POSTED BY Buzz ON Jul 23, 2014 AT 01:36 IST ,  Edited At: Jul 23, 2014 02:24 IST

While a war rages and the world tries to come to grips with the violence let loose by Israel on Gaza, a photograph of a Lebanese journalist kissing her Jewish boyfriend has gone viral.

The picture shows Sulome Anderson, the daughter of Terry Anderson, the former Middle East bureau chief for the Associated Press and her American-Israeli boyfriend kissing.

The photograph was posted in response to a social media campaign called: “Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies" -- #JewsandArabsRefuseToBeEnemies -- launched by Abraham Gutman and Dania Darwish, both students at Hunter College in New York, shortly after the Israeli military launched Operation Protective Edge on Gaza on July 8

The campaign has prompted many similar images to be posted to social networking sites.  We present a selection:

POSTED BY Buzz ON Jul 23, 2014 AT 01:36 IST ,  Edited At: Jul 23, 2014 02:24 IST
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Must See
Daily Mail
Jul 28, 2014
09:08 AM

 Anwaar >> If there are confusing passages in the Quran, it itself asks us to derive the best meaning from it. 

So care to explain:

* Does this freedom to derive best meaning apply only to one faith?

* Best in Whose perception? That of tolerant and progressive muslims like Indians who are backing development of India as priority over hating modi ? Or that of Boko Haram and ISIS supporters. ?

Delhi, India
Jul 28, 2014
02:01 AM


>> "What is freedom?"

If there are confusing passages in the Quran, it itself asks us to derive the best meaning from it. Dr. Tanveer Hussain has listed the following Quranic freedoms:

Freedom of life [Al-Quran Chapter 5: verse 32]Freedom of belief [Al-Quran Chapter 18: verse 29]Freedom of worship [Al-Quran Chapter 39: verse 15; 22: verse 40]Freedom of action [Al-Quran Chapter 41: verse 40]Freedom from contempt and disrespect [Al-Quran Chapter 31: verse 18]Freedom from ridicule [Al-Quran Chapter 49: verse 11]Freedom from coercion [Al-Quran Chapter 2: verse 256; Al-Quran Chapter 10: verse 99]Freedom from servitude [Al-Quran Chapter 3: verse 79]Freedom from deprivation of the dues [Al-Quran Chapter 7: verse 85; Al-Quran Chapter 11:verse 85; Al-Quran Chapter 26: verse 183]Freedom from unjust or unlawful acquisition of wealth or property [Al-Quran Chapter 2: verse188; Al-Quran Chapter 4: verse 116]Freedom from injustice and unfairness [Al-Quran Chapter 4: verse 58).

Dallas, United States
Jul 27, 2014
02:09 PM
@anwaar --- "For Gamal anything that contradicted justice, freedom, and tolerance was not Islamic." -------- Islam thinkers are very baffling, possibly oxymoronic. What is freedom? By what standard do you judge it? Its obviously not absolute. Most of our law actually comes from common law principles. Even the Old Testament 10 commandments is really common law ( Thou shall not covet thy neighbours wife seems pretty sensible doesn't it) ------------- Islamic common law is 7th century Arabic common law. If you want to reform it you are still stuck. According to what you are saying here, reform is based on endless arguments on what the correct version of the Koran is. Later versions of the Koran are apparently more "political". Seems to me you will never really know, seen as it was orally transmitted. Isn't that tantalising
MK Saini
Delhi, India
Jul 27, 2014
11:04 AM

 DLN (#47),

I am not countering Anwaar et al with the idea of convincing them. It is not as if they are not aware.

Your efforts are commendable not just for the effort in showing up Anwaar for what he is but your erudite posts on religion, history and philosophy.

I too had written yesterday (in the thread on LoP) that it is not that Anwaar is unaware of the facts on the ground but continues to post his obfuscations and evasions in the hope that some gullible individuals may swallow his distortions. Those who wish to believe him will continue to do so despite all your efforts. One hopes that the undecided see Anwaar's posturing for what it is.

Just for interest, here is a link to a post which explains how  Muslims are happy to leave their neighbours alone.

Orchestra Walks Out as Muslim Launches into Islamic Proselytizing from Stage

Watch the video at

Chennai, India
Jul 27, 2014
10:48 AM

Israel responds to requests for ceasefire for some hours but Hamas rejects them. Hamas has the suicide-bomber mentality, and does not care about losing lives and properties of its own people. It wants more of them in order to show Israel as the villain, so that the LIBERAL  world supports it overwhelmingly. Israel on the other hand values the life of each of its people and with superior technology protects them, thereby reducing losses and sympathy. 

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