POSTED BY Buzz ON Nov 24, 2011 AT 23:28 IST ,  Edited At: Nov 24, 2011 23:28 IST

Javed Anand in the Indian Express:

A Christian pastor — Reverend Chander Mani Khanna, the presbyter-in-charge of All Saints’ Church in Srinagar — is being hounded both by the state and society for his “crime-cum-sin” of converting, allegedly through inducements, a number of Muslim youth from the Valley to Christianity. The priest was arrested by the Jammu and Kashmir police last Saturday. More ominously, the arrest was precipitated by a growing Muslim outcry in the Valley, apparently sparked by a poor quality video clip on YouTube showing the baptism of the new converts.

There have been protests on the streets, protests on the campus. Leading the charge is Kashmir’s sharia court. After forcing the pastor to appear before them, a group of Islamic scholars claimed he had “confessed” his crime. Addressing the media, Kashmir’s official grand mufti, Mohammed Bashiruddin warned that such activities “warrant action as per Islamic law” and will not be tolerated. “There will be serious consequences of this. We will implement our part and the government should implement its,” he thundered.

Read on at the Indian Express: A different sort of Valley ‘protest’

POSTED BY Buzz ON Nov 24, 2011 AT 23:28 IST ,  Edited At: Nov 24, 2011 23:28 IST
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Must See
Daily Mail
Dec 02, 2011
02:04 PM

" The Great Secular Brigade is silent. I know Fear of Death can silence even the most brave."

Atul ji

Secu Brigade can't annoy the Muslims especially Kashmiri Muslims due Elections in Five States.They are even afraid to hang Afzal Guru the Kashmiri Terrorist who attacked along with Pakistanis Parliament the symbol of the Greatest Democracy in the World .

Let us accept the reality .Indian Democracy is Casts and Religion based . After Nehru Congress turned it to Vote Bank based democracy.

In the end it is the Muslims who suffer and will continue to suffer more if they don't stop being pawns in the hands of the Politicians who exploit them .

a k ghai
mumbai, India
Dec 02, 2011
01:10 PM

"The Sadness of Onliness"

Sadly this is still the only article questioning the Kashmiri Muslims antics.

The Great Secular Brigade is silent. I know Fear of Death can silence even the most brave.

Sadly too no comments have been offered on this article on the website of Indain Express, where this article appeared.On OutlookIndia only 18 comments in all.

You know-nothing brings out better the meaning and psychology of 'appeasement' than this situation.

Atul Chandra
Nov 28, 2011
01:25 PM


I hope you had read my mail fully. I have already mentioned what you've tried to point out.

DLNarayanan Post#17-

Tyranny or coercion are outcomes of of practicing 'discipline' and therefore are evident in all types of organisations.

When does the virtue of discipline turn into vice of fanaticism- none can say.

What goes as 'customs' and 'traditions' is also tyranny and coercion.

Why single out any community on this point? Why use minority or majority tags for this purpose?

This is a social evil all communities gather over time.

Why get a kick out of somebody's discomfiture today. Look inside your community and you would come across umpteen such instances there too.

What is important, however, is who displays a better ability to absorb and use change for positive development and who is unable to come out of a 'Belief' induced mindset.

Let us take the India vs China example-China is a society of 'Believers' in 'Communism' but has been able to better respond to change than the relatively 'Free' India.

Atul Chandra
Nov 26, 2011
04:01 PM

@ Ashfaq: It is not about religion, it is about coercion. Compulsion is a form of coercion, to force people to do what they do not wish to do, like being asked to wear a veil  or being forced to go to church on a Sunday when you wuld rather laze about or being told what to eat and drink.

Even athiests like the marxists, who claim to have the interests of the poor at heart have an interest  in ensuring that they stay poor.  Tyranny of a rabid minority ensures conformation by the silent majority.

Visakhapatnam, India
Nov 26, 2011
08:20 AM

@ problem is not with the organised religions ( i practice my religion)--but with the people who are at the helm of the religions.. like the mullahs in my religion...these religious authorities would prefer to have under educated/uneducated populace for their own selfish agendas..they always make noice about conversions, blasphemy etc but are completely silent on spousal abuse,domestic voilence,illiteracy,healthy life style etc

dallas, United States
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