POSTED BY Buzz ON Sep 16, 2014 AT 22:45 IST ,  Edited At: Sep 16, 2014 22:45 IST

While it may be too early to analyse the reasons for the electoral setback for the BJP, particularly in Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan, the instant verdict, on at least Twitter, was that it was a resounding rejection of the Yogi Adityanath and Sakshi Maharaj brand of rabble-rousing and communally polarising campaigning (from Love Jehad to blaming Madrasas for terrorism). Significantly, in UP the absence of BSP ensured that the anti-BJP vote was not divided.

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POSTED BY Buzz ON Sep 16, 2014 AT 22:45 IST, Edited At: Sep 16, 2014 22:45 IST
POSTED BY Buzz ON Oct 12, 2012 AT 23:33 IST ,  Edited At: Oct 12, 2012 23:33 IST

Four exhibits from four different states that made the headlines today

Exhibit # 1: Vitthal Radadia, Congress Lok Sabha MP from Porbandar, Vitthal Radadia

Brandished a gun at operators of a Vadodara toll booth, apparently enraged at the temerity of the toll plaza attendant, who asked for the original I-card after his driver had shown a photocopy. Mr Radadia menacingly held his double-barreled shotgun aloft while stalking the area in front of the booth and repeatedly tapping the glass enclosure with the barrel. MPs are exempted from paying toll tax on highways across the country. Read more

Exhibit #2: Babulal Gaur, former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister and current state urban development minister

The BJP leader, while visiting a temple, threatened a priestess with arrest because she had the temerity to slam him for failing to fulfil the government's development plans. "Just shut up," he said, repeatedly asking the men around him to "take her away and lock her up".

Exhibit #3: Vinod Kumar Singh, Samajvadi Party, revenue minister in UP

Finally forced to resign after he allegedly abducted Gonda Chief Medical Officer S.P. Singh who had refused to accommodate his nominees on the list of doctors on contract recruited by the district health department under the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM).

Exhibit 4: Dharambir Goyat, Congress Hisar district spokesman

In fresh embarrassment for ruling Congress in Haryana, which is already on the backfoot over growing incidents of rape, Haryana Pradesh Congress Committee member and Congress Hisar district spokesman Dharambir Goyat told reporters in Hisar last night: "90 per cent of rape cases are (a case of) consensual sex between the girl and boy.... The girl gets into an affair with a boy and she goes with him without knowing that he is of criminal mindset."

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POSTED BY Buzz ON Oct 12, 2012 AT 23:33 IST, Edited At: Oct 12, 2012 23:33 IST
POSTED BY Buzz ON Sep 05, 2012 AT 16:27 IST ,  Edited At: Sep 05, 2012 16:27 IST

Samajwadi Party MP Naresh Aggarwal and BSP MP Avtar Singh Karampuri pushed each other in the Rajya Sabha while fighting over the SC/ST Quota Bill.

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POSTED BY Buzz ON Sep 05, 2012 AT 16:27 IST, Edited At: Sep 05, 2012 16:27 IST
POSTED BY Buzz ON Dec 30, 2011 AT 00:38 IST ,  Edited At: Dec 30, 2011 00:38 IST

It could have been foretold by anyone by late afternoon. The UPA was not only in a hopeless minority, under most severe opposition from its own constituent, Trinamool Congress, but had no intention of putting the bill to vote.

The buzz had been that a bitter exchange could be engineered in the house to disrupt the proceedings of the house.

Through the evening, TV Channel CNN-IBN kept mentioning the possibility of a "bitter exchange" to disrupt the house that could take the proceedings to midnight.

It even mentioned Rajniti Singh by name.

Political analyst Yogendra Yadav called it the worst form of match-fixing. He called the UPA tactics as trying to be too clever by half but hoped that it would not come to this sorry pass and this particular drama would not be enacted because it had been announced on national television.

But clearly, there was desperation in the ruling camp, and the claim seemed to be confirmed when Rajneeti Singh proceeded to tear up the bill in Rajya Sabha, and as the video clip shows, the minister concerned did not seem to be even making a half-hearted attempt to stop him..

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POSTED BY Buzz ON Dec 30, 2011 AT 00:38 IST, Edited At: Dec 30, 2011 00:38 IST
POSTED BY Sundeep Dougal ON Apr 10, 2009 AT 03:23 IST ,  Edited At: Apr 10, 2009 03:26 IST

A.K. Verma in the Indian Express:

The formation of a Fourth Front by the constituents of the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) — RJD of Lalu Prasad Yadav, Lok Janashakti Party of Ram Vilas Paswan, and SP of Mulayam Singh Yadav — has been interpreted by many as a possible schism within UPA ranks. This has made electoral contestation tri-polar in Bihar and quadrangular in UP. Many think that the decision of the Congress to put up candidates in all the constituencies in UP and Bihar would harm the interests of both Congress and these allies, and help the BSP- BJP in UP and BJP-JD (U) in Bihar.

On a deeper analysis, however, the pointers lead us to a diametrically opposite picture. The entire Fourth Front appears to be a shrewd and subtle UPA game plan designed to increase the seats of UPA constituents in Bihar and UP.

Read the full article: When 3 +1 = 5

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POSTED BY Sundeep Dougal ON Apr 10, 2009 AT 03:23 IST, Edited At: Apr 10, 2009 03:26 IST
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