POSTED BY Outlook Web Desk ON Sep 14, 2015 AT 21:27 IST ,  Edited At: Sep 14, 2015 21:27 IST

Delhi-based journalist and human rights activist John Dayal seems to have become the new target for Hindutva trolls on the internet. 

Even though he has often been the subject of such hostile attention, there has been a sharp spurt in the attacks via Twitter with the #ShameOnJohnDayal hashtag trending wildly. 

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POSTED BY Outlook Web Desk ON Jul 01, 2015 AT 06:40 IST ,  Edited At: Jul 01, 2015 06:40 IST

Haryana's Bibipur Village Panchayat initiated a unique #SelfieWithDaughter contest to drive home the importance of a girl child. The media was abuzz with the story which reached our Prime Minister who is known to engage in selfie-diplomacy. So this time he decided to try his hands at some selfie-activism. Little did he know that his endorsement for the above contest on his 'Mann ki Baat' radio show would generate so much heat and debate that the real message would ultimately get lost.

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POSTED BY Outlook Web Desk ON May 06, 2015 AT 14:12 IST ,  Edited At: May 06, 2015 14:12 IST

In a topsy-turvy 2002 Mumbai hit-and-run case that succeeded to keep the Bollywood Dabangg  on toe for thirteen long years, the verdict is finally out! A Mumbai Sessions Court held the actor guilty of all charges, sentencing him five years of jail term.

He has been convicted under Section 304(2) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), i.e., culpable homicide not amounting to murder. As the court delivered the verdict, Salman had tears in his eyes and stood silently in the dock.

The prosecution had claimed that Khan's rash driving claimed the life of Nurullah Mehboob Sharif and injured Kalim Mohammed Pathan, Munna Malai Khan, Abdullah Rauf Shaikh and Muslim Shaikh.

The high profile case that paved the way through 28 witnesses, sustained enigma in the hearts of  millions of fans like some typical high-tension drama film.

The social media reacted very strongly to the verdict and hailed the Indian judiciary...

While the other star-struck section felt sorry for the superstar.

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POSTED BY Outlook Web Desk ON Apr 28, 2015 AT 23:39 IST ,  Edited At: Apr 28, 2015 23:39 IST

Recently, six prominent novelists said that they were boycotting the May 5  PEN American Center gala in New York literary to protest against French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo being honoured with a freedom of expression award.

Australia's Peter Carey, Canada's Michael Ondaatje, British-born Taiye Selasi, and Americans Teju Cole, Rachel Kushner and Francine Prose have withdrawn from the event.

Carey, a two-times Booker Prize winner, told the New York Times that the award stepped beyond PEN's traditional role of protecting freedom of expression against government oppression:

"A hideous crime was committed, but was it a freedom-of-speech issue for PEN America to be self-righteous about? All this is complicated by PEN's seeming blindness to the cultural arrogance of the French nation, which does not recognise its moral obligation to a large and disempowered segment of their population."

Salman Rushdie, a perpetual crusader for freedom of expression, however slammed these six authours saying the decision of six writers to skip the PEN gala in protest will encourage intimidation.

Rushdie who often takes to Twitter to talk about his stands and beliefs got into a disagreement with British writer and activist George Monbiot.

Monbiot was defending Peter Carey's stand.

While Salman Rushdie and George Monbiot behaved like perfect gentlemen and agreed to disagree, Twitterati were left rather disappointed because there was no mud-slinging, invective-flinging fight.

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POSTED BY Outlook Web Desk ON Feb 21, 2015 AT 00:33 IST ,  Edited At: Feb 21, 2015 00:33 IST

Amazon and Flipkart are at war again which as usual, is making quite a scene on Twitter

This began as a fun tweet showing Amazon's carton at Flipkart's front desk.  

Flipkart's explanation was: 

Amazon was quick to retort:

Let's see how this battle untimately unfolds. But for now, our controversy-loving tweeple seem to be deriving as much fun as they can out of this battle between the two most prominent e-commerce giants in India.

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