POSTED BY Sundeep Dougal ON Nov 19, 2012 AT 23:56 IST ,  Edited At: Nov 19, 2012 23:56 IST

This is the (unedited) full-text of the status update by Shaheen Dhada which was 'liked' by her friend Renu Srinivasan on Facebook:

"With all respect, every day, thousands of people die, but still the world moves on. Just due to one politician died a natural death, everyone just goes bonkers. They should know, we are resilient by force, not by choice. When was the last time, did anyone showed some respect or even a two-minute silence for Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Azad, Sukhdev or any of the people because of whom we are free-living Indians?  Respect is earned, given, and definitely not forced. Today, Mumbai shuts down due to fear, not due to respect."

As the press reports summed up:

Though the girl withdrew her comment and apologised, a mob of some 2,000 Shiv Sena workers attacked and ransacked her uncle’s orthopaedic clinic at Palghar.

Getting the statement withdrawn or an apology under intimidation was clearly not enough for the brave Sainiks of the Sena as they went ahead and lodged a complaint with the police. It is instructive that the police, instead of taking action against the mob, wanted 14 days' custody for the young girls, not even straightaway releasing them on bail as provided under law.

Consider this: the police commissioner has confirmed that no action has been taken against those who attacked the clinic of Shaheen Dhada's uncle’s orthopaedic clinic at Palghar.

And just to put matters in perspective, let's remember that the state's chief minister yesterday chose to "honour the sentiments of Mumbaikars" by according a state funeral -- taking the body draped in the Tricolour in a procession on a gun-carriage with full police bandobast, besides a 21-gun salute ahead of the funeral -- to someone about whom the Sri Krishna report had stated:

From 8th January 1993 at least there is no doubt that the Shiv Sena and Shiv Sainiks took the lead in organizing attacks on Muslims and their properties under the guidance of several leaders of the Shiv Sena from the level of Shakha Pramukh to the Shiv Sena Pramukh Bal Thackeray who, like a veteran General, commanded his loyal Shiv Sainiks to retaliate by organised attacks against Muslims.

For more inconvenient truths about the one honoured with a state funeral, here's a random compendium.

The message from the ruling establishment about those it chooses to honour and protect and those it chooses to penalise could not be clearer.

Also read:

POSTED BY Sundeep Dougal ON Nov 19, 2012 AT 23:56 IST ,  Edited At: Nov 19, 2012 23:56 IST
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Must See
Daily Mail
Nov 24, 2012
07:44 PM

Drafter of this I & T Act must be recognised & Rewarded with some kind of Brilliancy Award available on the earth..

Ahmedabad, India
Nov 24, 2012
01:27 PM

 Even as the uproar over the recent arrest of two Thane girls over an allegedly "inflammatory" message posted on social networking site Facebook is yet to fade away, a similar case has now come to light wherein two men from Mumbai had to spend 12 days behind the bars and even lose their jobs.

In the shocking example of the alleged misuse of Information and Technology Act , the men -- K.V. Rao and Mayank -- were arrested for allegedly posting offensive comments against some Congress leaders on their Facebook group earlier this year.

The duo was employed with the national carrier, Air India. They were arrested in May on the basis of a complaint filed last year. After suffering all these months, they have ended their silence for the first time on Headlines Today on Friday. Out on bail, they narrated their tale of alleged harassment.

The two accused had shared a joke and distorted Congress party's election flag to express their angst against the politicians. They alleged that their personal enmity with a leader in Air India union led to a complaint to the cyber cell over some "objectionable contents" in the closed group of Air India cabin crew. They were soon arrested from their houses.

"This is injustice. They arrested us at 1 am. They gave no reasons for the arrest as well. This is misuse of power," alleged Rao.

His wife Rajshree said, "They said 'we are police, we can arrest anyone at any point of time'. My kids were scared to the core. In the middle of the night they asked us to come to the police station."

"I was humiliated badly. Policemen with machine guns came in the night and took me away," the other accused, Mayank, said.

The passports of the accused were impounded for six months. With the duo embroiled in the legal tangles, the Air India management also shunted them out. Family members said that it was a hard time for them and they could never understand why police acted in such a manner.

Now, despite being released on bail, the duo has been doing the rounds of courts and police station.

