Modi’s World: Expanding India’s Sphere Of Influence by C. Raja Mohan
Raja Mohan sees a vigour in foreign relations, advises on true paths, but is guilty of absences and strategic fallacies
Reviewed by Talmiz Ahmad
Magazine | Aug 10, 2015
Go Set A Watchman by Nelle Harper Lee
For me, Jean Louise Finch will remain a promising child who passed away young.
Reviewed by Vijay Nambisan
Magazine | Aug 10, 2015
Go Set A Watchman by Nelle Harper Lee
Reading Harper Lee's Go Set A Watchman left me rather unaffected and unmoved.
Reviewed by Freya Dasgupta
Web | Jul 28, 2015
Ashoka In Ancient India by Nayanjyot Lahiri
A study looks at Ashoka’s extant, physical heritage and celebrates his ideals as essential to the idea of India
Reviewed by Pramod Kumar KG
Magazine | Aug 03, 2015
Almost Home: Cities And Other Places by Githa Hariharan
Illuminates history, offers fresh perspective, pares the onion that is a place to reveal its quintessence.
Reviewed by Sunil Mehra
Magazine | Aug 03, 2015
My Name Is Radha: The Essential Manto by Muhammad Umar Memon
A translation faithful to the original and a sampling of Manto’s rarer non-fiction makes this book worthwhile
Reviewed by Aakar Patel
Magazine | Jul 27, 2015
The Patels Of Filmindia: Pioneers Of Film Journalism by Sidharth Bhatia
Sidharth Bhatia’s book is invaluable to anyone interested in the early hist­ory of Indian cinema.
Reviewed by Bhaichand Patel
Magazine | Jul 27, 2015
Go Set A Watchman by Nelle Harper Lee
A review of the first chapter of Nelle Harper Lee's second book, Go Set A Watchman
Reviewed by Satish Padmanabhan
Web | Jul 13, 2015
Aarushi by Avirook Sen
Avirook Sen's book raises disturbing questions about the delivery of justice.
Reviewed by Uttam Sengupta
Web | Jul 12, 2015
Firaq Gorakhpuri: The Poet Of Pain & Ecstasy by Ajai Mansingh
Firaq Gorakhpuri wasn’t just a great poet. He was a non-conformist, a man of many parts. Though welcome, this biography, in its empty accusations, does him injustice.
Reviewed by Noorul Hasan
Magazine | Jul 20, 2015
Chander And Sudha by Dharamvir Bharti & Poonam Saxena
There is no major complication or conflict that would have shaken the novel to life.
Reviewed by Bhaichand Patel
Magazine | Jul 13, 2015
Murder With Bengali Characteristics by Shovon Chowdhury
A recalcitrant Bengal under Chinese control, a gallery of grotesques, murder—this futuristic comedy can hurt
Reviewed by Sandipan Deb
Magazine | Jul 13, 2015
Intimate Rivals: Japanese Domestic Politics And A Rising China by Sheila A. Smith
Complex China-Japan ties go beyond default ‘enmity’. Nuanced diplomacy must solve problems, says a study.
Reviewed by Rana Mitter
Magazine | Jul 06, 2015
India Shashtra: Reflections On The Nation In Our Time by Shashi Tharoor
For much of the book, Tharoor seems to be taking his eloquence for a test drive, without taking us anywhere new.
Reviewed by Santosh Desai
Magazine | Jul 06, 2015
Flood Of Fire by Amitav Ghosh
Amitav Ghosh's cosmopolitan-colonial world bursts into life with the fog of war, individual destinies, camp life, victoriana and a rapacious British Empire
Reviewed by Shovon Chowdhury
Magazine | Jun 29, 2015
Becoming Steve Jobs: The evolution of a reckless upstart into a visionary leader by Brent Schendler & Rick Tetzeli
How an abrasive genius wisened up, learnt to respect talent and lead a creative cohort towards great things
Reviewed by Anvar Alikhan
Magazine | Jun 22, 2015
First Infinities by Vijay Nambisan
Lithe and precise, sometimes almost non-emotional in its restraint
Reviewed by Sudeep Sen
Magazine | Jun 22, 2015
The Tears Of The Rajas: Mutiny, Money & Marriage In India, 1805-1905 by Ferdinand Mount
Rich cast and tapestry, momentous times make for a thrilling, but deeply flawed, book
Reviewed by Zareer Masani
Magazine | Jun 15, 2015
Work Rules! Insights From Inside Google That Will Transform How You Live And Lead by Laszlo Bock
What makes Google achieve a consistent rating as one of the best places to work in?
Reviewed by Hansa Malhotra
Web | Jun 02, 2015
Fractals: New And Selected Poems/Translations 1980-2015 by Sudeep Sen
Sudeep Sen traverses in this new compendium a range of poetic influences, cultures and concerns, yet retains a consistency of style and sensibility
Reviewed by Shashi Tharoor
Magazine | Jun 08, 2015


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