POSTED BY Sundeep Dougal ON Dec 09, 2010 AT 23:12 IST ,  Edited At: Dec 09, 2010 23:12 IST

Continuing with the "It-Happens-Only-In-Pakistan" Deptt, to add to yesterday's blogpost which mentioned how only Pakistani newspapers were quoting some "exclusive" WikiLeaks about former Indian Army Chief General Deepak Kapoor being "an incompetent combat leader and rather a geek" and the current chief  is "an egotist, self-obsessed, petulant and idiosyncratic General, a braggadocio and a show-off"

First, from Cafe Pyala:

I think where my incredulity reached a tipping point was when the cables claimed well regarded Indian policeman Hemant Karkare - who had been following leads about the involvement of Indian right-wing Hindutva organizations in the Samjhota Express bombing and about whose death there has already been plenty of controversy within India - was "eliminated in a pre-planned ambush during the Mumbai attacks", the implication being 'by the covert operatives of the Indian army.' According to the report in The News:

"The cable suggested that Hemant Karkare held a secret meeting with a senior US diplomat in New Delhi during the national day reception of a friendly country and briefed him about the gravity and the growing depth of the nexus between top Indian Army leadership and the militant Hindu fanatic groups. Karkare sought security for him and his family from the said American diplomat as he feared that the army and establishment would eliminate him as he intended to move further to expose the network. He had further briefed the said US diplomat that a former commander-in-chief of the Central Command of the Indian army, Lt Gen PN Hoon, was heading the militancy wing of the Hindu extremists and was getting full tactical, logistic and financial support from senior army officers. The day, Karkare was eliminated in a pre-planned ambush during the Mumbai attacks, a cable sent to the US read “we have lost an important link and a vital evidence”."

And, then the Guardian: Pakistani media publish fake WikiLeaks cables attacking India:

An extensive search of the WikiLeaks database by the Guardian by date, name and keyword failed to locate any of the incendiary allegations. It suggests this is the first case of WikiLeaks being exploited for propaganda purposes.

The controversial claims, published in four Pakistani national papers, were credited to the Online Agency, an Islamabad-based news service that has frequently run pro-army stories in the past. No journalist is bylined.

Shaheen Sehbai, group editor at the News, described the story as "agencies' copy" and said he would investigate its origins.

The incident fits in with the wider Pakistani reaction to WikiLeaks since the first cables emerged.

The Guardian report also concludes by quoting the Pakistani blog Cafe Pyala quoted above:

Noting that the story was bylined to "agencies" – a term that in Pakistan means both a news agency and a spy outfit – the blogger Cafe Pyala asked: "How stupid do the 'Agencies' really think Pakistanis are?"


Post Script:

It does not end there. The Express Tribune of December 10 even carrieas an op-ed by Zafar Hilaly:

Ironically, if the cables are a concoction, as our conspiracy theorists aver, then, logically the latest disclosures about Indian brutalities against Muslims that the cables from the American Embassy in New Delhi reveal, would also be false. In fact, the horrors perpetrated on Muslims by the Indian Army led by generals, in the mould of the war criminal Milosevic, are precisely what our intelligence reports relay. Are we then lying to ourselves?

And for some weekend levity, you could perhaps check out: #WhatAgenciesWantLeaked

POSTED BY Sundeep Dougal ON Dec 09, 2010 AT 23:12 IST ,  Edited At: Dec 09, 2010 23:12 IST
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Must See
Daily Mail
Dec 14, 2010
12:54 PM

>>>project that Pakistani stand on Kashmir has international support.<<<<

Nothing new here. In 1971 PAKI MEDIA reported that PAKI ARMY is thrashing India till the day ONE LAKH PAKI SOLDIERS- from General to Jawan surendered to India

Kashmir is India's creation. India gave special status under article 370 to J&K while Pakistan pumped in PUNJABI MUSLIMS into POK. In the absence of Article 370, J&K would have been overrun by Sardars, Malayalees and people from Bihar/Bengal reducing Muslims to a minority in Kashmir.

