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Oct 28, 2011
02:40 AM

 "When they decided on the 2G policy, were the prime minister and the finance minister totally oblivious of the logical implications? "

Manmohan Singh has denied ever deciding on the 2G policy-much less understanding the logical implications. He has repeatedly said that since the FM and Telecom minister agreed, there was nothing for him to do. So the question asked is -to paraphrase Manmohan, is akin to opening a chapter that is closed.

The issue is quite simple. If Raja is guilty so is Chidambaram. Else both are innocent. There is no third option.

With regards to PM, there is a difference of opinion about criminal culpability. One side, among whom is Swamy, maintain that while the PM is morally culpable, he is not criminally culpable since the decision was delegated to the two concerned ministers and hence the PM cannot be brought into the loop.

The other side cites the Rules of Governance and the Prevention of Corruption Act and claim that since the PM had the power to stop it and failed to stop it, PM is criminally culpable as well.

We might need a SC judgement to define where and when the PM becomes criminally culpable and whether the PM is guilty in this case.

Oct 28, 2011
03:14 AM

 "Had Manmohan Singh left his knowledge of economics behind at Oxford or at the Delhi School?"

Manmohan Singh left his knowledge of economics, his self respect, his dignity and his supposed integrity-all in order to be PM. As his wont, he kept everything at arm's length to remain PM. 

Oct 29, 2011
10:22 PM

MMS should be sent behind bars. Public patience is wearing thin - hopefully, he will not meet the same fate as Gaddafi....

The Irreverent Indian
Online, India
Oct 30, 2011
04:32 PM

Irreverent Indian >> hopefully, he will not meet the same fate as Gaddafi

The 2G family could be as corrupt as Gaddaffi but India is not Libya. We are a functioning democracy and we should demonstrate our hatred to the corrupt ruling dispensation, not by violence and bloodshed but through the ballot box. Given the limitations of our First Past Post electoral system, our only choice is to vote for the strongest anti UPA candidate in each constituency.

If Congress gets 2 digit tally in 2014 polls it will be a sufficient punishment for the corruption they indulged and it will also be a warning notice to the non congress NDA leaders (who should benefit from the negative vote) as to not go the Yeddy way.

We should not as citizens let our anger against UPA 2 subside, but wait till 2014 general elections.

Delhi, India
Oct 31, 2011
06:56 PM

Dr. Manmohan Singh was not planning or executing the scam himself or through his officie .  From the  circumstances of the scam happening , inter-departmenatl correspondence  that have surfaced recently, defence arguments in courts etc., one cannot escape the conclusion that he was very much in the loop. Procedures through which such descisions goes through involve multilayer bureucratic & political filters. Besides this kind of things are grist to mill of bureaucratic gossip right up to the top.

As a matter of fact the developing scam was a public issue even  before actual descisions were taken & executed.

So if not narrow angle legal culpability, more important is feducial responsibility vested in the Prime Minister. Will it be too much to say that Dr. Singh failed the trust vested in him?

Finally it was not a dignified spectacle when the whole nation was agitated over the issue, on rare occassions when Dr.Singh publicluy spoke on the issue he either reamined in denial, indulged in bureaucratic defence or tried to shift the entire responsibility on his colleagues.

Those were the heady days of India Emerging & the nation was made to believe through cacophony of Manmohanomics &  incessant propaganda  bombardment of bouble digit GDP through the instrument of corporates bloating via  shortcu of government patronage. The most likely scenario is  that it never dawned on Dr. Singh that frittering away of public assets dirt cheap to a few cronies through dubious methods not wrong doing at all.

Oct 31, 2011
07:41 PM

Oops!! Even Mr. Azim Premji is a Sanghi....

Hopefully, he will not be served with IT notices and other such dirty harassment tactics by this fascist government.

The Irreverent Indian
Online, India
Nov 02, 2011
07:22 PM

 A new note has surfaced which shows that it was the PMO and not the FinMin that was hell bent on hanging the 2G rope around Chidambaram. So when the PM was mouthing platitudes about PC, his office was busy trying to hang him. 

And we must believe that PMO was not acting at the behest of the PM. After all there is considerable distance between the PM and PMO.

Ever since the 2G scam hit the news, Manmohan has busy trying to distance himself from the scam. He has blamed coalition compulsions, no scam happened, I believed Raja and he ditched me, FM and Telecom minister agreed etc etc.

The memorandum in question is another attempt made by the PM and PMO to put daylight between 2G and themselves. Not sure how this will wash. If the SC lets PC off the hook, then everything will be honky dory. If PC is caught, then this memorandum may come to haunt Manmohan.

Nov 25, 2011
01:16 PM

MMS and Chidambaram were aware that something wrong was afoot and by their steps tried to ringfence themselves from it.

This is not acceptable from the Head of Government and the Chief of Finance.

In face of 'Sonia AAndhi' the 'Ostrich Singh' pushed his head into a sandpit specially created for the purpose.

Atul Chandra
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