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Noted human rights activist and lawyer Mukul Sinha, who fought for the cause of the 2002 post-Godhra riot victims and the victims of fake encounters in Gujarat, died yesterday at a private hospital in Ahmedabad at the age of 63. 

Some tributes:

Manoj Mitta, senior journalist and author of The Fiction of Fact Finding

One of human rights advocate Mukul Sinha's most tenacious campaigns was to make the Nanavati Commission examine Narendra Modi on post-Godhra massacres. The commission was adamant in its refusal to summon Narendra Modi, although the allegations of complicity against him are expressly part of its mandate and there is a wealth of evidence against him. As the Supreme Court declined to intervene, the commission is still engaged with its 12-year farce of carrying on with a don’t-ask-don’t-tell inquiry.

Despite such impediments, Sinha brought to light the evidence of call data records (CDR), which had been collected by police officer Rahul Sharma. This led to the arrest of Modi’s minister Maya Kodnani, who was subsequently convicted for her involvement in the massacre at Naroda Patiya.

Another major issue on which Sinha had relentlessly pursued Modi was the series of fake-encounter cases, which landed several Gujarat police officers in jail and forced the resignation of home minister Amit Shah as he had himself been arrested for the murder of Sohrabuddin Sheikh.

For those of us who had been privileged to interact with him and benefit from his knowledge and generosity, the most fitting tribute to Sinha would be to keep the flame of human rights burning, more brightly than ever before, to take on the growing dangers of institutional bias and impunity, drawing inspiration from the courage he had displayed in the face of adversity.

Vrinda Grover, human rights lawyer and advocate

My salutations to Mukul Sinha, lawyer and political activist, who succumbed to cancer today in Ahmedabad. Mukul spearheaded many of the legal and political challenges to seek justice for people. A fearless and tireless voice for justice in Gujarat, Mukul's website "The Truth of Gujarat" is a reservoir of facts and analysis.

Teesta Setalvad, Secretary & Trustee, Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP) 

The Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP) expresses its deep sense of loss at the demise of advocate Mukul Sinha of the Jansangharsh Manch (JSM), an indefatigable champion of the voice of the dispossessed, especially those who became victims of the state’s extrajudicial killings in Gujarat post September 2002. In this moment of loss, the CJP extends the deepest of condolences to surviving members of his family, Nirjhari and Prateek Sinha.

The presence of Mukul Sinha at the Nanavati Shah Commission appointed to probe the 2002 carnage, strengthened the invaluable evidence placed by serving policemen and administrators against the powerful perpetrators of the 2002 Gujarat carnage on record, and this thereafter became the basis and strength of criminal prosecutions launched by the CJP in the Courts. The contribution of the JSM under the leadership of Mukul and Nirjhari Sinha in deconstructing the Godhra train burning tragedy and also the CD of telephone records submitted by then DCP Crime Branch (2002) Rahul Sharma before the Nanavati Commission when he gave evidence in 2004, exposed some of the perpetrators. The Special Investigation Team (SIT) appointed by the Supreme Court unfortunately failed to test much of this evidence in investigation and this has been remarked upon by the judgement of Judge Jyotsana Yagnik in the Naroda Patiya case (August 2012) leaving those powerful perpetrators (politicians and policemen) unprosecuted so far.

Mukul Sinha, apart from the struggle for justice for the survivors of 2002, strived hard for a better world order where the contribution and participation of the working class, artisan and agrarian peasantry and their contribution to the political economy was central, and together with colleagues launched the New Socialist Movement (NSM), a political party. In 2007, Mukul Sinha and the trade unions associated with him decided to affiliate with the Trade Union Centre of India (TUCI). In 2010, he was elected the President of the TUCI at its 6th conference in Kanpur and was re-elected to the post in the 7th Conference in Kolkatta in 2012. He held the post till his demise. The Truth of Gujarat, a website launched by Mukul Sinha and colleagues contributed much to de-constructing the media hype and propaganda around Gujarat’s development and Narendra Modi. His demise is an immeasurable loss to the voice of resistance and sanity.

More than ever before, he will be missed today, as the struggle for justice and truth in the face of all adversity, must continue.

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POSTED BY Buzz ON May 13, 2014 AT 23:44 IST ,  Edited At: May 13, 2014 23:44 IST
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Must See
Daily Mail
May 19, 2014
01:43 PM

"If you believe in a person or work against a person, you are bound to be disappointed. You will develop false hope and you will become fatigued. But if your goal is to change ideas, then this will sustain you.” - Mukul Sinha,-self-effacing-Modi-opponent-and-labour-organiser-who-disliked-being-called-a-leader

Not just did he expose the role of cops and politicians for their complicity in criminal cases – including the Ishrat Jahan, Tulsi Prajapati, Sadiq Jamal and several other fake encounters, his shrewd, tactical cross questioning of officers in the Manipur encounters had the commission of enquiry declare the spate of encounters in the state as fake.


R. Saroja
Bombay, India
May 16, 2014
05:22 AM
Harum, is you want to get an answer that hindus killed Sikhs in 1984, you are being dishonest Muslims burnt Hindus and Hindus killed Muslims in 2002 , so the community is named ,.no surprises there in 1984, Sikh bodyguards killed Indira and congress party men killed Sikhs in revenge , why do you need community name . The only person who has expressed satisfaction that Sikhs were massacred by congressmen Js our foreign minister , do you want me to give his community name ? If I name the community that killed for congress in Hindu will the seculars stand up and stop Hindu communalism by opposing congress and writing to Obama to deny visa to Sonia because she is a Hindu extremist? Who are you trying to kid?
chennai, India
May 16, 2014
04:31 AM

 Sachbolo we are not discussing the Mullas,Maulanas,Congress and co,But the community who killed 3000 Sikhs in 84.

Why havent they been named

,Was the community indicted in S5 coach of Sabarmati Express  Burning been named  or not..

How many  jehadis were involved in 84.

.I hold brief for none,as Indian we want answers.

Jehadis have no place in a civilised society,which sane individual is going to endorse.

But like wise acts of massacare and barbarisim like killing innocent citizens be it women and children must be condmned

chennai, India
May 16, 2014
04:00 AM

4/D-90: "Humanity has become extinct in India,a man long dead is being berated for asking Questions. Shamefull and shows that India does have elements like those in Pakistan in India as well."
harun, chennai, India


Hummm! What do you think about Hitler (he is also long dead)

Tucson, United States
May 16, 2014
01:35 AM
Comment removed for violation of Website Policy
SaachGarh, India
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