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Oct 13, 2011
05:06 AM

"Too many people are parading hatred as badge of honour, caste, creed, religion and language have become sources of hatred and prejudice. ...... A lawful society must punish hatred and violence. Only then can sanity and civilisation be preserved." JP_LOKSATTA.

I fully agree. Seems we are moving backwards!

Dallas, United States
Oct 13, 2011
05:56 AM

YET another pointer to how bad the judicial system is, in India. The attacker clearly knows that he can get away with impunity, though the attack was on the Supreme Court premises. ALL that may be required ( if at all ), is some money / political influence, and the victim can never get justice. The police will remain spectators and not even the victim will believe in the long-winded judicial process!

Male Unblocked
Chennai, India
Oct 13, 2011
06:13 AM

Just a thought : Would a FEMALE with similar views, ever have been beaten up?

Male Unblocked
Chennai, India
Oct 13, 2011
06:24 AM

Male unblocked >> "Would a FEMALE with similar views, ever have been beaten up?"

No. Such rascals commit worse and unspeakable crimes on females. The males are luckier.

This is what Babloo, the brilliant one has to say about you: If your comments are just for light fun, I think we can play along. But, if you are serious, then you are just a budding "Gender Terrorist" who needs urgent therapy.

Brilliant Babloo
BablooLand, India
Oct 13, 2011
06:43 AM

babloo bhai

With so much venom against the most most beautiful creation (to me it is evolution),  apparantly male unblocked appears to be Gay. Stay away even if it is only a light banter..

pankaj hedaoo
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Oct 13, 2011
07:02 AM

Taslima Nasreen ????

Chennai, India
Oct 13, 2011
07:24 AM

The attack is shameful. THe more shameful is the chest-beating of the Tajinder Bagga. These idiots need to be sent to jail. 

NJ, United States
Oct 13, 2011
08:55 AM

Prashant Bushan's formula for Kashmir is something a simpleton would  advance. Why not go ahead and give the right to scede to everyone in India ? Arundhati Roy is already a "Republic of One".  One gentleman once told me that India should bomb the jawahar tunnel , block it permanantly and let Kashmiri muslims live in the valley in order for the rest of us to live in peace !  Bhushan's solution is of a similar nature. A little disinterest, a little knowledge and a lot of positioning. Stupid as he has been I would strongly condemn the intolerant criminal  behaviour of his attackers. They are acting like taliban. It would have been better if they had sent Prashant some flowers and a card saying "mamu, get well soon !"

Ashutosh Kaul
Toronto, Canada
Oct 13, 2011
10:07 AM

I may not like Prashant Bhushan's solution to the Kashmir issue -- it is too simplistic and easy to say that you can let go of a province if the people living there do not identify with the country. If it is allowed to happen, it will set a dangerous precedent for the rest of the country. What kind of an utopian world does he live in?

That said, no one has the right to physically target a person for espousing such views. The system must award the strictest of punishments to those indulging in such violent acts.

Hyderabad, India
Oct 13, 2011
11:12 AM

Bina rukawat ka narr

One simple question to you. Why gave you birth? male or female?

michael lopes
Mumbai, India
Oct 13, 2011
11:23 AM
Comment removed for violation of Website Policy
michael lopes
Mumbai, India
Oct 13, 2011
11:30 AM

 Think about the gender casteism we all 'take for granted' : Prashant can never yearn for the kind of sympathy Nasreen may get, for eg. can he?

Male Unblocked
Chennai, India
Oct 13, 2011
11:32 AM

Is nt the kind of 'moderation' in Outlook hindering free speech as well? What is sauce for the goose should be sauce for the gander, I believe?

Male Unblocked
Chennai, India
Oct 13, 2011
12:22 PM

[[Prashant can never yearn for the kind of sympathy Nasreen may get, for eg. can he?]]

Man, you couldn't be more wrong. Most people vehemently disagree with Prashant's opinion on Kashmir, but are terribly angry at the attack on him. Physical violence can never be allowed to exist in a civilized society.

Hyderabad, India
Oct 13, 2011
02:11 PM


Honestly, would these 'terribly angry' people been so impotent ( the attacker will get away scot free and the headlines would soon dissappear ), had the victim been a female? 

I doubt it.


Male Unblocked
Chennai, India
Oct 13, 2011
02:22 PM

Must be sposored by Congress party.

