POSTED BY Buzz ON Jan 14, 2014 AT 23:50 IST ,  Edited At: Jan 14, 2014 23:50 IST

The Congress vice president gives an exclusive interview to the Dainik Bhaskar, "his first ever interview to any daily newspaper". Excerpts:

  1. In the national interest, it is necessary that Congress forms the government at the Centre; and in this direction whatever responsibilities the organisation has given me, I will discharge them with utmost sincerity and honesty...
  2. I don’t agree with many of their [Aam Aadmi Party's] recent decisions because our decisions should not be based on short-term gain; instead the decisions should be made while keeping long-term benefit and a secure future for the people...
  3. India has witnessed Samrat Ashok, Akbar and Aurangzeb. Ashok is famous for integrating people; Akbar too worked in this direction and this is why people take their name with great respect. However, Aurangzeb is known for other reasons. On the same lines, Congress is working toward national integration and inclusive growth for everyone...
  4. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) wants to form a ‘one-man centric’ (Narendra Modi) government at the Centre which is not good in the national interest. The government should not function according to the whims and fancy of a single person. The future of over 120 crore people can be safeguarded with inclusive politics only.
  5. The future of over 120 crore people can be safeguarded with inclusive politics only. The Congress lives in this country’s DNA. BJP’s demand of Congress-free ‘Bharat’ is a vague idea. The BJP seems to have forgotten that Congress alone is a political force which has preserved the social fabric of this country.
  6. Congress is generally underestimated before each election including 2004 and 2009 elections. However, the results were completely different. I expect the 2014 elections to be more exciting and I believe we will emerge victorious again...
  7. Congress Party is striving hard to bring real democracy in the country. We are including common people in our party and organisation. You must have seen how we have introduced our party manifesto in which even a common man can say, “Brother I want this to be included in your manifesto.”
  8. I love swimming and running. I do meditation and aikido - Japanese martial art. I think physical fitness is very necessary for mental fitness. Technology also interests me. As my father (Rajiv Gandhi) was pilot, I too am a pilot with licence.
  9. Apart from being my sister and a dear friend, Priyanka is also an active worker of the Congress. And for these reasons alone, she is helping us in making the organisation a strong and trusted political force. I don’t think she would take any other role in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.
  10. ‘Power is poison’ doesn’t mean that I am not ready to take responsibilities. There is no such word as ‘reluctance’ in my life. ‘
POSTED BY Buzz ON Jan 14, 2014 AT 23:50 IST ,  Edited At: Jan 14, 2014 23:50 IST
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Must See
Daily Mail
Jan 15, 2014
02:46 PM

Did Pappu really gave this interview ? Seems that written questions were sent to him and someone on his behlaf wrote the answers and sent those back to the news paper office.

Kutch, India
Jan 15, 2014
02:44 PM

.' In a structured party like the BJP or the Left, Mr. Rahul Gandhi would still have been struggling to get his first assignment as an office bearer in the Party structure or in a legislative body. It is only in a personality and family dominated set-up like the Congress that he can be nominated as the unquestioned supremo.'


Please read full article by Arun Jaitley here -

Kutch, India
Jan 15, 2014
01:19 PM

Rahul maybe a man of good intentions, but is influenced by the feminist brigade.

Chennai, India
Jan 15, 2014
10:20 AM

Now wait for the resident mullah to have multiple Os over what Pappu said...

Kiran Bagachi
mumbai, India
Jan 15, 2014
10:15 AM

One men centric?????????..Modi is the last coin for bjp for which it sacrificed godfather of bjp.It made a change to accumulate rajnat singh as a leader...thers is plenty of things BJP idid for modi.but???????????????congress............??? not one man centric???????..without rahul also congress will run...may be congress will lose in this election but congress will bounce back like anything..history will be kinder to congress.

They blamed rajiv for computerization

They blamed Indira fr integration.

They blamed sonia for foreing base

Now they blames Rahul for ??????????

History shown all are them elected lby landslide victory..

chennai, India
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