POSTED BY Buzz ON Nov 28, 2014 AT 22:08 IST ,  Edited At: Nov 28, 2014 22:08 IST

A simple hashtag #putoutyourbats is all it took. And what a collective worldwide outpouring of grief for Phillip Hughes it resulted in.

Hughes died yesterday, just days before his 26th birthday, having been struck by a Sean Abbott delivery two days earlier, during a Sheffield Shield match at the Sydney Cricket Ground in Australia.

Sydney father Paul Taylor started the trend when he posted a simple image of his cricket bat and blue Australian cap resting beside his front door.

"We've all played cricket in one way or other. We've all grown up with a bat and ball," he wrote.

"This is our way to connect and show our sadness."

Former Australian wicketkeeper Adam Gilchrist posted a photograph of his kids' miniature bats lined up on the front gate along with a simple message: "From the Gilly kids xxxx".

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POSTED BY Buzz ON Nov 28, 2014 AT 22:08 IST, Edited At: Nov 28, 2014 22:08 IST
POSTED BY OWD ON Nov 27, 2014 AT 19:58 IST ,  Edited At: Nov 27, 2014 19:58 IST


Watching Phillip Hughes, so boyish, cheerful and amiable, was all about the future. There was barely any past...

He had the attitude. He had the look. Here was a cricketer, we told ourselves, with time on his side. Perhaps he assuaged his disappointments the same way. Certainly, he handled himself as first reserve with dignity, patience and enthusiasm.

Thus the intensity of the shock at his loss. Hughes is the tomorrow cricketer who will now form part of history. He is not the youngest Test cricketer to die. That tragic mantle still belongs to Manjural Islam Rana, the Bangladeshi spinner who was 22 when he died in a traffic accident in March 2007.

But he has become the first to be cut down, as it were, before our very eyes — in the act, in full bloom, in the presence of his mother and sister, by a delivery from a bowler who just six weeks ago was his teammate in a one-day series in the Gulf.

Forever young, that’s how we’ll remember Phillip Hughes
Gideon Haigh in the Australian


It's not been the same for the world Cricket community since Nov 25, and today was a tragic reminder of the fragility of life:

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POSTED BY OWD ON Nov 27, 2014 AT 19:58 IST, Edited At: Nov 27, 2014 19:58 IST
POSTED BY Buzz ON Jul 03, 2014 AT 22:56 IST ,  Edited At: Jul 03, 2014 22:56 IST

Maria Sharapova may have been knocked out of Wimbledon, but she would certainly have been bemused at finding #whoismariasharapova trending worldwide on Twitter.

Clearly the five-time Grand Slam champion had no idea what a storm her casual remark about not knowing who Sachin Tendulkar is would cause.

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POSTED BY Buzz ON Jul 03, 2014 AT 22:56 IST, Edited At: Jul 03, 2014 22:56 IST
POSTED BY Buzz ON May 23, 2013 AT 15:07 IST ,  Edited At: May 23, 2013 15:07 IST

If you want to read only one piece on IPL today, make it a point to read this one by Mukul Kesavan, writing in the Telegraph: Much ado about nothing

The uproar about the IPL following the ‘revelations’ about S. Sreesanth and his erring teammates threatens to become farcical...

N. Srinivasan, the BCCI president, is a special target for dead-ender venom. Everything he does is designated nefarious. The fact that he is in charge of the BCCI and the owner of an IPL franchise is deemed a wicked conflict of interest. When Srikkanth wore two hats, one as the chief selector of the national team and the other as brand ambassador for the Chennai Super Kings, the franchise owned by Srinivasan, journalists sang the conflict-of-interest ditty like a theme song. Srinivasan’s decision to make Dhoni a vice-president of India Cements Ltd, a company he happens to own, apparently compounds this conflict-of-interest problem. This carping has got to the stage where not even a man’s business is his own business, if you see what I mean.

If men are known by the company they keep, Mr Srinivasan is in very good company; Anil Kumble has had exactly the same problem with sanctimonious critics. India’s greatest bowler, its most pugnacious captain, a man who has a traffic landmark in Bangalore named after him, had his integrity called into question merely because he started up a player management company at the same time as he became president of the Karnataka State Cricket Association.

Read the full article at the Telegraph: Much ado about nothing

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POSTED BY Buzz ON May 23, 2013 AT 15:07 IST, Edited At: May 23, 2013 15:07 IST
POSTED BY Sundeep Dougal ON Aug 18, 2012 AT 17:14 IST ,  Edited At: Aug 18, 2012 17:14 IST

I would like to announce my retirement from international cricket with immediate effect. I have always kept my country's success and need ahead of my personal aspirations. And while I would love contributing to the team's success, especially against England and Australia, I think this is the right time to give the youngsters a chance in home conditions ahead of international assignments.

It was a tough decision to take, I have always listened to my inner conscience. I have always done that right through my career. There was a lot of debate in the last four days. I felt this is the right time to move on.

Till last night I was unable to make up my mind, but in the end I listened to my inner voice and arrived at my decision to retire. I informed the chairman of selectors this morning that I would not continue playing for India. I also spoke to many of my team-mates, they were surprised that I was retiring before the series. It was all very emotional.

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POSTED BY Sundeep Dougal ON Aug 18, 2012 AT 17:14 IST, Edited At: Aug 18, 2012 17:14 IST
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