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Ten months into his term as Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi has graced the Indian media with his first-ever interview after taking over the country's premiership. Amidst increasing voices of disapproval over its proposed changes to the Land Acquisition Bill — which has been branded anti-poor — and concerns over his government’s lack of performance by industrialists, Modi has taken stock of his achievements of the last 10 months in this exclusive interview to Hindustan Times. 

Although the interview is in Q&A format, the questions are more like sub-heads. They are there, but they don't ask much. Both the questions and the answers seem to move towards a pre-determined goal — to highlight the PM's achievements. 

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POSTED BY Freya Dasgupta ON Apr 09, 2015 AT 20:35 IST, Edited At: Apr 09, 2015 20:35 IST
POSTED BY Freya Dasgupta ON Jul 10, 2013 AT 16:40 IST ,  Edited At: Jul 10, 2013 16:40 IST

Shortly after the Wimbledon women's final match on Saturday, BBC presenter John Inverdale demonstrated how the world of sports isn't free from sexism. As Marion Bartoli of France defeated Germany's Sabine Lisicki to become the Wimbledon Champion on what she termed as the greatest day of her life, Inverdale suggested on Radio 5 Live that the French player was "never going to be a looker".

Upon clinching the title, Bartoli made a dash to the players' box where she hugged her father, with whom she shares a very intimate relationship, him being her first coach who gave up his medical profession to start training her as a tennis player when she was only 6. This is when Inverdale decided to enlighten his listeners with a little insight on Bartoli's childhood as imagined by him: "Do you think Bartoli's dad told her when she was little: 'You're never going to be a looker, you'll never be a Sharapova, so you have to be scrappy and fight'?

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POSTED BY Freya Dasgupta ON Mar 07, 2013 AT 22:26 IST ,  Edited At: Mar 07, 2013 22:26 IST

"When are you getting married?"

In this country of ours, anyone who is between 21 and 30 has heard this question being repeated over and over again, with minor syntax changes of course, by all and sundry. After that, they sort of give up and the question becomes a why.

One might wonder why everyone seems so interested in this very mundane detail about every young person’s life or why is it so necessary for everybody to want to do the same thing, almost at the same time, but let’s not get into that. So it should not be any surprise to anyone to find that even Rahul Gandhi is not quite safe from the nudging mausijis and maami jis. Since he generally hangs out with a bunch of 70-year olds and considering the amount of affection his party wallahs have for the little Rahul Baba, one can imagine his ordeal. 

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POSTED BY Freya Dasgupta ON Dec 19, 2012 AT 23:31 IST ,  Edited At: Dec 19, 2012 23:31 IST

On the night of Sunday, December 16, 2012, a 23 year old paramedical student from Dehra Dun was gangraped and brutally tortured on a moving bus in New Delhi. Almost four days since then, she has undergone five surgeries and is battling for her life. An outraged nation is demanding there be stringent punishment for rape. But as they say, charity begins at home and with that in mind, I am sharing what I earlier shared as a status message on Facebook:

"In light of the recent incidents -- I want to have a son (biological or adopted). I want to have a little boy and I want to teach him how to be a man -- how to not kick dogs or throw stones at them, how to not break his toys. I want to tell him that being sensitive and shedding tears is not a silly thing, that it's okay if he wants to sit at home and paint or read. When he is old enough, I will show him a few birthing videos, scar him for life and tell him that some woman went through all that pain to make him and that he needs to respect every woman he comes across in his life because they all have a power he doesn't and that he should forever be thankful, for without them, he wouldn't be."


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