Kiran Voleti
Chennai, India
Oct 13, 2011
02:25 PM

If you needed a Tamil Nadu example, comedian Vadivelus makes mockery of males getting whacked all the time. And make people LAUGH! In fact, most often, the laughter is because he himself gets whacked between the thighs by some female!

And we know that JJ came to power repeatedly reminding the people about one episode where her saree was allegedly tugged within the assembly!

No fun being a male!

Male Unblocked
Chennai, India
Oct 13, 2011
04:29 PM

Until now I held Prashant Bhushan in some esteem, an intelligent and able man fighting against corruption with complete sincerity with openness and with out any guile which is common among the so called Indian social activists, likes of Arundhati Roy, Teesta Setalvad et al. Not any more ... I am totally flabbergasted and disappointed with Bhushan's stand on Kashmir which he flaunted openly in public without any remorse or qualms what so ever.

Let's see what he is actually saying. Accdg to him people of any state in India if they wish to separete from the Union, then they should be allowed to do that. Ok, what does that mean? Say tomorrow, if some party in Tamil Nadu, or a CPM/AGP leardership in Bengal/Assam, or ShivSena/MNS in Maharashtra, or even Narendra Modi in Gujarat, arouse people for separate nationhoods then what would happen of India? It would end up as India of 18th century or going back further to 10/11th open to invaders and plunderers. And there are no kudos to earn in suggesting who they are ?

And as far as Kashmir is concerned a separate nationhood for its poeple that any idiot will tell you means Paki Army just walking into the valley the day Indians leave. Besides, what will happen to Indian "secularism" since the religion could be the only de facto de jure for such a separation of Kashmir from India like it was in 1947.

I would advise Bhushan to apologise and shut up ...

The Contrarian
London, United Kingdom
Oct 13, 2011
05:29 PM

This is basically prashants mistake. when a very important agitation which will make or break the nation about LokPal going on he should have not given any statement about any thing else.

Congress is just ready to see cracks in the alliance. Most who support JanLokPal do not support Prashants views on kashmir.

My request to every one please do not raise this issue more and let the matter subside for now. After the Lokpal bill is passed evey one can go their own way.

NY, United States
Oct 13, 2011
05:38 PM

Bhushan is culpable for expressing such sentiments.  There are compelling reasons why India cannot and must not give up Kashmir.  But violence is always the way of those who are too primitive, subhuman and intellectually challenged to be able to express their ideas in a coherent way.  It was a despicable and disgraceful act which must be punished with the full force of the law.  If not, then we might as well be living in the stone age.

Panchkula, India
Oct 13, 2011
05:54 PM

Other than from the physical assualt on Bhushan which has to be condemned, why was no similar outrage expressed when FIR was filed against Subramanium Swamy with a high probability of ending up in jail thanks to a vindictive HM Chidambaram for writing an article critical to Muslims?

 No one thought of standing up for right to free speech when Subramanium Swamy wrote an article critical to Muslims! 

The FIR did not even make it to news channels and in case of Bhushan it is 27x7 on tv.

Apparently it is all right to support balkanization of India but not to talk of Muslims being converts from Hinduism.

delhi, India
Oct 13, 2011
06:15 PM

What do you mean by "azadi for J and K"?

Do you mean azadi to set up a jihadi terrorist state with total freedom to slaughter kafirs?

Did your heart bleed for the 'azadi' of the hapless Hindus who were thrown out from their ancestral land? What about their right from 'azadi' from the jihadi murderers and their 'intellectual' supporters in their war agisnt kafirs?

Pradip Singh
STAFFORD, United Kingdom
Oct 13, 2011
06:25 PM

As one of the 120 crore citizens of the country, I demand my 1/120 crore of the space on this land.

So, Mr Bhushan, will you support my right to secede?

Or your heart only bleeds for the jihadi murderers?

Pradip Singh
STAFFORD, United Kingdom
Oct 13, 2011
07:37 PM

Bhushan should be sincerely advised by his well wishers to call a press conference, openly apologise to India and take back his comments. Or, else his reputation and career in public life is now at end.

One is tempted to assume that there is some conspiracy to break India up. This can not be treated just as a freedom of speech issue. The question remains why did he choose this particular moment to come out with some thing obtuse and dense like this. The plebscite in the valley is an issue that accdg to GOI's own stated position has been settled long time ago with free elections several times. If Bhushan has chosen to rock the boat then surely at this time of relative peace in the valley now and when the state's economy is recovering there has to be some personal reasons for it. The Kashmiri people particularly the youth is looking forward to India for their progress and devlopment, not Pakistan ridden by jihadi and ethnic violence which survives on scraps from tthe dinner tables of the White House and Saudis.  

