POSTED BY Shefalee Vasudev ON Feb 25, 2010 AT 20:15 IST ,  Edited At: Feb 25, 2010 20:15 IST

Bollywood is to an award function what salt is to a chef. You can't do without it. So they must either receive some awards or give some. Usually both. New categories are tailored up by award properties every year to seduce the dream guest list. Think of which star you want to invite for your event and then create an award they can be honoured with. I think it is a great idea--a clear, you-need-me, I-need-you arrangement.
This spectator sport only becomes more interesting when the media gives away awards. So far, my favourites were the Outlook Follywood awards and the one given to this year to actor Rob Pattinson by US Cosmpolitan--the Fake Award for being the Sexiest Blood Sucker of the Year! Both are original and funny. But after watching the live telecast of NDTV's Indian of the Year last night, I realised it is not just the category that must be original, who you give it to is what makes the award giving organisation a winner.
“Twitter is like my spouse. I know I am obsessing about it right now and will soon need therapy for this.” said Karan Johar gamely as he accepted the Social Networking Icon of the year award. A real award this, neither fake, nor satirical. On stage with the restrained Vikram Chandra and bhai Shah Rukh Khan, Karan took the liberty to express himself in more than 140 words--a lot of psychobabble--every time he was asked a question. KJo seems to be a fan of pop psychology. “We are all so delusional.” (hope he was referring to Bollywood) he quipped when Chandra asked them about the Shiv Sena hungama on MNIK. “We overestimate ourselves all the time and Twitter is a good way to keep a reality check. Otherwise we do not acknowledge the negative,” added the Tweet Icon, credited for making Bollywood a rage on Twitter. SRK inspired by his buddy’s therapeutic honesty added a dash of his own. “I find Twitter’s 140 words a cure for the verbal and writing diarrhea that I suffer from,” he said, adding that it was also the mahaan Big B (thoughtful in the audience) who had inspired the glitterati to be the Twitteratti.
While everyone thanked everyone, Bollywood folks particularly, Shashi Tharoor, the original Twitter babu looked on. If anyone thought that a shadow of disappointment kissed his handsome face for a fickle moment, they didn’t know that NDTV had a political version of KJo’s award up its sleeve for him.
When the New Age Politician of the year was formally handed over to Tharoor, even Vikram Chandra battled a bit to disguise his amusement. Both Tharoor and Karan Johar are too intelligent not to figure out that someone ingenious has been behind NDTV’s award categories this year. Giving Shashi Tharoor the Social Networking Icon award would not have been smart political networking for the channel. Giving Karan Johar, the director of the film that P Chidambaram thought had “brought India together”, the New Age Politician award would have been politically incorrect.
So they tried socially correct political networking. It worked.


POSTED BY Shefalee Vasudev ON Feb 25, 2010 AT 20:15 IST ,  Edited At: Feb 25, 2010 20:15 IST
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Must See
Daily Mail
Mar 05, 2010
01:47 PM
Miss Shefalee ,I agree with you on this account that Mr. Joher is a master in creating delusions. Poor chap , he has forgotten the formula of making hit films and to get over this irreparable loss he is whining, twittering and attending all award functions he can get himself invited to. Although I must congratulate him for making a movie on a health issue.But lets face it ,he is no Sunil Dutt and has not started a debate on Cancer. Moving on to the new blue-eyed boy or the darling of the media ,Mr.Shashi Tharoor , it is becoming increasingly difficult to figure out whether he is marketing himself or his Grand Old Party by continuously creating controversies with his intelligent/wise statements and in this process getting a very big chunk of media coverage.I have no doubt in his abilities but I definitely feel that all ministers of his party should talk less and do more for the masses.They are yapping for more than 60 years now and still not satisfied.GOD SAVE THE NATION .
Muzaffarpur, India
Feb 27, 2010
01:01 PM
New Age Politician of the year? Not the Political Para-Bimbo of the year - typical of NDTV.
Feb 26, 2010
10:43 AM
I like it, I like it!
Similar thoughts were running through my mind.
We mob some opinion, then we award it. Poor "Rukhsana Kausar" was USED masterfully though.
Santosh Gairola
Hsinchu, Taiwan
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