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Jun 28, 2011
11:46 PM

Mr. Khurshid's remarks are not anti-Sachar. No report can be said to be absolutely and totally the last word. The main thrust of the Sachar report is correct, but it is subject to alterations as to details.

Mr. Khurshid is right to caution the Muslim community against limiting themselves only to the community centered issues and to exhort them to think on larger issues like corruption, human rights and Naxalism.

Dallas, United States
Jun 29, 2011
09:29 AM
Comment removed for violation of Website Policy
Boston, United States
Jun 29, 2011
10:37 AM

 >>"This has occurred mostly due to discriminatory practices followed by successive governments including the Congress governments both at the Centre and the many states".

But they will never tell you what were those discriminatory practices!

Delhi, India
Jun 29, 2011
10:45 AM

God has gifted human beings with intellect. There should be a respectful sense of inquiry about all the verities of life.

ashok lal
mumbai, India
Jun 29, 2011
10:51 AM

>>"reservation” policy in India is discriminatory and keeps Muslims out of its ambit at the national level and in most states"

That is because the constitution does not allow religion based reservation. One shudders to realize such morons have overseen the writing of the Sachar Commission report.

Delhi, India
Jun 29, 2011
11:39 AM
Comment removed for violation of Website Policy
Dallas, United States
Jun 29, 2011
12:36 PM

Lol..Selvan, you really pinched Anwaar..

I strongly feel that only SC's & ST's have been traditionally backward and the OBC reservation is a big vote bank strategy. Cant believe that Jat's & Yadav's can be backward in anyway.

Kiran Voleti
Chennai, India
Jun 29, 2011
12:53 PM

It is sheer falsehood to say that Muslims are discriminated and that they are poor.Forget all statistics and data,but observe with an open mind and eyes wide open.It is the Hindus who suffer from extreme poverty bordering on penury.Muslims in any part of the country are better fed,better clothed and better housed.One will never see a Muslim woman doing hard labour on the roadside or in construction industry.If Muslims are that poor,how is that they can build huge mosques even in slums?Their ghetto mentality is their own making.If Muslims are represented poorly in government services,it is not because of discrimination,but it is because of the Muslim communy's intrinsic liking to be in business line.They dominate the roadside business in any town.In many segments of business,like the footwear business,meat industry,hardware shops,timber industry and over all in the film industry in Bollywood Muslims have domineering position.They are inherently skilled and also have great business acumen,as such their presence in government services is lower.It there is a loud noise about discrimination and poverty,it is not from the Muslim community itself,but it is solely from the self serving Congress party,over all these sixty years.

Bangalore, India
Jun 29, 2011
01:24 PM

It is pretty clear the Sachar Committee report is total fabrication to further divisive agendas of the Congress. Muslims continue to fall for such dubious tactics.

Delhi, India
Jun 29, 2011
02:40 PM

Even is it is accepted that 90% Indian Muslims are POOR, there would be not more than 18 Crore POOR INDIANS. Most would agree that at least 30% of the 90 Crore Hindus in India are also POOR and that would be 27 Crore POOR INDIANS. Statistics of 90% MUSLIM POOR to 30% HINDU POOR indicates THREE MUSLIM POOR for every HINDU POOR while factually there are 9 Crore more HINDU POOR  than MUSLIM POOR in India. Secularism demands that India makes efforts to uplift all the POOR and passing "religion specific laws" would be returning to pre- partioned India.

Pakistan was created  for "Indian Muslims" who feared that they would never ever get justice in Hindu dominated India. It was the parents of the present generation Indian Muslims who opted to stay back in India 63 years back. Error committed by parents can still be rectified and the options have incresed 100%- now there is Pakistan and Bangladesh to chose from.

Charan dewry
Guwahati, India
Jun 29, 2011
04:58 PM

 Lol..Selvan, you really pinched Anwaar..

I did not see Anwaar's comment. It was deleted along with mine because of "blasphemy".  :-)

Anyways, Khurshid is right, you cannot compare Sachar Report with Quran. 