It is really a shame that a constitutional expert and an eminent lawyer like Prashant Bhushan who has earned so much respect and aprobation for his prominent team role in the anti-corruption movement of Anna Hazare is acting like this. One may confront him to ask if he is so much concerned about the people's right and secede from India in order to break it up, then it can not be treated just a moral or ethical issue. This is a question of India's sovereignty ...

Bhushan owes it to Indian nation to clarify and explain his stand ... as well his colleagues including Anna Hazare, Kejriwal and Bedi ... sooner the better ...

The Contrarian
London, United Kingdom
Oct 13, 2011
07:43 PM

FREESPEECH???????? In India????? HA HA HA HA. Aren't we all fooling ourself?????

"SUBRAMANIAN SWAMI" has been charge sheeted for some comment by our "Cetral Govt controlled Delhi Police". Where has his "FREE SPEECH" gone?? Evidently FREESPEECH is applicable only to undermin INDIA.  

Why is FREESPEECH  denied to the MAJORITY community in India while it is only applied when  "MINORITIES"  are HURT??? Can we have a uniform FREESPEECH???

Charan dewry
Guwahati, India
Oct 13, 2011
09:15 PM

TV clips showed Digvijaya Singh viciously kicking the man who attempted to throw a shoe at Congress spokesperson Dwivedi.But none in the country or particularly the media asked for strong action against Digvijaya.Are Congressmen above law,despite a foolproof evidence being available? 

Bangalore, India
Oct 13, 2011
10:00 PM

Just watch the video of assault on Mr. Bhushan.  It looks so dramatic and fake.  The punches and the counter-punches are very weak as if both sides trying not to hurt the other.  And yes, why the media was there in Mr. Bhushan's chamber to film this assault?  Did Mr. Bhushan agree to be interviewed by media before hand?  The whole incident needs to be investigated with a fine toothed comb.  But then again, who would investigate?  Delhi police?  They must be busy trying to get a warrent to arrest Swami.

P.B. Joshipura
Suffolk, Virginia, United States
Oct 13, 2011
11:05 PM

 Mr. Prashant Bhushan,

Let us have a plebiscite as you suggested. But, not before eliminating the Kashmiris with links to terrorist organizations and Pakistani establishment. Not before accounting for the will of the Hindu Pandits who were displaced.

If the Kashmiri bigots are not ready for a plebiscite under the above conditions, let the army have a free hand to crush these rebels deep into the graves.

The Irreverent Indian
Online, India
Oct 13, 2011
11:48 PM

>> why was no similar outrage expressed when FIR was filed against Subramanium Swamy

FIR is different from beating someone up. FIR gives a court of competent jurisdiction an opportunity to decide if there was a violation of Section 153A (spreading enmity between communities) of Indian Penal Code (IPC) . Beating someone up does not clarify that issue.

Dallas, United States
Oct 14, 2011
12:24 AM


>> If the Kashmiri bigots are not ready for a plebiscite under the above conditions, let the army have a free hand to crush these rebels deep into the graves.

Such statements will surely make Kashmiris feel very secure! But Kashmiris should understand that this statement comes from a deranged genocide advocate.

Dallas, United States
Oct 14, 2011
12:33 AM

>> "Such statements will surely make Kashmiris feel very secure! " - Anwaar

Nothing will ever make these jokers feel secure. It is futile and self-defeating to make any attempts to address their 'grievances'. The only places where these jihadis will feel secure are the ones under Islamic rule. 

The Irreverent Indian
Online, India
Oct 14, 2011
01:10 AM


>>>> "Such statements will surely make Kashmiris feel very secure! "
>> Nothing will ever make these jokers feel secure.

Do you mean they don't count, or do you mean it is okay to talk about genocide, or both?

Dallas, United States
Oct 14, 2011
01:40 AM

"f the Kashmiri bigots are not ready for a plebiscite under the above conditions, let the army have a free hand to crush these rebels deep into the graves."

The comment is spot on.

Oct 14, 2011
06:28 AM

>>>Beating someone up does not clarify that issue.<<<

Violence against anyone can not be justified. But the violence against FREESPEECH in India is also a contribution of a specific community. Some one in UK writes a book or a Danish News paper publishes CARTOONs and the people of that community spread violence on the streets of India demanding "ban" which inconvenience 85% balance Indians but the Indian Govt bends backwards to appease the "violent community".  

