Google Earth by Mukul Kesavan
Kesavan’s net pulls in topics like memory, cinema, politics, fixes them in a rational gaze, unafraid of common wisdom
Reviewed by Santosh Desai
Magazine | Mar 03, 2014
Grand Delusions: A Short Biography Of Kolkata by Indrajit Hazra
Everyone has their own Calcutta and Hazra’s is the underbelly...
Reviewed by Anjana Basu
Magazine | Mar 03, 2014
The Fiction Of Fact-Finding: Modi & Godhra by Manoj Mitta
Indians knows it's the rare inquiry commission or SIT that ends up saying or finding something that brings justice. This book drives home that tragic point, mercilessly.
Reviewed by Siddharth Varadarajan
Magazine | Feb 24, 2014
Dance Of The Weave by Briana Blasko A Village In Bengal by Chirodeep Chaudhuri
Two fine books of photos, one frames the interface of dance and textile, the other a Bengal village
Reviewed by Sudeep Sen
Magazine | Feb 17, 2014


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