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The NDA is unable to come up with the name of an acceptable name for the presidential contest against UPA's Pranab Mukherjee. The Bihar chief minister has set the cat amongst the pigeons by bringing up the question of who should be NDA's candidate for Prime Minister instead. It should be someone secular, he feels, and Bihar's deputy CM, BJP's Sushil Kumar Modi agrees. So never mind the presidency, who do you think should lead the NDA in the next Lok Sabha elections as its PM candidate?

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Excerpts from Nitish Kumar's interview to the Economic Times:

You have recently said that the next prime minister should have secular credentials. Was your comment aimed at nudging your coalition partner, BJP, to name NDA's next prime ministerial candidate?

I have explained my preference for the leader. We have projected our prime ministerial candidate in every election since 1996. Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the NDA's prime ministerial nominee in 1996 and 1998. The alliance projected Atalji again in 1999 and 2004. And it was Advaniji in 2009. The NDA will have to declare its nominee. The electorate should know who they are voting for and who will lead the country. The NDA should have a leader who can feel for the underdeveloped states like Bihar. It should not be someone who can develop developed states, but who has a feel for underdeveloped states.

Do you think it is already time for NDA to name its candidate for the 2014 Lok Sabha polls?

NDA should declare its candidate in advance. This leader should be acceptable to every constituent of the alliance. To me, the leader of the coalition should have secular credentials. It should be someone who has absolute faith in democratic values. In a multi-religious and multi-lingual country like ours, the leader should not have rough edges in his personality. An alliance can win the confidence of the people only if the leader is seen as accommodating....

You have declared Bihar out of bounds for Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi...

BJP has capable leaders in Bihar to lead the alliance's campaign. We have been doing it since 1996. We don't need external assistance. We have bettered our performance in every election since 1996. I have cordial relations with Bihar BJP. But if someone is bent on spoiling this relationship, I cannot help.

Read Nitish Kumar's full interview at the Economic Times

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POSTED BY Buzz ON Jun 19, 2012 AT 19:52 IST ,  Edited At: Jun 19, 2012 19:52 IST
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Must See
Daily Mail
Jul 10, 2012
07:48 AM

 Its also quite likely that Nitish Kumar would accept Advaniji as the Prime Ministerial candidate from NDA in the next General Elections!

R V Subramanian
Gurgaon, India
Jun 25, 2012
03:50 PM
Comment removed for violation of Website Policy
Ahmedabad, India
Jun 25, 2012
11:25 AM
Comment removed for violation of Website Policy
Tearful Onion
Jhumri Talaiyya, India
Jun 25, 2012
10:32 AM

>>What club of you want us to belong ? Fawn on Modi Club ?

The statement was about the style of argument. So you can join any club but at least make honest arguments.

>>One makes a false claim and when it is pointed out, he immediately goes back to his slumber.
>>Which claim is false ? I told you "You must come out with authentic data to counter the 'dubious article' so that the 'gullible' do not swallow the propaganda." (#42/DE121). You have not done that.

And I told you, you should read all my posts before commenting! Since you are not blind, I will assume you are pretending to have missed my posts. So here goes:

#46/D-129: >>While growth climbed north , human development slumped far south.

Mungekar’s article just gives HDI ranks. It does not give comparison over various years. So where did you conclude HDI slumped far south. Are you projecting your own fantasies here?

#48/D-161: >>This piece of sophistry is irrelevant . Either you don't understand what you are writing or you are indulging in sly fudge.

The example of sophistry is taking HDI comparison with other states and claiming HDI slumped 'far south' which in simple language would be called a lie!

So if you are still pretending to be clueless about the falsehood you are peddling, here is a pointed question: Where in the gentle professor’s hit job did you discover HDI SLUMPED FAR SOUTH??

>>You did refer to a blog which do not challange any of the informations contained in Dr. Mungekar points,

Oh it takes the dear doctors pants off!

>>The gentle man has been extremely clever. Sum & substance of his argument is that Dr. Mungekar rests on 2010 data whereas latest 2011 -2012 data is available.

The some and substance of his argument is that the doctor picks and chooses data as per his convenience despite having access to the latest data. This shows lack of integrity on the part of the person using the data!

>>The logical thing to do would have been to quote those updated data. Mysterioiusly he refrains from doing so.

The logical thing to do (and is done in the article) is to tell the honest ex-vice chancellor and his cheer leaders that as a past member of the planning commission, he would have access to updated data. Hence when he picks and chooses data as per his convenience, (GDP 2010 when 2011 and 2012 is available, industrial growth 2009, HDI 2008, years of schooling 2005, share of population below poverty line 2004-05!) and his cheerleaders only see 2010 data, they have the same level of integrity as our good doctor! But then what honesty can you expect from someone who claims ‘HDI slumped south’ and when is asked about this claim of his, feigns total ignorance.

Delhi, India
Jun 24, 2012
12:11 PM

[can we also have a poll about who should be UPA's PM candidate?]

Now THAT is an excellent idea!

As for the rest - people, you may want NaMo to be PM, but if he's the BJP's candidate, other members of the NDA won't get in, so no NDA Govt, no PM Modi anyway.  Unless you think that the BJP can get in on its own with no coalition, I don't think Modi has a good chance.  You need to think - do you want to win or do you want Modi as PM, because I don't think you can have both.

Sydney, Australia
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