Boston, United States
Jun 29, 2011
06:01 PM

Well, if this controversy gets the country moving on this issue, that's good.  But really....the Sachar Report is NOT the Koran (or the Bhagvad Gita, or the Guru Granth Sahib).  Why is saying this blasphemy?

Sydney, Australia
Jun 29, 2011
06:05 PM

Ha! Ha! Ha! There would have been no brouhaha had he said that the Sachar Committee report is not the Gospel truth or report is not the Geeta! How dare he say it is not the Koran! Shame on Salman Khurshid. The same guy who wrote a stage play called "Sons of Babar", right? Soes anyone need say anything more?

Anmol Purohit
Mumbai, India
Jun 29, 2011
07:23 PM

R Jagannathan hits the nail on its head with a very good article exposing the biased Sachar report:

"If we have too few Muslim IAS officers, we have to look deeper, for the raw numbers provide no explanation. The real issue is few Muslims even sat for the IAS."

"First, it is not “normalised”. Apples are compared with oranges. Second, the Muslim data is compared only to the upper classes/castes in Hindu society and not the whole of it (SC/ST Hindus are excluded from the comparison). When you choose your own yardstick for comparison, you will get the results you want (discrimination)"

"Six, Sachar completely ignores the internal factors that may be holding back Muslims. It did not look at the reasons why Muslims opted out of a secular education, why they have looked to mullahs and imams for leadership instead of modernists like Arif Mohammed Khan (who supported the Shah Banu court verdict) or even a Salman Khursheed."

Excellent.. But everyone knows the Sachar report is a political gimmick by the so called secular parties to claim victimisation and to get votes..

Bangalore, India
Jun 29, 2011
08:02 PM


Well, if this controversy gets the country moving on this issue, that's good. But really....the Sachar Report is NOT the Koran (or the Bhagvad Gita, or the Guru Granth Sahib). Why is saying this blasphemy?

That's a question you have to ask of the 12 worthy gentlemen who signed the press statement issued by the Zakat Foundation of India.

I'm not sure why they are calling for his removal from the Congress Party. Is the Zakat Foundation a Congress party organ which is the sole representative of Muslims or is the Congress the political arm of the Zakat Foundation.

Chennai, India
Jun 29, 2011
08:31 PM

How can Muslim Ummah support Lokpal/Naxalism/Human Rights ?

Their think tank Maulvi's havent got permisiion from Congress, Saudi and Pakistan......:)

GTA, Canada
Jun 29, 2011
09:08 PM

Well one positive thing that came out from Salman Khurshid saga is, some Muslim leaders have started to verbalized, which had been obvious, that Congress had been making Muslims "Uullu" for last 63 years.

P.B. Joshipura
Suffolk, Virginia, United States
Jun 30, 2011
03:12 AM

Khurshid clarifies his ‘controversial’ views on Sachar Report

Mr. Salman Khurshid has clarified his remarks in an interview with TCN. He has repeated, that there are aspects of the Sachar report, which if implemented, will lead to Muslims’ ghettoization but he has also clarified that he has not questioned the credibility and the data of the report. "We have already accepted almost ninety percent of the recommendations. There are few aspects of the report which lead towards the direction of ghettoization. Don’t we have the right to question and critically analyze those aspects?”

For instance Indian Wakf Service which is one of the recommendations of Sachar report on Wakf. The Sachar report recommends a separate Wakf cadre in Indian Administrative Services recruited through the UPSC for the proper management of Wakf properties. A section of the Muslim community has been criticizing Salman Khursheed for “ignoring” Sachar recommendations on Wakf and the recommendations of the Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) on Wakf. “We want equity with integration and not equity with separation. If you have a cadre of Muslim officers under the government, what else is ghettoization,” asks Khursheed. Khursheed also adds that this recommendation by Sachar was rejected by the government, “even before I came, it was found by the government as ‘not feasible'.”