THE INDIANS MUST HAVE A UNIFORM FREESPEECH. Selective freespeech and accommodating violence by a specific community against FREESPEECH intigates similar reaction from everyone else.   

Charan dewry
Guwahati, India
Oct 14, 2011
06:39 AM

>> the violence against FREESPEECH in India is also a contribution of a specific community.

Two specific communities, if you want to drag this discussion down to that level! Even in a discussion of free speech, some people will chime in with, "But my community is better than your community!"

Dallas, United States
Oct 14, 2011
06:58 AM

 Some one in UK writes a book or a Danish News paper publishes CARTOONs

Chennai, India
Oct 14, 2011
07:00 AM


See Comment No: 35.

Dallas, United States
Oct 14, 2011
07:07 AM


plz see #36 again for the underlined text. Why does one -even secu paper tehelka- feel remarks reg oversized families are targeted towards one comunity

Chennai, India
Oct 14, 2011
07:35 AM


Apologies for my unwarranted and hasty comment in post#38. I've reported it to Moddie. Please ignore it. I've great respect for you despite this tu-tu-main-main ......

Chennai, India
Oct 14, 2011
11:07 AM

A few observations :

Secus are ' Biin Pandey ka Lotas -Turn Coats '

a ) 24 hrs before arttack on Parshant Bhushan Secus were crying that Anna his Team were Agents and Mokotas of BJP.
Within hrs they changed stand now they say BJP goons have been let loose on Prashant.

Secus were, are and will b eLairs and Turn Coats always.

b ) Parshant should have controlled his tongue .
He and Kejriwal stood against Modi for the Muslims of Gujarat in Courts and every where free of cost. The moment Both joined Anna movement they were labelled as Hindutavies' makhotas by Congress ,Secus and Muslim Think Tanks including our Secu friend and Brother here..

C ) Parshant thought basking Anna's Glory he has now the right to say and speak on any Topic including Secession of Kashmir from India.

Secession is no more no more allowed per Resolution of the Parliament.Idiot Parshant knows that .In one stroke he has not only offended all the Loyal Indians but insulted the Nation.

Basking in borrowed Glory of Anna has gone into fater and Son's head .

d) But what has happened ???

Congress is very Jittery and angry with Anna Team due Hissar Campaign .So they were looking for a chance to teach Anna and his team a Lesson.Parshant's loose tongue gave them the chance.
Lampoon Organizations operating under guise of Funds will do any thing to for a lakh of Rs or so.Hence they were let loose upon idiot Parshant Bhuhan who ruined his life long reputation by speaking loosely of Kashmir's Secession.

Battle of Lok Pal Bill is not over but Father and son duo has ensured that all the Loyal Hindus and other Indians are angered.Muslims support Kashmiries stand. We know that

Anna can't do any thing now to mend the damage.

Finally Bushans have become another Albatrosses in Indians' neck.

We have another new set of KAPIL ji KAPIL jI

Await now when Congress attacks Anna in UP Elections taking the Line that Anna Team is for Azadi of Kashmir read be given a gift to Pakistan

Kaipl Ji Kapil Ji -Time to remove Bhushans from Anna Team otherwise the Movement will not be able to withstand this new KAIL ji Kapil ji back stabbing whether intentional or designed.

Congress' hand is quite evident as Delhi Police did not try to save Parshant's supporters yesterday when Congree's hired Goons let loose upon of Parashan't supporters were soundly thrashed and Delhi Police was visibly enjoying the the scene.

Just remember the way the Delhi Police attacked sleeping mass of women ,children and old during the Delhi night attack .Delhi Police knows when to act , for whom to act and against whom to act.

Now we have this drama of Free Speech .

What Free speech ?? Disintegration of India ??? May be for enimies of India .We have any within and out side .

Happiest people with Parshant are Pakisitanies and Pak Supporters .
Over to free speechwaalas !

a k ghai
mumbai, India
Oct 14, 2011
12:42 PM

Those torch bearers of free speech in India for sake of their versions of "secularism" [read vote banks] who cry wolf and label Hindu organizations fascist like Prashant Bhushan did last night on NDTV would do well to remember the violence, persecution and wretched fiascos that followed Salman Rushdie's release of his book Satanic Verses and Taslima Nasreen's works that were banned in India, Danish cartoons, Gautier exhibition on Aurangzeb etc. The list is quite long actually. Where were they then ?

