POSTED BY Sundeep Dougal ON Sep 12, 2009 AT 14:50 IST ,  Edited At: Sep 12, 2009 14:55 IST

Writing in the Telegraph, Ramachandra Guha revists his 2008 Outlook essay:

The seven structural problems I identified in my 2008 essay remain —six in full force, the seventh marginally attenuated (for, as the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam’s extraction of profitable ministries demonstrates, the Congress is by no means immune to blackmail by coalition partners this time around). On reflection, I would add three more problems — the disturbed neighbourhood (with Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka all mired in internal conflicts of their own); the unreconciled borderlands (consider the discontent in Manipur, Nagaland, and Kashmir); and the shocking incapacity of our public institutions, as manifest in the malfunctioning of our universities, our law courts, our hospitals, and our civil services.

There are therefore 10, not seven, reasons why India will not become a superpower anytime soon. But I would call into question the ambition itself. Should not nations judge themselves by their own standards, rather than seek to participate in some kind of global 100-metre race, the winner to be judged by number of billionaires in the Forbes list or size of nuclear arsenal? Rather than seek to dominate or tower above other nations, the republic of India must seek to be less discontented and less divided within

Read the full piece: Superpower fantasies

POSTED BY Sundeep Dougal ON Sep 12, 2009 AT 14:50 IST ,  Edited At: Sep 12, 2009 14:55 IST
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Must See
Daily Mail
Jun 20, 2014
06:58 AM

 It is unlikely but not impossible. It is possible some economists wakes  up to the economics of monetary sovereignty and the power of free money = FISCAL DEFICIT = BHAGYALAKSHMI. With 30% GDP deficit, the economy will grow to 1.3 per year and 1.3^10 = 13.8 times present GDP in 10 years. It will be well on the way to shine. 

Parthasarathy Shakkottai
Long Beach, United States
Jun 15, 2014
05:52 PM

Will Guha tell us what is a super power? My little browing on 6 year article failed to see any space where Guha defines what is a super power.

I wonder Guha also writes school books for his extraordinary writing abilities/

Don Quixote
Rody, India
Jan 15, 2014
02:58 PM

I don't think that India is aspiring to become Super power, but if it is than the main and probably only reason it can never achieve this goal is Congress party. The most corrupt, communal party, which is  full of criminals has ruled us for about 60 years and this is the reason we are lagging behind. Till this party is not thrown in a dustbin forever, India can never hope to compete with most of the countries of the world.

Kutch, India
Dec 20, 2013
12:47 AM

 Misogynist >> It all starts with an failed judicial system, that needs to urgently be held accountable

Let us stop simply complaining, give some honest practical ideas to improve things.

Reg judiciary - one reason judiciary in India is so slow is so much litigation by one arm of Govt against another.

We need a blanked ban on any litigation between governments or government owned companies ; the executive should settle disputes within itself by itself and not waste judiciary's time. 

Delhi, India
Dec 20, 2013
12:45 AM

 Self Styled Arm Chair intellectuals like Ram Guha can make a career out of deliberating why India cannot do this or do that, but can these intellectuals offer one practical idea for improving one single aspect of life in India?

How about simple things to start with like:

* Curbing black money by forcing all people to declare PAN Number on all transactions and

* Improving judicial system by expanding size of judiciary (in proportion with number of cases) and defining a time limit for disposal of any litigation and 

* Ensuring an RTI for all Media houses and media personnel and also intellectuals (Ram Guha included) so that the readers are able to judge the biases by such intellectuals.

Come on Ram Guha and colleauges, how long are you going to beat the same bush? grow up and come up with sensible thoughts , if you are really the intellectuals you claim to be.

Delhi, India
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