POSTED BY Sundeep Dougal ON Oct 15, 2009 AT 03:34 IST ,  Edited At: Oct 15, 2009 03:48 IST

Had meant to link it last week, but somehow forgot. The Economist on how the recent intervention by RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat is proof for many Indians that:

BJP is enslaved to bare-legged zealots obsessed with the idea that Hindu India is under attack: from Muslims, Chinese communists and American capitalists abroad and Muslims, Maoists and industrial developers at home...

It goes on to wonder whether the BJP can become a mellower yellow:

...The problem is the ideology and attendant nuttiness: Islamophobia, callisthenics, shorts and all. To lead its coalition government, the BJP had actually to forswear core Hindutva demands: for a new temple on the site of a demolished mosque at Ayodhya; for a federal ban on cow-slaughter; and for an end to Muslims’ enjoyment of their own family law.

This alienated party activists, who questioned the point of an ideology that has to be abandoned when it wins power. But to rule again, the BJP may have to distance itself even further from the RSS and find a more clubable leader. 

Read the full piece: Shorts and all

POSTED BY Sundeep Dougal ON Oct 15, 2009 AT 03:34 IST ,  Edited At: Oct 15, 2009 03:48 IST
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Must See
Daily Mail
Oct 20, 2009
11:06 AM
People like Augustus AAA sneer at the BJP....But with their hill-billy level of intellect, they are even more absurd.
Aziz Afif
Hyderabad, India
Oct 17, 2009
09:09 PM
@Dr.Vijaya Rajiva
You have listed the many threats that India faces and of the things that need to be done very urgently.

Why dont you come down from Montreal and join the effort? Or are you just an arm chair votary of Hindutva as much as the writer of the Economist article is an arm chair critic ?
P.Oommen Joseph
Pennsylvania, United States
Oct 16, 2009
06:32 PM
Adityaji you have been away from India for too long. Crores of rupees collected for Ayodhya Temple construction has vanished without a trace. No accounts. Promod Mahajan came to then bombay as poor man with only the clothes on his back and died a billionare. There are too many example to mention here. It is no secret that Bajpai's Adopted son ran a parallel PMO from his house. Tehelka sting operation you should have seen on the TV.
JayKay Chraborty
Kolkatta, India
Oct 15, 2009
11:21 PM
One does not say, that the leadership of the B J P, is corrupt. Gentlemen like Mr Murli M Joshi, Mr Rajnath Singh, I do not see them as corrupt individuals. The Congress is seen as a secular party, but in the past, people have found some leaders to be corrupt, perhaps. I find, that it is not bad, if the B J P sees the R S S as a disciplined organization, and takes inspiration from this perception. It is not in hate, that the B J P takes inspiration, as is perceived by some. There must be some good, which inspires the B J P, in the R S S. There are some very good organizations among the Muslim's too, and they, too must nurture leaders, capable of leading India. I can think of a few Muslim politicians in India. I am not being communal in my appreciation of Muslim's and Hindu's. I would like the communities to prosper, and help each other to prosper.
Aditya Mookerjee
Belgaum, India
Oct 15, 2009
07:39 PM
Very accurate reading of the situation on the ground. But, rest assured RSS will rather go back to time-tested methods of communal polarization, riots and bomb blasts than change its ideology. It is such a surprise that in the run up to any parliament election their is such polarization, riots and bomb blasts, and once the elections are over every thing goes back to normal.
JayKay Chraborty
Kolkatta, India
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