POSTED BY Buzz ON Jun 02, 2011 AT 23:07 IST ,  Edited At: Jun 02, 2011 23:07 IST

Hindutava ideologue K.N. Govindacharya, when asked by CNN-IBN why the issue of corruption raised by the principal opposition party BJP, particularly its PM-in-waiting LK Advani during the 2009 Lok Sabha elections, has not been able to evoke the same response as Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev have been able to:

The principal opposition party lacks credibility to take up this issue. First of all, they should have addressed this issue through their respective state governments and if their performance had been above board and if they had dismissed certain  governments, then definitely their voice would have been credible in the minds of the people. They have not done it. So, therefore, the opposition role has to be played by some people who also may be custodians of people's will and aspirations.

And when specifically asked whether the RSS finds Ramdev more credible than the BJP:

Summarily, if it has to say, so definitely the answer will be yes: Anna Hazare, Ramdevji and such persons are much more credible today than the political people. I think that this movement will not fail - each has got his contributions to make. So Lokpal Bill also has to come. Stashed, illegal money abroad, also has to come back. For all these, political decisions will have to be taken —either by the ruling party, if not the battle will have to be taken up by others as well. But I think the batons would pass. The movement will continue. And success is assured.

Also Read: Outlook's May 30 story: The R + RSS Formula- and see RSS general secretary Bhaiyyaji Joshi's letter of May 20 asking the RSS workers to swayamsevaks to support and participate in Baba Ramdev’s "aandolan" on June 4:


POSTED BY Buzz ON Jun 02, 2011 AT 23:07 IST ,  Edited At: Jun 02, 2011 23:07 IST
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Must See
Daily Mail
Jun 06, 2011
08:15 PM

 why the media should be worried whom the RSS is supporting.The marxists have supported the naxals.Trinamool supported the Maosits,congress supported church backed and misssionary led insurgents of the north-east and extremist Musilm groups,Akalidal Supporting Khalistani activists,etc

Bangalore, India
Jun 06, 2011
05:57 PM

Report shows that PM is quite aware of the corrupts surrounding him and his credibility at stake for some of his ministers who had minted money due his indifference attitude. The 2012 and 2014 is fast nearing when he would be liable for scrutiny by people for his role as PM.MMS has to work hard to make his ministry corrupt free and this is the golden moment when he would accept all the demands of Baba Ramdev and scuttle all the blackmail tactics by his coalition partners who are sucking his blood and also denting his image of a honest PM. He is honest all knows it but the fact is that he was bounded by the coalition politics which is eating away his credibility. Now all doubted that Sonia Gandhi is corrupt and looting india through her Italian mafia, but whatever the truth may be people’s perception matters always in votes. The DMK was wiped out for its corruption and LF was wiped out in WB by its arrogance. So now the Govt has shed its arrogance and corrupt attitudes. If it would accept all the demands of Baba Ramdev Mr.M.M.Singh would be legend in Indian history and his party would acclaim all powers. But the attack on Baba ramdeva n innocent people on Ramlila maidan on 4th/5th night would liquidate congress from all over country.It is begining of the end of congress.It should know that India is one democratic country where you cant take ppl for granted and the ppl are uncorrupted. Although congress thinks that they would purchase votes by paying huge sums to each and evry voter but they are sadly mistaken.theys hould rememeber taht ppl had rejected 33 years rule of leftists in WB.Lalu in Bihar and DMK in TN.People are supreme in india and their vote is silent revolution. When they vote they vote for india not for any party.Now the coalition PARTNERS OF CONGRESS LIKE TMC NCP DMK JDS SP BSP should think that by aligning with a arrogant and crooked congress they are earning wrath of Indian voters and that would also finish them politically and remove them to wilderness.Now it is they should withdraw from congress and start anew party with like minded parties of all regional parties like AIADMK,JDU,SP,BSP,TDP AND form their own govt before 2012 up election and also 2014 election to lokasabha.

muslim bhagawat
patna, India
Jun 04, 2011
12:47 AM

"In the RSS’s view, with Ramdev at the helm, the danger of the “ultra-Left” flocking to the “anti-corruption crusade” is significantly diminished."

Who is going to flock when, where and how have become the main concerns of both the RSS and the secularists! The RSS is in effect saying, "Ramdev is our man!"

Dallas, United States
Jun 03, 2011
08:52 PM

Govindacharya  is right. Since  the principal opposition party could not perform ii's role of putting the government on the mat as they themselves are  vulnerable, somebody or the other will fill the vacuum. Fact is corruption in the current government would not gone out of hand had the principal opposition  done it's duty.

Politicians, ruling or opposition, has themselves created space for people like Anna Hazare or Ramdev. Today it is too late crying foul about ruination of democratic processes when matters have been. allowed to be taken to the streets by default by those who were to set things right.

Matters has been made worst by a set of  politically inexperienced people in critical & powerful position in the government who do not think corruption is much of an issue.

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