India should amalgamate J&K fully by abolishing article 370, and renaming it as JAMMU PRADESH. ( 2 APs, MP, UP, HP and a JP). When NEFA which is under dispute could be re-named ARUNACHAL PRADESH there is no reason why J&K can not be re-named JAMMU PRADESH. Pakistan can keep POK as KASHMIR and all "PEOPLE" of Jammu Pradesh who does not want to live in India can migrate to KASHMIR in Pakistan.  

Bangalore, India
Dec 12, 2010
09:06 PM

Any thing is possible in Pakistan these days .

"Naushad Valiyani was detained on Friday following a complaint by a medical representative who visited the doctor in the city of Hyderabad.

“The arrest was made after the complainant told the police that Valiyani threw his business card, which had his full name, Muhammad Faizan, in a dustbin during a visit to his clinic,” regional police chief Mushtaq Shah told AFP.

“Faizan accused Valiyani of committing blasphemy and asked police to register a case against the doctor.”Dawn

Kamaal ka Mulk he aur Kamal ke Bande hein Pakis . Jo kare so kum !

a k ghai
mumbai, India
Dec 11, 2010
10:11 AM

Dear Outlook Readers,

A full fledged psyops campaign had been launched by Pakistani agencies sometime around the middle of the year. This mostly consists of planting stories in the media claiming to be from authentic sources. They even name authentic actors.  The truth is stretched, depending on the percieved gullibility of the readers:

1. In Pakistani media, outrageous stories are planted which try to project that Pakistani stand on Kashmir has international support. This is meant to legitimize terrorism in the minds of impressionable Pakistanis.

2. In the foreign media, particularly British (The Guardian is at the forefront, due to it's leftist leaning), POK Mirpuri reporters pose as Indian Kashmiris and try to link Kashmir to the AfPak hypenation.

3. In Indian media, a concerted campaign has been launched to give the separatist movement the same moral legitimacy as the Indian freedom movement. This goes beyond a media campaign. Roadshows are held where fantastic claims are made about the uniqueness of Kashmiris, about how rest of India is homogeneous but Kashmir valley inhabitants are somehow totally different.

4. In Indian forums, supposed Kashmiris try to claim that the Indian media is acting in concert to hide the real truth about Kashmir from gullible readers. They also claim wide spread support by other communities in Kashmir.

The campaign to directly pressurize the Indian government through terrorism in Kashmir has been a total failure. The campaign to bring international pressure on India has bombed spectacularly.

The indirect route has been sought to pressurize India by instigating gullible Indian activists. Ultimately, this campaign will fail too, because it's fundamental premise is based on lies. This is the flickering flame of Pakistans Kashmir war.

For our part, we would do well to remember that,

1. People commenting on internet forum need not be who they claim to be.

2. There is a financial motive for separatism in Kashmir. Further, only about 5-10% percent of this state is affected by unrest. Do not go by the hyper inflated claims of a state-wide insurgency.

3. Kashmiris speaking against the government and police are not necessarily separatists, but may have genuine grievances. It would be a gross injustice to club them with the separatists.

4. The stone throwing riots are not a coincidence. They were the cornerstone of the psyops warfare strategy. We should be thankful that the international community, down to  every country saw through it and refused to comment.

4. The psyops has been very crude, where even a novice can pick it apart. But it will get more subtle. However, lies are lies and the truth can never be completely hidden.

nobody inparticular
Mumbai, India
Dec 11, 2010
03:23 AM

What do you mean 'taking a position on Karkare's death' ? There is no position to be taken here unless of course its the Pak media or ISI for whom Kasav is a Hindu and the 26/11 attack was carried out by the Hindu state to defame the Islamic republic of Pakistan.

dallas, United States
Dec 11, 2010
01:29 AM


>> sites like and authors like Mushrif peddle same lies and conspiracy theories about Karkare killing.

Mushrif's book yes, but can you show an example of TCN taking a position on Karkare's death? They report news of meetings or protests held by various Muslim groups as they are supposed to do, but they do not endorse any conspiracy theories as far as I know.

Dallas, United States
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