Khursheed also categorically denies questioning the credibility of Sachar. Clarifying the context of his actual statement, he clarifies, “I am not initiating the questioning of Sachar. Neither am I questioning the credibility of Sachar. Any body saying that I am questioning the credibility or the data of Sachar, is wrong.” Praising the Sachar report Khursheed says that, “There is no question of change of stand on Sachar as far we are concerned. Sachar report is the best thing which has ever happened in India. Its recommendations on education and reservation are outstanding. Its proposal of Equal Opportunity Commission is my passion which I ham fighting for,” adds Khursheed.

Dallas, United States
Jun 30, 2011
04:51 AM

The world has moved on, the world of Islam, much of it, remains trapped in the past.

H Nisar: Why Muslims Are So Backward

london, United Kingdom
Jun 30, 2011
08:26 AM

[That's a question you have to ask of the 12 worthy gentlemen who signed the press statement issued by the Zakat Foundation of India. ]

Bonita, I think it's a matter of 'jobs for the boys', if you look at  Anwaar's subseuqent post, about how the Govt is declining to set up a parallel IAS cadre (presumably recruited from Muslims) to deal with wakfs.  I think the GoI is 100% correct in refusing to do this, and the Zakat Foundation of India (whoever they are, can I call myself the Catholic Council and issue Press Statements?) should be ashamed of themselves.

Sydney, Australia
Jun 30, 2011
07:03 PM

This whole debate about Mr Salman Kurshid's comments on Sachar Committe Report is  not only ridiculous but a sheer waste of time. Mr Kurshid  one of the level headed leaders from among the Community said nothing blasphemous when he said that the Sachar Committe report is not like a Koran. What is blasphemous about it ? In fact he showed his repect for Koran ! Unfortunately,  some educated and politically vocal sections of Indian Muslims  unnecessarily raise  a hue and cry on small issues to reinfoce their positions in the Ummah. This is one such instance.

There are variations  in the levels of economic progress made by Muslims across different regions in the country. In the Southern states,  Muslims have made rapid strides in education and employment as compared to their compatriots in North , especially in the BIMARU STATES. This was partly aided by enlightened Muslim leadership in the South as also the prevalence of reservations in educational institutions and for jobs for long.. This  is especially so in the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

G. Niranjan Rao
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
Jun 30, 2011
07:15 PM

 The level of devlopment of Muslims as made out by Niranjan is correct in the Country.The condition of Muslims in BIMARU states is abysmal.The Leadership of the Muslims is to blame.Now the comments of Nagaraj are so full of anti Muslim rhetoric.This has been his consistent stand on any issue.May be he has had a sad experience with the Muslims.That could only be his grouse.Muslims have grown in South as they have seen the way to progress by getting educated and also benefitted from schemes which were implemented for them.In the North ,the failure of governance is the reason and lack of foresight as well.

chennai, India
Jun 30, 2011
07:39 PM

It will be an eye opener to me from 'Wrongone' if he can highlight what is factually wrong in my comments.It is also surprising that he should say that my comments are so full of anti-Muslim rhetoric,when infact i have praised the community for it's innate skills and business acumen.

Bangalore, India
Jul 01, 2011
08:41 AM

No offence meant. 

chennai, India
Jul 01, 2011
09:51 AM

Like Hitler's final solution,Congress will some day declare Hindus as zimmies just for the sake of Muslim vote bank.

Bangalore, India
Jul 06, 2011
09:06 AM

G Niranjan Rao >> Muslims have made rapid strides in education and employment as compared to their compatriots in North , especially in the BIMARU STATES. This was partly aided by enlightened Muslim leadership in the South as also the prevalence of reservations in educational institutions .

You are wrong. The reasons why they have made strides in educaction and employment in Southern Indian states is simply that Southern Indian states have invested lot more on primary education (aka school education ) over last 50 years , relative to BIMARU States. Needless to say, the malinvesment in education in last 50 years is a gift of India's longest ruling party but then it is a big blasphemy to say so.

