POSTED BY Buzz ON Sep 26, 2011 AT 06:43 IST ,  Edited At: Sep 26, 2011 06:43 IST

Manoj Mitta in the TOI:

In the span of a fortnight, the Supreme Court has come up with conflicting approaches to corruption and communal violence. While it has been goading the CBI to spare none of the culprits in the 2G scam, the apex court showed more concern about ensuring fair trial than about making the Modi regime accountable for the Gujarat carnage. The activist zeal involved in transgressing the lakshman rekha to kill Ravan, much as it is evident in the corruption case, is conspicuously absent in the communal violence case.

The UPA government tried to scuttle the Supreme Court’s monitoring of the 2G probe by citing, ironically enough, the precedent set in the Modi case. The two-judge bench headed by Justice G S Singhvi, however, clarified that it would not allow the lakshman rekha to come in the way of monitoring the remaining aspects of investigation and insulating the trial from extraneous pressures. In one such bona fide transgression of the lakshman rekha, the Singhvi bench attacked the covert attempt to undermine the trial by bringing in the telecom regulatory authority’s assessment of a zero loss in the spectrum allocation.

POSTED BY Buzz ON Sep 26, 2011 AT 06:43 IST ,  Edited At: Sep 26, 2011 06:43 IST
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Must See
Daily Mail
Sep 28, 2011
10:28 PM

Manoj Mittal,

Just, answer 1 question - 2G spectrum - is it a federal/central or state issue? 

 You've no idea on jurisdiction of Federal and State boundry.  Learn and understand it first, and then write, and then you might want to appeal in SC for future accuse of 2G who will be in Tihar (PC, your damad etc .. )

Dallas, United States
Sep 27, 2011
11:27 PM

 Manoj Mittal is CON stooge and scambag who twists arguments. He is using the same trick of communalism to get the CON gandhi DIE-nasty off the hook.

The communal, facist SCAMBAG SOCIALISTS who are getting cut in the UPA CORRUPT regime bring up issues like Bharat mata picture, Bahrart mata ki jai slogan,  Vande mataram or destruction of Parlimentary democracy, supremacy of Parliament to counter Lokpal or anti-corruption laws and do every thing save the CORRUPT GANG and CORRUPT means. This is because these crooks are getting a cut in the SYSTEM.

SC monitored SIT investigation. Now that report is submitted, lower courts will take that into account to process the law. SC does not monitor lower courts. The petitioners can go to the higher to court to reverse the judgements.

SC is monitoring 2G SCAM of the SCUMS because the investigation is going on and CBI is not an independent agency. They have proven again again they are manipulating and not pursuing the truth. They have to be monitored during the process.

What is this scam supporter trying to do here?

His objective is simple. Cast aspersions on the SC and repeat it again and again in the CON media and scum SCOIALIST LOOTERS. SCARE THE SC and make them back off. Bring communalism into corruption issue again and communalize and destroy SC in order to save the CON DIE-nasty.

No wonder Anwaar types love and come to his support.

Hyderabad, India
Sep 27, 2011
12:56 PM

India's Mitta's can discover, invent, manufacture "equivalence" as often as necessary for the Great Cause. He is supposed to be an expert on legal matters. Note this:

SC's Lakshman rekha comment was in the case filed in SC by Swamy asking SC to instruct CBI to probe Chiddu. So SC is saying they will decide if Probe is to be conducted or not, and in case they decide to do so, they have they right to monitor the probe as well.

In case of Gujarat riots the SC has already done that i.e. SIT was instituted on SCs order to Probe the case. After the probe was completed, SC sent the case back to the trial court.
In SC decides to get Chiddu probed and if consequent to completion of such probe, it orders that Chiddu be made an accused, then only one could say that SC has acted differently. In fact Swamy plans to cite the Gujarat case as a precedent in his case at SC.

Of course blatantly prejudiced Mittas won’t tell you that Swami has filed a case in the trial court also where he wants Chiddu to be made a co-accused!! Right it is the TRIAL COURT which will decide whether Chiddu should be subjected to a trial or not, exactly as it will in Gujarat Riots case. In both cases if the complainant is not satisfied by the trial courts decisions, it can go to higher courts.

But we know the SECULAR Cause is above  petty considerations of truth, justice, honour. Don't forget that more often than not, it is in the interest of Secularism, that institution of this country have been subverted,  defamed, maligned by the Secular party.  

Saurabh Kumar Srivastava
Mumbai, India
Sep 27, 2011
12:17 PM

>>judicial processes in Modi's Gujarat need a lot more monitoring than elsewhere<<

And take Indian judicial system to the level of what is existing in Pakistan???

Charan dewry
Guwahati, India
Sep 27, 2011
11:06 AM

>> It is as if they are so surprised to learn that judicial processes in Modi's Gujarat need a lot more monitoring than elsewhere!

The stuck pigs are unable to understand that Gujarat needs a lot of monitoring, but for different reasons. Without monitoring, CBI and the foreign and UPA funded liars like Teesta might level baseless charges against Modi. Remember false stories of a pregnant woman's womb being cut open?

2G OTOH, requires equally active monitoring. The reasons are entirely different though. CBI is actively trying to save the accused. MMS has publically stated that he shall defend his ministers, instead of the truth.

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