Rebooting India: Realising A Billion Aspirations by Nandan Nilekani & Viral Shah
With a call for governpreneurship, Nilekani hopes for a truly Digital India
Reviewed by Srivatsa Krishna
Magazine | Dec 07, 2015
Chillies And Porridge: Writing Food by Mita Kapur
In a sense, these happen to be love stories involving strange encounters with food.
Reviewed by Geeta Doctor
Magazine | Dec 07, 2015
Summer Requiem by Vikram Seth
Seth returns with melancholy, longing, homage and a light tread on politics
Reviewed by Sudeep Sen
Magazine | Nov 30, 2015
A Career Of Evil by Robert Galbraith
The book stops for a moment, allowing the reader to think everything is over and then starts it again...
Reviewed by Anjana Basu
Magazine | Nov 30, 2015
Neither A Hawk, Nor A Dove: An Insider’s Account Of Pakistan’s Foreign Policy by Khurshid Mahmood Kasuri
Kasuri describes how India and Pakistan almost negotiated a deal on Kashmir. They must take that road again.
Reviewed by Sudheendra Kulkarni
Magazine | Nov 23, 2015
World Of Hrishikesh Mukherjee by Jai Arjun Saingh
The book successfully unravels the wonderful and magical mind of Hrishikesh Mukherjee through all his films, some insightful interviews and many spicy anecdotes.
Reviewed by Kundan Shah
Magazine | Nov 23, 2015
The Turn Of The Tortoise: The Challenge And Promise Of India’s Future by T.N. Ninan
Ninan’s book, in reading the future, takes into account manufacturing and corruption, but ignores health and agriculture
Reviewed by Bibek Debroy
Magazine | Nov 16, 2015
The Island Of Lost Girls by Manjula Padmanabhan
The story has no real beginning or end, and moves forward in fits and starts.
Reviewed by Shabnam Minwalla
Magazine | Nov 16, 2015
Khirman (Vol. I-V) by Muztar Khairabadi
A lost master of Urdu poetry comes to light, and detracts from Zafar
Reviewed by Rakshanda Jalil
Magazine | Nov 09, 2015
Crimson City by Madhulika Liddle
Liddle is good with her smoke and mirrors plotline and it is difficult to guess where she is going with all the grisly murders rocking the great city
Reviewed by Anjana Basu
Magazine | Nov 09, 2015
Two Years, Eight Months and TwentyEight Nights: A Novel by Salman Rushdie
​​Rushdie is at his fantastical best but the message he conveys through this allegorical novel is way too relevant. ​
Reviewed by Freya Dasgupta
Web | Oct 19, 2015
Susan Sontag - The Complete Rolling Stone Interview by Jonathan Cott
Susan Sontag the person is barely reachable behind the towering myth. This readable, book-length conversation helps.
Reviewed by Dipsikha Thakur
Web | Oct 17, 2015
Gita Press And The Making Of Hindu India by Akshaya Mukul
Gita Press, Kalyan, and its editor Hanuman Prasad Poddar moulded Hindu politics and its pet concerns
Reviewed by C. Marrewa Karwoski
Magazine | Oct 26, 2015
The Outsider: My Life In Intrigue by Frederick Forsyth
Forsyth’s real life story is more thrilling than any yarn he ever spun for us!
Reviewed by Sunil Mehra
Magazine | Oct 26, 2015
The Audacious Ascetic: What The Bin Laden Tapes Reveal About Al-Qaida by Flagg Miller
A cache of Al Qaeda recordings analyses the rise and attenuation of Bin Laden’s influence, and casts doubt on his hand at their one terrible act of terror
Reviewed by Nikhil Padgaonkar
Magazine | Oct 19, 2015
To The Brink And Back: India’s 1991 Story by Jairam Ramesh
Though written out of history, Narasimha Rao was the true face of liberalisation. This book gives him his due.
Reviewed by Kalyani Shankar
Magazine | Oct 12, 2015
Gaata Rahe Mera Dil: 50 Classic Hindi Songs by Aniruddha Bhattacharyya & Balaji Vittal
Best to read a chapter, play the song and listen to the tune unfolding. Only then can one understand it better.
Reviewed by Sathya Saran
Magazine | Oct 12, 2015
The South African Gandhi: Stretcher-Bearer Of Empire by Ashwin Desai & Goolam Vahed
He genuflected before the empire and regarded ‘Kaffirs’ with open racism. Meet Mohandas Gandhi in South Africa.
Reviewed by Patrick French
Magazine | Oct 05, 2015
Ocean Of Cobras by Murad Ali Baig
Murad Ali Baig raises the sibling rivalry between the sons of Shah Jahan to epic heights in this new rendering of the state of the nation in 17th century Mughal-dominated India.
Reviewed by Geeta Doctor
Magazine | Oct 05, 2015
The Mare’s Trap: Nature And Culture In The Kamasutra by Wendy Doniger
The Kamasutra is a manual for sensual living. Its role in a civilised aesthetic of love is lauded by Wendy Doniger.
Reviewed by Gurcharan Das
Magazine | Sep 28, 2015


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