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Via Twitter.

As one of the comment puts it:

sanj_ay9 hours agoTwitter
Front page ad in @the_hindu by General Secy, TN Cong Committee. Also owns a News Channel. But that's par for the course.
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POSTED BY Sundeep Dougal ON May 10, 2011 AT 22:37 IST ,  Edited At: May 10, 2011 22:37 IST
  2006 CSDS ORG Nielson C-Voter
  % Seats % Seats % Seats Seats Seats
Tamil Nadu: 234
AIADMK+ 40 69 46 120-132 47 105-120   168-176
DMK+ 45 163 44 102-114 48 115-130   54-62
Others 13 2 7          
West Bengal: 294
Left+ 50 227 40 60-72 38 65-70 60 60-72
TC+Cong+ 41 55 50 222-234 48 210-220 225 227-235
Others 9 12 10     10-15 9  
Kerala: 140
UDF 42 90 45 63-71 53 85-92   83-91
LDF 49 40 46 69-77 46 48-55   49-57
BJP+     6          
Others     3          
Cong 31 53 36 64-72 31 41-47   41-45
AGP+ 23 27 18 16-22 20 31-35   31-35
BJP 12 10 9 7-11   16-18   14-18
AIUDF 9 10 13 11-17   13-15   11-15
Others 25 26 24 12-20       7-11*
Puducherry: 30
Cong + 46.3 19            
AIADMK+ 27.91 7            
Others 25.79 4            

The percentage figures are indicative, rounded off and adjusted broadly for the change in alliances since 2006
* Only for Bodo People's Front

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POSTED BY Sundeep Dougal ON May 13, 2011 AT 02:05 IST, Edited At: May 09, 2011 17:06 IST
POSTED BY Buzz ON Mar 30, 2011 AT 23:19 IST ,  Edited At: Mar 30, 2011 23:19 IST

First came video footage ostensibly showing actor and DMDK leader Vijayakanth beating someone in full view of a huge gathering, while campaigning for the upcoming Tamil Nadu assembly polls.

The candidate was said to be Dharmapuri Election Candidate for DMDK named Bhaskaran.

The story doing the rounds was that the actor had sought to laugh away the charges by saying that those bashed up by him were certain to win the election.

Then came the denials and that the DMK and its TV channels were “manufacturing dissent”, that it was "engineered content" and "silly politics" over an "insignificant matter".

Edited to add Video in English

Now, in face of mounting criticism, the actor was quoted to have told a gathering at Gangavali that he "did not beat or pat his employee but only asked him not to raise his head out of the campaign van"

But he still claims that the "opposition misrepresented the fact as though he had beaten up the party candidate"

Meanwhile, the candidate under question, DMDK’s Dharmapuri Assembly constituency candidate P Baskar has said that said that the DMK and the PMK were cooking up stories to tarnish the image of the party.

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POSTED BY Sundeep Dougal ON Mar 16, 2011 AT 09:49 IST ,  Edited At: Mar 16, 2011 09:49 IST

The Hindu revelations of India Cables through WikiLeaks continues. A revealing cable sent on May 13, 2009 to the State Department by Frederick J. Kaplan, Acting Principal Officer of the U.S. Consulate-General in Chennai, outed by the Hindu says:

Bribes from political parties to voters, in the form of cash, goods, or services, are a regular feature of elections in South India. Poor voters expect bribes from political candidates, and candidates find various ways to satisfy voter expectations. From paying to dig a community well to slipping cash into an envelope delivered inside the morning newspaper, politicians and their operatives admitted to violating election rules to influence voters. The money to pay the bribes comes from the proceeds of fundraising, which often crosses into political corruption. Although the precise impact of bribery on voter behavior is hard to measure, it no doubt swings at least some elections, especially the close races.

Mr Kaplan sent the cable after meeting Union home minister P. Chidambaram’s son, Karti Chidambaram, of the Congress, M. Patturajan, confidant of Union minister for chemicals and fertilizers M.K. Alagiri and former mayor of Madurai, and member of Parliament Assaduddin Owaisi of the Majlis-e-Ittenhadul Muslimeen. The cable details novel methods of cash distribution including

Can I get another morning paper?

The Thirumangalam campaign that Azhagiri ran for the DMK was notable for how the money was distributed, in addition to the amount distributed. Rather than using the traditional practice of handing cash to voters in the middle of the night, in Thirumangalam the DMK distributed money to every person on the voting roll in envelopes inserted in their morning newspapers. In addition to the money, the envelopes contained the DMK ""voting slip"" which instructed the recipient for whom they should vote. Annamalai pointed out that distributing the money with the newspapers forced everyone to receive the bribe. ""This way makes it impossible to refuse the money,"" Annamalai noted. Patturajan confirmed the newspaper distribution, but questioned its efficiency. He pointed out that giving bribes to every voter wasted money on committed anti-DMK voters, but conceded that it was an effective way to ensure the bribes reached every potential persuadable voter.

Read the full cable, and the story based on the cable here.

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POSTED BY Sundeep Dougal ON Mar 16, 2011 AT 09:49 IST, Edited At: Mar 16, 2011 09:49 IST
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