POSTED BY Buzz ON Aug 27, 2014 AT 19:46 IST ,  Edited At: Aug 27, 2014 19:16 IST

A video purportedly showing BJP's controversial Loksabha MP from Gorakhpur, Yogi Adityanath, making incendiary comments has brought the focus back on the BJP's Hindutva agenda and the attempts to polarise people on religious and communal lines.

In the video, which is undated, and is said to be made during the campaign for 2009 Loksabha elections, Adityanath is shown and heard saying first that he was very concerned about a court directive to Uttar Pradesh government to investigate why Hindu girls were going [eloping] with Muslim men.

He goes on to say that later he heard about an appeal by a Muslim man from Gorakhpur that while elsewhere in Uttar Pradesh Hindu girls might be eloping with Muslim men, in Gorakhpur it is the Muslim girls who end up in Hindu households. At this point the assembled crowd of men cheer wildly.

He talks about converting people to Hinduism and then says, "wo agar 1 Hindu baalikaa ko le jaayenge to kam se kam 100 Muslim baalikaaon ko... ["If they take one Hindu girl away, there will be at least 100 that we will..."] and then he pauses, as the crowd cheers and completes his sentence.

He does not just stop there and goes on to say, "agar vo ek Hindu ko maarenge to 100 ko hum bhi...[If they kill one Hindu, there will be 100 that we" and pauses, as the gathered crowd shouts: "maarenge [kill]"

"We will return whatever they do 100 folds, with interest," he is heard saying.

On being asked about this speech, he refused to confirm or deny it and said it was the media's responsibility to find out the autheticity of any video before showing it.

In the run up to the assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh, while the BJP removed the controversial 'Love Jihad' from its resolution in a party meeting in Vrindavan last week, various Hindutva outfits and leaders continue to rake up the subject.

POSTED BY Buzz ON Aug 27, 2014 AT 19:46 IST ,  Edited At: Aug 27, 2014 19:16 IST
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Must See
Daily Mail
Sep 03, 2014
05:31 PM
Akash Verma
Chennai, India
Sep 02, 2014
06:06 PM

 Whats there for getting perturbed,The Yogi will have his say done.

Thats a devlopment never the less.

As it is a good 90% live in poverty and deprivation,there problems will be over for good.

There is no meaning to life with no hope ,no money and no future.

For those like Karan Thapar asking why the PM and HM havent said a word,will it serve any purpose.No.

The truth is Muslims have lost out these last 20 years when the economy grew and Millions moved up the economic ladder.

Today Millions of youth who spend time in congregations must ask there parents why did they breed this many when they did not have the resources to cater.

But as a freind off mine did say its education and acess to health which determines numbers and a survey among educated and white collar Muslims the average number of kids in a family are max off 2.

But among the poor and deprived they are 3.2.Thats no way to go about dealing with life and changing times.

The Yogi and his outburst is no attempt to disrupt peace and Law and Order as per Law today.

Masood and co did  the same and faced flak and jail.Justified no doubt.

In a Nation were Law is supreme,everyone should be dealt with in the same way.

No point making sense of Law ,when people have lost it completely


chennai, India
Sep 02, 2014
04:29 PM

"If they break 1000 temples 1 will be ...."

Bangalore, India
Sep 02, 2014
11:45 AM

F**k political correctness. If it is happening, it has got to be said. And we all know what is happening so pretending otherwise just because you don't want to hurt the perpetrators' sentiments is not going to cut it.

Karan Thapar can shove his opinion where the sun don't shine.

Ganwaarpur, India
Sep 01, 2014
12:46 PM

BJP has a Hindutva plan for UP

The BJP in UP is preparing to serve a potion of Hindutva in the upcoming byelections, with firebrand Hindu leader and BJP MP Yogi Adityanath and the issue of “love jihad” as the main ingredients.

Party sources said that the Hindu hardliners in the BJP are now compiling details about incidents of “love jihad” in the past two years and will release it in a booklet form in the byelections. Incidents of “Muslim atrocities” on Hindus will also figure in the booklet. “The idea is to awaken the people about the threat to our cultural, social and religious ethos,” said a source. This despite denials of pursuing aggressive Hindutva from the party high command.

Mahant Adityanath, who has been named a star campaigner for the byelections, is known to be one of the biggest Hindu hardliners in the party and is currently in the midst of a controversy over a videoclip in which he is shown saying that for every one Hindu girl converted to Islam, he would convert 100 Muslims girls to Hinduism.

Dallas, United States
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