They came out to tell their plight to the world after the arrest of Thane girls -- Shaheen Dhada and Reenu -- highlighted the misuse of IT Act by the police. While Shaheen was arrested for criticising the "shutdown" in Mumbai on November 18, a day after Shiv Sena founder Bal Thackeray died, on Facebook, her friend was arrested just for liking the post.

R. Saroja
Bombay, India
Nov 23, 2012
07:08 PM

First get your facts right, just because the girl is named Shaheen... she is not muslim. Shaheen Dhadha, is most probably a Parsi.

Why are we even discussing her religion? She has every right to write whatever she likes on her FB page.

Mr Nagaraj, you are using that right on this forum and want it denied to Shaheen?

It was shameful of Shivsainiks, who are nothing but a bunch of goons and i was even more shameful of the police under the ruling government to do what it did.

Kiran Bagachi
mumbai, India
Nov 21, 2012
07:40 PM

 The fact is, the Congress says many things about other political parties. These sayings are justified, by other statements, not relevant to the first. It seems, if you say, a minister has taken the land of the poor, one cannot stop at that, and one has to keep on saying other explanations. What is anyone to do? I don't want to understand, why each and every person might be the reason for society's unhappiness.

Aditya Mookerjee
Belgaum, India
Nov 21, 2012
12:55 PM

A state funeral for this provincial thug was a huge dishonour for the nation.

Asa harkavy
Hissar, India
Order by
Nov 23, 2012
05:55 PM

 Javed Anand in Indian Express-

Respected sir, you are perhaps unaware of the decades-old power-sharing parampara of Maharashtra. Anyone from the state can tell you that it has long been the political arrangement in the state to encourage the Shiv Sena to run a parallel government. Since its inception the Sena’s thokshahi (“constructive violence”, sainiks on the rampage) has been an integral component of Congress’s lokshahi (democratic governance).

But maybe you are right, Justice Katju. Now that a million tears have been shed, it’s time perhaps to spare a thought for our ailing democracy and shed a tear for the “idea of India” too. Perhaps we should be outraged not only by last week’s criminal conduct of a few policemen in Palghar, but our collective complicity for so long.

In less than a month, Mumbaikars will recall how Bombay’s Muslims were “taught a lesson” 20 years ago under the benign gaze of the then Congress government of Maharashtra and the watchful eyes of the then defence minister Sharad Pawar. As in the case of the massacre of innocent Sikhs in 1984, there has been no punishment worth the mention for the perpetrators and the masterminds of the mass crimes committed during December 1992- January 1993.

By draping the deceased in the national flag and extending full state honours during the last journey of the former Sena chief, the ruling Congress-NCP alliance has chosen to dishonour and desecrate that sacred document that we, the people of India, gifted ourselves over 60 years ago. Next month, as Mumbai commemorates the ravaging of cosmopolitan Bombay 20 years ago, the question is sure to be asked: Does the national flag bear no relation to the rule of law principle enshrined in the Constitution?

India as a large country is surviving as a democracy only because as when some part of it goes mad, the remaining parts bail it out. As can be seen from the comments section, non. Mumbai people have on the whole come out with unambiguous statements. It is time for Mumbaikars to stand up and grow a spine. In the coming few weeks we are going to be inundated with anniversaries and remembrances. Let us atleast have the courage to face the truth.

R. Saroja
Bombay, India
Nov 23, 2012
06:28 PM

 Saroja Bi 

HI actually wanted to post this link .I may not agree fully with Javed on many points in this Aricle but yes he has been extremely right on Congress and its actions in 1993 and even Ayodya was destroyed under supervison of Rao the PM

Mumbai, India
Nov 23, 2012
06:39 PM

 You are right Ghai Saheb about Rao who seems to have a fan following here. He delayed coming to Bombay because if Sankranti when the city was burning. But the city has always had more than its share of decent people in positions of power too. If AS Samra was in place, there would have been no Bombay carnage. I know how the city mourned for over a month after Mumbai attack. Everywhere we had banners hailing the police and mug shots of politicians wishing each other Happy Birthday( Vaad diwas) was nowhere to be seen.

R. Saroja
Bombay, India
Nov 23, 2012
11:38 PM


Thanks for posting Javed Anand's column.

Dallas, United States
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