POSTED BY Buzz ON Jan 25, 2012 AT 22:06 IST ,  Edited At: Jan 25, 2012 22:06 IST

First came this:

And now:


POSTED BY Buzz ON Jan 25, 2012 AT 22:06 IST ,  Edited At: Jan 25, 2012 22:06 IST
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Must See
Daily Mail
Jan 30, 2012
09:27 AM

TOI is not the best newsmedia and it is well known that TOI is a Page 3 Newspaper that panders to corporate interests and sucks up to the establishment. But one good thing about TOI is that it is brutally honest. Also, if one sees their website, TOI never censors the posts along ideological lines. TOI never claims that it is a holier than thou paper that is full of ideological stuff.

The Hindu in contrast is a liar/hypocrat. It claims to be socially responsible and progressive. it is not. See the reader comments published in Hindu. THe paper sees to it that majority of reader comments are always appreciative of the views expressed in Hindu.

And unlike in TOI, Hindu never has a debating culture. So we always hear only one side of story. For example, in recent times, Hindu has given pages and pages of its opinion page to one doctor working in Vellore, who in turn uses it to write meaningless rhetoric -most of it is leftist ideological drivel, totally lacking in substance. They write pages and pages about problem and criticise everyone but simply dont have solutions at hand. Hindu in short is about a opinionated elder who always curses darkness but never cares to light the candle.

And then the paid news stuff. Hindu turned itself to be a spokesperson for DMK/Cong during UPA 1 and UPA2 and everyone knows how the paper turned itself to defend Raja and Kanimozhi during early stages of 2G scam. And when Radia Tapes broke out the paper brought about the Antrix-Davos deal story to just show that I am holier. shameful. Likewise Hindu blatantly made a fool of itself by becoming Voice of China in a particular duration. The core readership base of The Hindu will never trust the newspaper anylonger. Ram had destroyed the newspaper just to help him pursue his RS seat.

Delhi, India
Jan 30, 2012
06:06 AM

 Lack of imagination on part of The Hindu. I am not referring to the ads. They are pretty good but The Hindu is not ready to change with time. The future of newspapers are in their online editions and how they manage the online readers. 

One big difference between TOI and The Hindu is in comments policy. If some one wants to see his/her comments go past the moderator, the comments have to be pleasing the The Hindu moderators. No place for expletives or four letter words. You have a better chance to see the comments published online if you start with 'Apropos'. Online readers don't live in your 20th century and readers should be given the leeway to rant. The Hindu is bound to fail if it continues with the same anochrinistic comments guidelines continue.

I was a reader of India today for last 35 years. Though there isn't much to differentiate between the quality of India today and Outlook, I changed the magazine because India today has worst comment policy. If TOI has the best comments policy in newspapers, Outlook has the best in magazines. Most of the journalists have their lead in the comments of the readers. 

The world has moved in the era of Web 2.0 and trying to define web 3.0. The readers not only want to read but also want to be heard. The Hindu ad campaign is the last sigh of communists. Not that I have special affinity with pinkos, but their presence shows us the the reason to maintain a democracy. Sadly the Hindu will go in the same way The tribune. 

lol, india
Jan 28, 2012
03:13 AM

Hindu is boud to fail. Few years back in Indore (Hindi heartland) Naidunia and Dainik Bhaskar had a similar fiht where Naidunia tried to project it as paper of intellectuals just like Hindu is doin now and it failed miserably. Who cares if one knows about that cheater Hamid Ansari or failed revolutionaries of Eypt. People have their lives to carry on and news paper are just a means to be connected.

Indore, India
Jan 27, 2012
04:22 PM

Talk about Truth in Advertising. All 4 Ads do that!  Nothing like a rival to have insight about oneself, eh. The Old Lady of Bori Bunder goads the card carrying Maha Vishnu of Mount Road...

Tearful Onion
Jhumri Talaiyya, India
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