POSTED BY Buzz ON Apr 17, 2014 AT 21:46 IST ,  Edited At: Apr 17, 2014 21:46 IST

In response to the BJP prime ministerial candidate's interview to the ANI, Rana Ayyub asks some pointed questions of the Gujarat CM in the DNA: PS, some clarifications Narendra Modiji on your latest interview:

1. About journalists: On the sedition charges [against Ashis Nandy and TOI etc]

"The Supreme Court remarked, “Gujarat is the state of Mahatma Gandhi and it’s very strange that the state government is unable to take any criticism.”

...what would be your assurance to journalists should they write against you once you became the prime minister of the country?

...A prominent news channel funded by businessmen allegedly close to you has also given an ultimatum to its news anchors. I’m assuming these owners are the types you call news traders.

2. On not being vindictive:

...many of your top officers, Kuldip Sharma, Rahul Sharma, and Rajnish Rai, have been refused promotions and have been implicated in cases just because they dared to speak against your government in Gujarat and acted on evidence that came their way.

3. On Minority Appeasement:

...Two stray thoughts that come to my mind as I hear your statement: a.) Your seniors and colleagues in the party Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Rajnath Singh have attended iftaar parties and worn skullcaps. Where they lesser Hindus?, and b.) Sikhs are not Hindus, sir, Sikhism is an altogether different faith. So, if by wearing a Muslim cap you would resort to appeasement, would it not be appeasement of the Sikhs when you wear a turban?

Read the full article at the DNA: PS, some clarifications Narendra Modiji on your latest interview

POSTED BY Buzz ON Apr 17, 2014 AT 21:46 IST ,  Edited At: Apr 17, 2014 21:46 IST
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Must See
Daily Mail
Apr 22, 2014
01:50 AM

Ram lala,

>> I object to is one-way secularism where Hindu leaders are expected to wear skullcaps...

Refusing to wear a skull cap by itself would not be an issue. Modi refusing to wear a skull cap has a totally different connotation.

Dallas, United States
Apr 21, 2014
11:18 PM

I have no problem with Hindu leaders wearing skull caps or Sikh turbans provided we see reciprocity from the other community, and Muslim/Sikh leaders go to temples and join in darshan as a gesture of good faith towards Hindus.

What I object to is one-way secularism where Hindu leaders are expected to wear skullcaps or attend church, but Muslims and Christians shun reciprocal gestures. Recently, the CM of Mizoram, who is a Christian convert, was attacked by his Christian opponents for going to a temple and lighting a candle in front of an idol of Durga as a gesture towards Hindus - they claimed he was worshipping idols and false gods, and that people should not vote for him because he was an idolater.

The correct response to this kind of one-way secularism is what Modi does - refuse skull caps or church visits until we see reciprocity. There is nothing wrong with this, and it is time for Abrahamics, especially in India, to cut this crap about Hindus being idolaters, infidels, heathens, polytheists or whatever and learn to act in a more tolerant manner. That is the time for Hindu leaders to wear skullcaps and attend church as a sign of our good faith.

Ram Lala
Kavutaram, India
Apr 20, 2014
11:11 PM

 What sort of a prime minister would Rahul Gandhi make? He has shown a great reluctance to embrace power, calling it a poisoned chalice. He has also distanced himself from all that UPA-I and II have done; acting like an outside critic. So if the Congress were to form the next government (stranger things have happened), would Rahul be a decisive leader?

Prime Ministers’ reputations have lately been trashed, not just for the incumbent — who has been the subject of two books — but also the last PM. Atal Bihari Vajpayee, proclaimed as the Congress’s favourite non-Congress secular politician, suddenly has been called the weakest PM. Weakest in what sense? Should he have not just tested the nuclear bomb but launched it on another country to satisfy Congress criterion of not being weak? Weak to have ridden the bus across to Lahore? ""


Rahul has has created a very big headache for himself and Congress by intoducing Modi's marriage .

Now no hold barred allegations are being hurled by BJP on Vadra deals.

More fat has been thrown into it by the USA media Report.

Wise men in the past always used to keep away from attcking the family members of their rivals - old timers Omerta !!

Similarly one day praising and then abusing Bajpai ji will bring more scorn on Congress .

Well now what can be done ? Past can't be undone .


a k ghai
mumbai, India
Apr 20, 2014
09:47 PM

 ''What has Modi said so far that can be construed as spreading hatred? : TAVLEEN SINGH

His campaign has talked about taking India in a new economic direction with “minimum government, maximum governance”. He has talked about making India a rich and prosperous country by creating jobs for the youth and investing in education and healthcare. On the Hindu-Muslim front, he has urged both Hindus and Muslims to fight poverty and not each other. So whoever wrote Madame’s appeal can be taken to court for spreading falsehoods.

As someone who is very keen on Bharatiyata, I consider it my duty as a Bharatiya to point out that the Congress party has caused more damage to it since 1947 than almost anyone else. In the name of socialism, magnificent palaces, forts and ancient temples have been allowed to decay. Soniaji, please take a boat ride on the Ganga when you go to campaign against Modi and you will see the ruins of our oldest city. And while you are about it, notice what has happened to our most sacred river.

Ordinary Indians are so impatient for change that the word I have come to identify this election most with is parivartan. I have heard it so often on my travels that it rings constantly in my ears. When I ask people why they want to vote for Modi they nearly always say that it is because they want India to become a developed country and they think he can make this happen. So where did you hear this talk of hatred?'

a k ghai
mumbai, India
Apr 20, 2014
05:47 PM

It is simply his preference, if he doesn't want to wear skull cap what is wrong? Have you seen any muslim leaders donning a sacred thread? Actually it will be pretty offensive if they  do so.

lucknow, India
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