POSTED BY Sundeep Dougal ON Jun 17, 2010 AT 22:40 IST ,  Edited At: Jun 18, 2010 00:40 IST

For those who care for such things, the 22-nation Pew Global Attitudes Survey is out for 2010 and has some interesting findings and very, very hurried comments --

Kenyans think more highly of the USA than Americans themselves, but there are very few other countries who have that good an opinion of the USA - and this when we are down by as much as 10%, which could be attributed to the Obama/Afghanistan effect. If the poll had been done after June 7 Bhopal judgement, it is anybody's guess what the figures would have been like.

And here, again, is a whopping 17% decline in US ratings -- blame it largely on the David Headley and the US Af-Pak policy.

We are down, and gloomier, but this is still #4 optimistic reading in the world, after China 87%, Brazil 50% and Poland 47%. Pakistanis rate thier country at 14%, which is up from 9% last year. But, then, that might well be because the poll this time excludes FATA, erstwhile NWFP, AJK and Balochistan.

This is actually the third best optimistic reading of one's country's economic situation, after China 91% and Brazil 62%. Only 18% of Pakistanis, for example, think similarly about their economy, as compared to 24% last year.

Only Germany (30%), Japan 26% and Turkey (20%) have a more unfavourable opinion of China. 85% in Pakistan have a favourable opinion.

More interactive stuff here

  • Another interesting sidelight is people's image of their country in the world: After Indonesians, 92% of whom say Indonesia is generally liked by people in other nations, there are as many as 87% Indians who think that about India, followed by Jordan (85%), China (80%) and Brazil (80%). Only 40% Pakistanis and 35 Americans have that view of their countries
  • Another interesting finding is the use of military force:  In Asia, majorities consistently agree that military force can sometimes be necessary. Gandhi would perhaps not be happy to learn that India leads the pack at a surprising 92%, although most in Pakistan (73%), Indonesia (72%), China (60%) and Japan (57%) also agree with this position. In South Korea, more now (56%) hold this view than did so in 2007 (43%).
  • And, of course, 19% Indians also believe that Brazil will win the FIFA World Cup, with Australia a close second at 14%
  • Read the full report
POSTED BY Sundeep Dougal ON Jun 17, 2010 AT 22:40 IST ,  Edited At: Jun 18, 2010 00:40 IST
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Must See
Daily Mail
Jun 18, 2010
02:49 PM
India is perhaps the most complex quilt with the populace spread from very rich to very poor,with 60% of the population still in BPL.Most surveys are conducted amongst the satisfied middle class,which skews the opinion across the board.
Bangalore, India
Jun 18, 2010
02:29 AM
The crisis happened in 2008. So in the year of recovery 2009, the percentage went up is understandable. But what a drastic fall it has been since then -- just shows what the government is doing: profligacy and making merry on a free windfall that has now come its way on telecom auctions. The consequences will be felt for years to come.
Ajit Tendulkar
Seattle, United States
Jun 18, 2010
01:56 AM
To the question, "Is the country's economic situation good or bad?" in the 22 nation Pew Global survey, the percentages responding "good" are as follow:

India 57%,
USA 24%,
Britain 20%,
Pakistan 18%.

That is nothing to sneeze at!
Dallas, United States
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