A building can be only as good as the foundation. Huge public investment in grassroots education and health care has made more difference to not only Muslims , but also to other communities in Southern India. Reservations and political appeasement are like putting a shining paint over a building, all that wont do any good in improving the strength and longevity of the building.

Wrongone >> The condition of Muslims in BIMARU states is abysmal.

So are most other communities in BIMARU. BIMARU's big curse is its very high birthrate, which is again due to poor investment in education and healthcare. High birthrate leads to more poverty which leads to school dropout and to early marriage and that again leads to high birthrate/high infanticide.

However some good numbers are now seen in BIMARU with regard to literacy rates etc (in 2011 census) and one can confidently say that in another 20 years, BIMARU would be at par with a TamilNadu or Karnataka.

Delhi, India
Jul 06, 2011
09:07 AM

Anwaar >> Sachar report is the best thing which has ever happened in India. Its recommendations on education and reservation are outstanding. Its proposal of Equal Opportunity Commission is my passion

Interesting to see someone talk about Equal Opportunity. Let us first start with Sachar commission. Why dont we have a Sachar Commission like equivalent for all religious, linguistic and leading caste groups? Let equal opportunity begin with equality of opportunity to have a state sponsored fact finding mission for every caste, religion and language group. Every caste, religion and language group has its own set of legitmate or illegitmate grievances, all need to be examined. Why stop with one religious group?

Delhi, India
Jul 06, 2011
10:54 AM


>> " Sachar report is the best thing which has ever happened in India. Its recommendations on education and reservation are outstanding. Its proposal of Equal Opportunity Commission is my passion."

The above was said by Salman Khurshid, not me.

Dallas, United States
Jul 06, 2011
12:38 PM

Sachar report is the best thing which has ever happened in India. Its recommendations on education and reservation are outstanding. Its proposal of Equal Opportunity Commission is my passion."


May be the best Report ever happened BUT BEST REPORT NEVER implemented,nor will ever be implemented and there is no will at all to implement .The Report is gathering dust since 2006 .

Fraudulent reason advanced by the Seculars like you is that
'Kaya karein Sanghi Report Lagoo nahin karney datey .Ham majboor hein ji bahoot majboor hein ji"

 On other hand they say Baba Ramdev is the Makhota of BJP and RSS .And Secus attacked with Lathis and Tear Gas appx  1,00,000 sleeping mass of children,women,old and infirm who were the supporters Ram Dev and RSS Sangh supporters .
 CONGRESSIS WERE NOT AFATAID OF BJP OR RSS while Hindus were were brutalized by their drunk Police men

Strange Muslims been trusting these lairs for the last 63 yrs.
Seems there is some thing seriously wrong with the Muslims themselves that
they are gullible to be hoodwinked for decades together by the Secus' false promises.Most of the Muslim leaders and intelligentsia are only self seekers.

"and then have the gall to say that the programs did not achieve their goals because the seculars had been paying only lip service! What nerve! "

Take this to Head of Raja Acedmy and a few more Muslims who have seen through the games of the Secus and have coined this "Appeasement by Lips only"
Only those who have closed their eyes ,minds have mortgaged their minds to Secus will not see it.


a k ghai
mumbai, India
Jul 06, 2011
07:47 PM


>> Seems there is some thing seriously wrong with the Muslims themselves.

One would think so, but then one reads the bitter hate rants that you write, and one concludes that maybe the Muslims did opt for the lesser of two evils after all!

Dallas, United States
Mar 23, 2012
02:41 PM

"A Parliamentary Standing Committee has pulled up the government for mere lip service to the recommendations of the Justice Rajinder Sachar Committee. The panel had been set up in 2005 by the government to study the status of Muslims in India.

The committee has pointed out that the government was not attending to the "crux of the problems" brought out in the report."

Secu said since BJP opposes the implementation of Sachar Report so Congress is afraid 'derr jati hein ' to implement it .But Khursheed  has let the cat out .Let us see what this Govt will do on the report of the Panel .

a k ghai
mumbai, India
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