POSTED BY Sundeep Dougal ON Sep 30, 2009 AT 22:44 IST ,  Edited At: Oct 01, 2009 01:27 IST

In celebration of the announcement of Dada Saheb Phalke award for Manna Dey, let's do a playlist. Clearly, not easy doing one favourite, so till then, here's a bunch of songs, listed in order of remembrance:

Duets and multi-singer songs:

The ultimate patriotic song that we forget is actually an Afghan yearning for his homeland:

And the one that he would always be remembered by:

The one that gets all philosophical with "ye duniya more baabul kaa ghar, wo duniyaa sasuraal"

The one that almost everyone would name on their favourite Manna Dey list:

No, he isn't all sad - here's one from one of the first multi-starrers:

The one that was even on Outlook's own list of best songs of all-time:

And then one more from the Salil-da stable:

A quintessential Manna da in Bootpolish: Lapak Jhapak

Think of this, for instance, and who else could have sung it? aayo kahaan se ghashyaam


For Dev Anand in Funtoosh: phuul geNdwaa naa maaro


And how many of these type has he sung?

Continuing with the distinctively Manna Da songs: sur naa saje

Another one of those: tere nainaa talaash kareN jise

Not to miss the total dance-drama in this, complete with beard-sheard and what not:

The other paayaliyaa song:

And, yes, there is plenty of fun stuff too - take this classic: chalat musaafir moh liyo re


We are talking only solos, to start with, though there are a whole lot of duets and others that come to mind, for example the one with four of our biggies: Rafi, Talat, Manna, Bhupender

 And clearly, the best qawaali in a film ever:

This one is clearly a Kishore song all the way, particularly given how he is supposed to have improvised it while singing, but Manna Da has to be acknowledged as a sport for agreeing to do this one:

Am not crazy about Raj Kapoor or Nargis, but here's this duet with Lata:

In Basant Bahar with none other than Bhimsen Joshi: ketakii gulaab juuhii champak ban phuule


And of course, for Anil Biswas, with Lata, the classical demo in ritu aaye ritu jaaye in Hamdard:


As I said, it is difficult to go with one, but for me, "phir kahiiN koii phuul khilaa" from Anubhav would definitely be in the reckoning on any all-time list...

Share your favourites with us.

POSTED BY Sundeep Dougal ON Sep 30, 2009 AT 22:44 IST ,  Edited At: Oct 01, 2009 01:27 IST
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Must See
Daily Mail
Oct 08, 2009
06:32 PM
A. Bosc, you have me intrigued: "distinguish humorous irony" from what? Your dour vituperations? Or "using the language in a particular manner"?

You really are a great ambassador for the confused, illiterate but arrogant Bongs who can't write to save their lives but think they are the God's gift to humanity.

May you forever fulminate in the same incomprehensible manner, providing endless mirth to bystanders such as us, who actually have great regard and respect for some of the finest Bengalis in the world of literature, music and arts.
Ajit Tendulkar
Seattle, United States
Oct 07, 2009
11:14 AM
Mera Bhais ko Danda kyo Mara
Jeevan Se Lambe Aashirwad
Qaidi No 911 Lata & Manna Dey , Music by Dattaram.
Oh!! Meri Maina , Pyar Kiye Jaa. Lata & Manna Dey
Sydney, Australia
Oct 06, 2009
09:51 AM
Mahendra Kapoor and Manna Dey in Daadi Maa
Lyrics Majrooh. No Khari Boli at all.
Sydney, Australia
Oct 06, 2009
09:40 AM
Khari Boli for a language is being too harsh. There are excellent songs in all languages with great words. For example Sahir L lyrics " Yeh mahelo, yeh takto banawat ki duniya " is very superlative lyrics. Very few can write such lyrics. You cannot call this Khari Boli.

Amanush, the film came both in Bengali and Hindi. I do not know about the Bengali version ( music and film must have been a hit). The Hindi version with Kishoreda singing " Dil Aaisa kisi ne mera thoda "... does not look Khari Boli at all.

The problem with modern Hindi film music has been too much reliance on electronics and sythesizer. There is no Boli at all in songs , leave alone Khara Boli. To match the synthesizer and gadgets many sing thru their nose, which can be called Nasal Boli. Yes, the quality of songs, music and lyrics has declined to an abysmal level.

About classical singers singing for commerical films. It is their personal choice. Some stick to classical music as they are good teachers of classical music , which gives them a sustainable good living. All classical musicians are not good teachers. Some can only perform. Then comes the problem of sustenance. So they indulge in film music where they have to compromise a lot ( esp in recent times) for money. I agree that this could lead mixed Bhajia music. It is upto the singer to see that he or she keeps the streams separate. I lived in South India for some time. One of my South Indian friends suggested me to listen to classical concert of Balamuralikrishna, who is an Andhraite. His classical concert was very appealing. He has also sung film songs. He has kept both the streams separate. This is a very difficult task to perform, but he has kept his standards.

Ancient India had Sanskrit. Then came Pali, Ardhamaghdhi, and many Indian languages as a part of the evolutionary process. The evolution of Bombay to Mumbai has resulted in a unique "Mumbaiya language" This evolution is due to the extensive cosmopolitan nature of the city. For this Mumbaiya language to evolve , there was no money invloved. Just interaction in the city trains, buses and close neighbourhoods has resulted in this.
Sydney, Australia
Oct 06, 2009
08:22 AM
Rare song by OP Nayyar with Manna Dey and Md Rafi
Tu hai mera Prem Devata. Sung very well by both.
Sydney, Australia
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