POSTED BY Buzz ON Dec 22, 2012 AT 14:49 IST ,  Edited At: Dec 22, 2012 14:49 IST

POSTED BY Buzz ON Dec 22, 2012 AT 14:49 IST ,  Edited At: Dec 22, 2012 14:49 IST
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Must See
Daily Mail
Jan 19, 2013
11:37 AM

 ROY is stuck in her own narrative of what constitutes fair and unfair.

Her mantra of dalits, adivasis, muslims is her personal mantra.

She demeans all those who get raped and dont belong to the Roy club of misfortune.

She gets heard and read and provokes.

She is a bit of a bitter clown and so we do not laugh at her but rail at her.

The game will go on because she is who she is at a point in our history.... Go read Madhu Kishwar instead if your insides are curdling after Roy onslaught for a little more sense..

Bindu Tandon
Mumbai, India
Jan 05, 2013
07:35 PM

Has Arundhati Roy ever written on the rampant sexuality indulged in by the Catholic clergy of Kerala?Being a conservative Catholic herself,she thinks that the Catholic priests have the divine right to indulge in the worst kind of sexual assaults on young nuns in the church.Take this case of Abhaya murder.It has taken sixteen long years to get courage to arrest the two Catholic priests,who sexually assaulted the young nun Abhaya and then murdered her and threw her body into a well.All along they spread the canard that the nun had committed suicide.Neither the Congress nor the Communists when in power had no guts to initiate investigation into this case.Infact,a Catholic Supreme court judge even tried to interfere in the forencic analysis.This hate filled Arundhati Roy, whose mother is a Keralite never wrote a line on this dastardly act of Catholic priests.Now,with this Delhi rape and murder incident shaking the nation,there will be more stringent laws against rape.But will the authorities have the guts to take action against the Catholic priests who live in fortified seminaries?The Pope himself apologised for rampant child abuse in the Catholic church of USA.But here in India the all powerful Church Church is beyond any legal actions.

Bangalore, India
Jan 03, 2013
07:11 PM

Aru has a point when she says that theres no public anger /outrage against atrocities on tribal women and rural dalit woment, which is pertinent and valid and which should be taken seriously. But the idiot in her comes out when she says that the present outrage is only because some low class, illiterates (or semi literates) have committed it against an "upper class" lady. Was this the first one among its kind and that too happening in the nation's capital ? obviously no, no ? and what about th epublic awareness ? Or the media's or intellectuals' role in covering such crimes against women ? Irrespective of caste or class its just agression of some perverts against the  vulnerable and nothing more. I dont know how Aru takes it if some pervert, if happens to be an illiterate/"low class", pinches her in the public. Oh, poor me, our champion may be cosily sitting in and driving her vehicle. I tell you, otherwise she definitely would have come to the defense of the so called middle class women too, no ? :)

Anyway, thank you Aru for making some valid points, though the replies themselves dont in anyway offer any sol, what so ever, on how to mitigate them 

Chennai, India
Jan 02, 2013
11:01 AM

People in this forum are only validating her stand by abusing her.

Kolkatta, India
Dec 30, 2012
07:22 AM

Arandrathi Roy’s comments on the rape and the arguments they caused are interesting as I have heard the same, it’s a middle class issue, comments from another left wing Indian. It is very important what Roy says about rape being an everyday, unremarked, unprotected reality for poor women, low caste women and ethnic minority women. But why should that be counterpoised to or lessen support for the students on the streets of Dheli being battered and tear gassed in their efforts to fight oppression? So what if the movement has begun with students? So did 1968. This is not the point. This is a genuine movement of the victims of real oppression and its origins reflect the same tensions as did the origins of second wave feminism AND the reality of combined and uneven development in India today. Even if as Roy suspects it will, nothing more than changes in laws around rape come from it, there is any reason to attack it — for example equal pay laws here don’t protect everyone but are an advance; smashing apartheid didn’t break capitalism but is an advance. Roy is being ultra left and making the young women in the struggle angry with her dismissal of them. The movement will increasingly face the key tension—does it settle for equality with men in a stinking system and therefore betray the workers and poor? Or does it fight for liberation for all which means challenging capitalism to gain economic equality which underpins liberation. The issue of leadership is one of being genuinely committed to fight for every reform and to oppose every bit of harassment and violence against women. Come on Roy, get into the fight… it needs the left.

elane heffernan
london, United Kingdom
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