POSTED BY Buzz ON Jan 06, 2013 AT 01:48 IST ,  Edited At: Jan 06, 2013 01:48 IST

The home ministry had announced the special 181 Helpline number for women with much hype as a part of the  'Action taken by Government in Delhi Rape Case'. Kavita an activist with the Stree Mukti League described her ordeal with this helpline in Hindi, on January 2, 2013 on her blog - 'Der Raat ke Raag' and on Sanhati. An update was published on her blog on January 5, 2013 and now Shuddhabrata Sengupta has translated it on Kafila:

After several attempts, finally, we were able to get through to the new Delhi police helpline number 181 at 9:03 pm that night. The person at the other end of the line at 181 told us that our complaint has been filed, but that they were not in a position to give us a tracking number for ‘follow up’ on the complaint. To obtain this number, we were told to call at 12 pm the following day. Upon insistence,  we were given another two numbers – 27891666 and 1096. We were told that we could try calling on these two numbers ( 27891666 and 1096) We called several times on 1096 (the dedicated helpline number for reporting stalkers and obscene callers) but each time we got a message that we had reached an ‘invalid’ number. Finally, at 9:11 pm, we got through to 297891666, (the other number that we had been given by the policeman) and we were given a complaint tracking number – 36A-1. Despite this, the obscene and threatening calls from 8505898894 continued. Sickened by this continuing harassment, I tried calling again on 181. I got through once. But the person who received the phone cut the call without letting me finish what I was saying. I tried calling 181 several times after that, but no one picked up the phone.

The next morning, I called 181 at 9:17 am and 9:18 am. But there was no response. Finally, I called the chief public relations officer of Delhi Police, Rajan Bhagat, at 9:30 am on his mobile number. I told him all that had happened and gave him the complaint tracking number that I had been given the night before. I told him that I am a social activist and a journalist. He told me that I should register a complaint on 1096 and give him the complaint number. Subsequently, I called 1096 from three different phones but I still got the ‘invalid number’ message. When I called Rajan Bhagat again to tell him that this is what had happened, he shrugged the matter off by sang that what I was saying was simply not possible. When I told him that I had already filed a complaint last night, and that I had given him the complaint number, and asked why he could not follow up on the basis of last night’s complaint, he cut the phone.

Then I went to the Delhi Police website and looked up an ‘alternative number’ for the 1096 helpline number. This ‘alternative number’ is 27894455. When I called this number, I got through to a police-woman. She was the same lady who I had spoken to when I called the number (297891666) that I was given by the person manning 181 the previous evening. She told me that the process of ‘number tracing’ could take 2-3 days, because the police has to send an email to the phone company, and the phone company takes time to respond, etc., etc...

Read the full translation at Kafila

POSTED BY Buzz ON Jan 06, 2013 AT 01:48 IST ,  Edited At: Jan 06, 2013 01:48 IST
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Must See
Daily Mail
Jan 10, 2013
11:30 PM

 Respone to 2D-3 By Male Unblocked:- 

>> It looks like the media is set upon creating both a fear psychosis

Three sacred words, my friend: "dowry", "domestic violence", "rape"; just as Jews and Israel feel that the "collective consciousness of the world should never forget the evil that was holocaust" and thereby defend their right to oppress their less fortunate neighboring countries with the support of the world police nation the USA, the gender based jihdists will never let go off these golden words - as they hold to keys to the golden kingdom - in which every male person born will have to cringe for his life and existence in a police state that will frame and implement anti-male laws with "speedy justice" as many have been crying for now.

Even as the media is working hard to confer a martyr status on the unfortunate victim (a martyr that she or any other person never wanted to be or become) and covering her identity with euphemisms like "nirbhaya", "braveheart", "Joan De Arc" and what else, they are not letting go off the word "rape". IMO, the crime is beyond words, yet the familiar legal term "rape" is preferred by the media to understandably to reinvent rape laws in India so as to indict any male with ease and no fear of retribution for false charges.

We as a nation seem to have become the lynch mobs of the medieval ages. Shortcut democracy for "speedy justice". On every forum and blog I have been to in the last two weeks in the wake of the ghastly Delhi incident, people have been crying loud for "death penalty", as if we have become a bunch of cannibalistic pacific islanders.

I am not debating here the need to deliver justice that will deter repetitions of such events in future, but the need to make us a safer nation through constructive means seems last on the agenda of any of these 'trial by media' crusaders. Here is one simple and silly suggestion that seems to have missed the sharp faculties of the rape jihadis - women in western nations carry small deterring weapons like pepper spray (a very cheap product), personal safety laser guns (that deliver short lasting pulses of electricity) to protect themselves from assaults. If we can ape the dress styles of western women, we sure can ape their safety precautions. In all this lynch mob frenzy orchestrated by the gender jihadist media, I have not seen any single one of them coming forward to advise women on how best to move in public to avoid trouble. Forget law and capital punishment, if a strong guy in a dark hood comes to attack you either for money or sex, what is your defense? A well rehearsed citation of new laws? Crimes are endemic to every large nation. The convenience of anonymity offered by large cities does encourage some to live beyond means and indulge in crime. Even the fattest constitution and penal code will not stop these individuals.

I would be surprised if Outlook India will even publish my remark - showing to the extent to which they want to control the discourse in favor of the gender jihadis.

I am reposting this comment, since it is not appearing line with the logged comments on the main page. 

Don Quixote
Irvine, United States
Jan 08, 2013
12:37 AM

It looks like the media is set upon creating both a fear psychosis and an anti-male attitude among females - that their lives are in the hands of 'help lines' and not the brave Indian males.

Male Unblocked
Chennai, India
Jan 06, 2013
01:49 PM

Reminds me of the joke about the fire-station with an unlisted phone number.

Dallas, United States
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