POSTED BY Sundeep Dougal ON Mar 28, 2009 AT 21:36 IST ,  Edited At: Mar 30, 2009 21:36 IST

"We understand his viewpoint. I also know your viewpoint. It is not our viewpoint. And there is no point in raising the same point!"

-- Venkaiah Naidu, to Outlook, when asked about Varun Gandhi

POSTED BY Sundeep Dougal ON Mar 28, 2009 AT 21:36 IST ,  Edited At: Mar 30, 2009 21:36 IST
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Must See
Daily Mail
Apr 01, 2009
09:24 PM
Thats Venkaiah 'W' Naidu
Varun Garde
Bengaluru, India
Apr 01, 2009
06:30 PM
Varun is an unfortunate victim of the vote bank politics
St. Paul, United States
Mar 31, 2009
09:57 PM
Allegations on Varun Gandhi and Pseudo-Secular Politics Media and Election Commission Alike

(1) So a video of Varun Gandhi election speech surfaces filmed by some individual that claims Varun Gandhi made hate speech.
(2) Varun Gandhi denies the charge and asks for forensic study of the video. So the legal sense says till investigation is over he is as innocent as next politician.
(3) Even that purported video claims “Jo koi bhi hindus ke against kuchh kareg ham use ye kar denge wo kar denge”. Naïve and lame way to defend hindus but certainly there was no mention of muslim or Islam anywhere. Much better than the PM’s claim that muslims have first right to the resources in India. ( That nonsense reminded me of a Maulana who shamelessly chimed in support of Haz Subsidy that since they were once ruling class so they have right to get money from govt for their religious affairs). Anyway many people have noticed that audience was laughing while those supposed vitriolics were being uttered. So there is every reason to believe that video has been tampered with and Varun might have been using some joke that evoked laughter but those who doctored the video put those firey voice-overs at that place. This places the video and audio in incoherence. Politicians do run around with few of the supporters who respond to the emotion of their speech so someone laughing while standing in front while Varun Gandhi was allegedly giving firey speech sounds little far-fetched. Even if politician’s serious words evokes laughter you would not risk ridiculing a politician when their emotional supporters are around. And every politician worth his salt roams around couple of 100 of supporters rather slaves I would say.
(4) Media (Here I would like to mention ibnlive the same ibnlive which had cold feet over beaming its own video when Manmohan Singh’s henchmen were busy with doling out 25 crore for each MP and their cop-out alibi then was that they wanted to investigate the video for veracity. Mind you they themselves had created that video it didn’t come from some third party) goes to town. Same ibnlive had no qualms in beaming this third party created video day in day out without bothering to check the veracity.
(5) Common sense says since Varun Gandhi denies that charge hence forensic study of video is must before giving any verdict. But Congress election commission where we have emergency day’s henchmen doesn’t wait for that. They not only take notice where their jurisdiction doesn’t extend they also exceeds their brief suggesting BJP should drop Varun Gandhi. Yes way before crime can be proven verdict have been given.
(6) Let us look at another video which media is steadfastly refusing to beam. Here a congress leader Imran Kidwai while campaigning for congress candidate from Chandigarh Mr. pawan Kumar Bansal says. “ yaron mujhe afsos hai ki main mufti nahin hun. Agar main mufti hota to fatwa zaari kar deta ki jo kooi bhi muslim BJP ko vote karega wo kufra ka sath dega”. Clear case of religious incitement for vote polarization but EC doesn’t find it necessary to take notice in this case. They have the video and even have received written complaint from BJP. One wonders why.
(7) Then there is that tirade of secular communal. Let us see what is congress upto under secular umbrella
(8) Everyone must remember that episode where a Maulana Tauqeer reza Khan from UP gave fatwa where killing of George W Bush and Danish cartoonist was exhorted. Respectively 25 crore and 50 crore was offered for this great deed by that maulana. This Maulana’s Ittehad-e-Millat council is congress alliance partner in UP. It’s altogether different matter that ManMohan Singh just adores George Bush talk about irony. It’s fine though since group is muslim so they can spew any nonsense and yet anyone hobnobbing with them can claim to be secular
(9) We still remember that Osama bin laden look alike who crisscrossed Bihar’s electoral campaign trail sometimes under wings of laloo sometimes under wings of Ram Vilas Paaswan.
(10) Nor has the Election Commission found it fit to take note of the CPI(M)’s alliance with Abdul Nasser Madani in Kerala whose People’s Democratic Party is a facade for activities that are clearly inimical to communal amity and national unity, and who, the police believe, has active links with Islamist terrorists. It’s same Madani who was accused in Coimbtore blast with intention to kill L K Aadvani. He got away in that case due to political pandering from yet another secular stalwart M. Karunanidhi.
(11) Anyway Varun or Imran kidwai congress or BJP anyone who breaks the law should be brought to book but this partisan application of law and pandering of the same by media and election commission must stop. It's Modi's spat with Sonia Gandhi all over again. Even then election commission first refused to take any action against Sonia Gandhi only when their stand became so untenable and in your face partisan they succumbed and made a symbolic attempt to look impartial. When you have people like Chawla amongst your rank yet you want to be taken seriously then partisan-behaviour like that is not going to help. Pakistan today is Pakistan because watchdog institution like election commission presidency has been compromised hence congressis must resist from that temptation. One can live with UPA's Pratibha Patil and Navin chawla as opposed to NDA's Abdul Kalaam and Lyngdoh/Gopalswami as long as they behave in non-partisan manner.

Footnote: I exhort people from Andhrapradesh to lend their eyes and ears to party of Dr. Jayprakash Narayan ex IAS officer. Comes from a rural background by his own account when he was growing up they didn’t have private toilet. Male/female all members used to relieve themselves in public space. He is so honest that when Karan Thapar asked him so you have seen abject poverty and his answer was, “At that time I didn’t think that was poverty”. That bloke is a gem. Just listen to his thoughts on youtube and make up your mind. Yes I will vote for him even if he fights against Narendra Modi. He is that good.
Delhi, India
Mar 30, 2009
10:44 PM
These idiots iN media are the oens who trivialize issues..

(1) We have 1.3 trillion $ money lying in swiss banks
92) We have 50000 crore rs missing from the federal treasurey
(3) We have worseing security situation due to increased terrorism
94) We have collapse of economy rise in unemployment

All these real development issues doesn;t interest media because they are congress moouthpiece and congress will have to give answers.. So they keep people busy with nonsensical issues
Delhi, India
Mar 30, 2009
10:17 PM
pointless spin..
Somerset, United States
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