The Contrarian
London, United Kingdom
Oct 14, 2011
01:14 PM

"there had been no similar outrage over the attacks on Ms Sheeba Aslam Fehmi"

Delhi Shahi Imam's goons attacked the house of journalist Sheeba Fehmi. She has been investigating some of his shady deals. Although Muslim blogs are full of outrage against the Shahi Imam, demanding his arrest, there is unfortunately very little coverage of this heinous event in the general media.

Dallas, United States
Oct 14, 2011
06:47 PM

Its not just the FIR against Swami, some goons also attacked his house in Hyderabad, allegedly Congress worker. What was the Response from free speech Cheerleaders?
"Violence of words and physical violence are two sides of the same coin" said one of them.
In India every one is guilty of double standards when it comes to Freedom of Speech and self proclaimed secular-liberal more so than others. In fact, most of our Free Speech stars (if u can call them so) don't even understand the basic idea behind free speech. Few of them defend free speech for its own sake. You can see some example in today's TOI, Mumbai Ed. also.
One gentleman says: in Hinduism, all enmities end with the death of a person, so why oppose MF Hussein now that he is dead! Isn't this the reason that Muslim outrage over Prophet's sketch/photo or any thing perceived to be insulting to their religious beliefs doesn't look so bad to majority of our liberals?
Similarly, Shri Mahesh Bhatt was hurt because the goons didn’t allow him to pay respect to "India's Picasso": Implicit in such arguments is, the defense of the greatness of the "Speech" in question, rather than the right to Free Speech".
Then there are Senas, Samitis, Parishads, who's "Sentiments" are hurt every time they come across printed words and the next thing you know is: some author getting whacked somewhere in public. In fact the only time right, left and centre unite on something, it is on banning a book or a movie. Banning books by political consensus (across the board) is one of the rare things where Maharashtra continues to lead.
Then there is another class which "sincerely expresses its condemnations", when "questioned" on a Salman Rushdie or a Taslima Nasreen case, but is otherwise busy through the year, convincing the rest about the superior quality of Indian Picasso's works and consequently its eligibility for freedom of speech considerations.

The only way out imo is: the State should demonstrate its commitment to free speech by swift action against the offenders, without exceptions, Liberals refrain from spewing their phony sermons on free speech and should rather focus on ensuring State's accountability, or alternatively we can simply drop all pretence and adopt Chinese free speech model.

Saurabh Kumar Srivastava
Mumbai, India
Oct 14, 2011
09:16 PM

>> Although Muslim blogs are full of outrage against the Shahi Imam, demanding his arrest, there is unfortunately very little coverage of this heinous event in the general media.

You mean Muslim posters are showing ghetto mentality in even online forums?

Then why do you blame Sangh for it all the time? Or has your paranoia grown so much, that you have believe that RSS is controlling Internet too?

Whats InAName
San Francisco, United States
Oct 14, 2011
09:29 PM

Team Anna is suggesting that it was not an attack on free speech, but done with the idea of taking the focus away from corruption.

"Claiming that it was an attempt to divert attention from the issue of corruption, they also questioned police actions, alleging that the cops did not act swiftly against the attackers and wondered whether there were "instructions from the top" to do so."

And we all know who stands to gain if the focus goes away from corruption, and who could have given "instructions from the top".

Further, the police are not as incompetent, as they are shown in this episode

He said Bagga was arrested a day after the incident though he was giving interviews to media. "He even spoke to our volunteers for two hours. It is curious to note that police was saying the whole night that they could not locate him,"

Clearly, again, the police were given instructions to let Bagga free for some time, so he could actively give interviews, and try to shift the blame to "right wing organizations".

Whats InAName
San Francisco, United States
Oct 16, 2011
11:16 AM

In no two meaning;
No one has the right to punish someone for having an opinion.

I used the word punish for the reason that Anna team is re-thinking Prashant Bhusan's position in the team. That too is a punishment, and I vehemently condemn that too (Delhi kids don't deserve my attention).
But there is another thing, Anna's (individual) right to associate/dis-associate with individuals.?
Anyways, If I am Anna, I wouldn't distance from Prashant.

Santosh Gairola
Hsinchu, Taiwan
Oct 20, 2011
11:41 PM

The beating is engineered. Prashant Bhushan's view are too well known. Why there is an attack now. Everyone knows its to engineer a divide in team anna.

delhi, India
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