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Sep 28, 2011
02:35 PM

Bravo bravo bravo Sandeep.

It is very important to keep eyes fixed on the main issue. Some (many sometimes) journalists and commentators are more than eager to jump on the neck of BJP (rather, to defend the Congress).

The sting and whistle-blowing is good or bad is one issue.
Showing cash on the floor of the house is one.
Not going to the police/authority is one.

But these are rather minuscule problems if we compare it with mother of all;
Did govt of the day bought MPs to secure the majority. After-all there was 25 cross-voting and 10 absences.

We must investigate this and we must not lose eye from this.

I am not sure if out intellectuals are too incompetent to understand this basic point, or is it deliberate?
I suppose second.

Santosh Gairola
Hsinchu, Taiwan
Sep 28, 2011
04:55 PM

During Narasimha Rao Govt when the present PM was FM it was proved that the JMM MPs accepted money to vote in Parliament but were not punished due to Parliamentary privilage. So the PM and Congress chose to repeat it. Mr Kulkarni would have been in jail before the "vote of confidence" had he reported the "cash for vote" to Delhi Police as Delhi Police is controlled by UPA Govt. Delhi Police not hesitating to "attack sleeping Indians peacefully protesting" in Ramlila grounds at mid-night proves that Delhi Police will do anything to please the political leaders. So how can any Opposotion Party expect impartiality from Delhi Police.


Charan dewry
Guwahati, India
Sep 28, 2011
05:36 PM

One of the best analysis ever made by Sandeep Doughal ,the intrepid journalist  exposing the mis-carriage of Justice in the name of judicial activism.There is a clear case of an appeal in the Delhi High court against the half-hearted and incomplete investigations carried out by the Delhi Police.Most unprofessional  and unethical investigation to protect the high and mighty of the ruling coalition.The call details of Suhail Hindustani and Saxena must be kept in the public domain.It needs to be explained as to why ,based on the Hindustani's statements submitted to the Parliamentary Committee and later made public ,were not followed up . Why was Ahmed Patel not quizzed? His name cropped up during investigation.Why is Amar Singh not coming out with the truth? He is the key to all solutions.His studied silence is mystifying.Is he facing some threats  from some undisclosed quarters for speaking the truth? His reported meeting with the PM before arrest, was crucial.What transpired at these meetings, must be followed up by the Media.And, finally, what has been the role of Rajdeep Sardesai of CNN-IBN,who  allegedly stopped short of exposing the entire sting operationof the cash-for-votes scam.In the ultimate analysis. I firmly believe that a major part of the  blame for this scam, must be shared by the bureaucracy particularly the former Cabinet Secretary K M Chandrashekharan who acted more like a politician than a civil servant.

A K SAXENA   (A retired civil servant)

Sep 28, 2011
07:23 PM

Inadequate and unsatisfactory investigations by out police departments have been a serious problem for a long time. The worst manifestation of police malfeasance is the arrest and imprisonment for long periods of people who are innocent and against whom not a shred of evidence is ever produced. Many such innocent detainees are kept in prison even after evidence is found to implicate others. The fact that we seek continued Supreme Court monitoring in so many diverse cases is a reflection of our lack of faith in our law enforcement agencies. Both the Lokpal bill and the Communal Violence bill are designed to address this problem. Both should be supported.

Dallas, United States
Sep 28, 2011
07:25 PM

Please read "our police departments" instead of "out police departments" in my last post.

Dallas, United States
Sep 28, 2011
07:30 PM

 "Who will investigate the investigators?"

Subramaniam Swamy. And people like him. What Swamy has done so far in the 2G case is a classic example of how a private citizen and discipline stooges like the CBI and make them act. But for Swamy, 2G issue would have been buried long time back.

Ultimately, people will have to elect competent and honest people to the top posts. And once elected, they should be watched over like hawks by the citizenry and any deviation must be prosecuted. That is the way to ensure justice.

Sep 28, 2011
07:43 PM

As always excellent detailed analysis Sandeep.

"there was enough circumstantial evidence on record by way of video footage, whether or not it was truncated and incomplete, which to any neutral observer made clear that at least charges against the beneficiaries of the cash for vote scam should have been properly investigated. "

So far the way investigation has gone, I donot expect that to happen.

NJ, United States
Sep 28, 2011
09:17 PM

There is a cynical and orchestrated campaign by some parts of media to equate those who were trying to expose the attempt by MMS and Sonia to buy votes to save their government with the actual culprits. They believe people are stupid and will buy this.

It is MMS and Sonia who should be in prison. Those who did sterling public service to expose this rot should be felicitated by the entire nation.

Pradip Singh
STAFFORD, United Kingdom
Sep 29, 2011
08:28 PM

Anwaar will investigate the investigators!

Kiran Voleti
Chennai, India
Sep 29, 2011
09:51 PM

Hey Sandeep did I ever tell you that you have a fan here in Suffolk, Virginia?

P.B. Joshipura
Suffolk, Virginia, United States
Oct 04, 2011
05:27 AM

A strong Lokpal Bill should form the foundation for taking up the first fledging steps to remove corruption from governance.The way the CBI and Delhi police have been used by their political masters to escape the net of accountability is shameful. No wonder CBI does not want to be scrutinised by Lokpal! The  shameful politicians who come crawling and begging for votes become  masters/mistresses after being elected and rule roughshod over people's aspirations. They loot,pillage and destroy whatever comes in their way and expect no retribution.. If people raise objections then the lap dogs like CBI & Delhi police are set upon them! How  have these venal politicians reduced a great country!

Good work,Sundeep. May  you continue  to expose these corrupt practices affecting India.You seem to be one of the few in this magazine who is not "embedded" with the ruling party!

dilip mahanty
sydney, Australia
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