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Daily Mail
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Jun 09, 2011
10:20 AM

A crisis is at once an opportunity and a threat. It is now for the Prime Minister to figure out as to what to make of his current troubles. The ever increasing number of corruption scams, with the Maran telecom scam being the latest to hit the headlines, had already exacted a heavy toll on the image of the Manmohan Singh Government. Now, anti- corruption public protests by the civil society activists led by Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev have effectively paralyzed the Government. The impression was unmistakable. It is a non- performing government unable to prevent its members from looting the public exchequer.
Adding to the woes of the Government is the close monitoring of the investigations into some of the scams by the higher judiciary. The UPA- I Government had most brazenly ensured that the Bofors bribe- taker Ottavio Quattorrocchi got off scot free, with a senior law officer flying to London to defreeze his bank account so that the Italian conman could keep the bribe money from the howitzer deal. But thanks to the altered circumstances, the UPA- II Government seems unable to ensure bail for the 2- G scam accused and the DMK patriarch M.Karunanidhi’s daughter, Kanimozhi.Karunanidhi can complain about the contrasting treatment meted out to Quattorrocchi and Kanimozhi in equally highprofile corruption scams. et, the Government is helpless. It can do precious little to help itself, much less help someone else in a very difficult situation indeed. However, the Prime Minister would be making a grave mistake if he were to submit to the line being canvassed by some Congressmen that he should confront his critics head- on. Such an approach can only land the Government in further trouble. Instead, Singh should seize the current crisis to cleanse the Aegean stables of the Government. Having been in the saddle for over seven years, Singh has nothing to lose if he began to assert the prime ministerial authority to do the right thing by the people rather than by the Congressmen. He can begin with by undertaking a drastic overhaul of the council of ministers. Corrupt and suspect elements must be dropped. Begin this momentous exercise by dropping Dayanidhi Maran. Chop off the deadwood. Put the right man in the right slot. P Chidambaram, despite his clipped English accent, has not exactly done well in Home. Move him elsewhere. Lighten the burden of Pranab Mukherjee so that he can concentrate on Finance rather than acting as the one-man fire fighting squad for the entire Government. Get a new man to handle parliamentary affairs, Pawan Bansal is unequal to the job and, besides, he has got tainted by the Chandigarh land scam. Induct some of the young MPs into the ministry. Promote a couple of junior ministers into responsible positions. Above all, become a hands- on prime minister, taking your own decisions instead of being ordered about by the 10 Janpath coterie. Reach out to the Opposition. Engage it for a consensus on some of the more ticklish issues such as the contents of the proposed Lokpal Bill. Revive the reforms process. Push for further structural reforms in the financial sector. Open up the retail sector. In short, get on with the urgent business of governance. Nothing will be gained by going after the critics of the Government. Instead, seek their cooperation to advance the cause of nation- building.Singh, in what is clearly his last term as Prime Minister, can still leave a worthwhile legacy if only he would break free from the shackles put on him by his party bosses. As prime minister he is accountable to the nation. And not to 10 Janpath alone.

muslim bhagawat
patna, India
Jun 09, 2011
11:21 AM

The way he is raving and ranting from hardwar he dosent seem to be on a fast. people who havent eaten for 4/5 days dont shout at the top of their voice and threaten to raise an army. Ask any medical person of standing whether he is behaving like a person who hasnt eaten for 5 days!!

Regarding the 11000 crores he is taking the mayawati route, by claiming it is a gift from the followers. surely any donations were not meant for buying arms for his sidekick. if he was a baba he would have first announced a handsome compensation to the lady with the spinal injuries, who may have got them from being accidently thrown of the stage by his chamchas, scurrying to avoid police arrest.Sushma swaraj went all they way to check on the health of a fasting guy(he may be eating on the sly) but didnt have the strenght of character to visit the family of this lady. Its high time the govt started compulsory audit of all these fake religious trusts, because they generate much more black money than any industrialist evr could--cancel their tax exeptions--let them pay taxes, file returns, and if evrything is in order after careful scrutiny then a part of the taxes can be refunded. i know of no trust whose composition allows you to buy arms. It should be compulsory for these trusts to spend half the donations on feeding the poor like the gurudwaras and the rest should be used for proper religious activities and not taking chartered flights and eating in 5 star hotels. govt needs to act fast on this

n.delhi, India
Jun 10, 2011
12:37 AM

Unless the seculars, including Team Anna members of the Lokpal bill drafting committeee, and including untainted members of the UPA, organize, unite, become proactive and become more eloquent on issues of corruption and black money, RSS pretenders are going to hijack this movement. Bureaucratic pronouncements of Sibal and PC are not going to impress anybody.


Dallas, United States
Jun 10, 2011
02:21 PM

How long will the govt blame RSS? the bogey is going to cost UPA of whatever little credibility its left with! let them be brave enough to admit the issue of black money and make a serious begining of getting it back!

hyd, India
Jun 11, 2011
03:08 AM

 We have a PM who has never been known for being a leader or a statesman. He is like a Head Babu reporting to the real power "center". Tragedy is that "center" wants PM to warm gaddi and also not allow any dirt to tarnsh the chances of "yuvaraj". Tragedy is the "Yuvaraj" is perpetually under training. Never going to be ready. The PM will continue to be chief babu. He cant make any young guy as a responsible minister as then that guy becomes a challenger to "Yuvaraj". Hence we have a directionless govt. The drift will continue and in the meantime the advisors like "Digvijay", "Sibal", Natarajans, Tiwaris etc will continue to have a field day. India be doomed. Corruption will rule high. Anarchy will continue. People will continue voting to bring congress in the name of "secularism". So enjoy the show. Nothing will change. They will make false promises to Anna, or Baba. Imagine a lokpal is set up. So what. We already have so many impotent watchdogs like CBI, CVC, CAG etc. All it would mean is that there would be one more authority with whom the booty will have to be shared.

Only thing which can change is either a complete change in political system or people becoming extremely responsible on their own. Movements by Annas or Babas cant be oneoff or sporadic affairs. These have to be lived by every citizen day in and day out. Are we readty? lets see. We always look for a hero like Anna to be our saviour. unless every individual becomes their own saviour things will not and cannot change

Doha, qatar
Jun 11, 2011
09:50 PM

Baba charges Rs. 250 or smilar amount for each participant from yoga shivir. People are willingly paying. If Baba becomes so popular and gets Rs 1100 crores then why suspect him.

Why people are not asking government to reveal the name of people revealed by foreign banks when it is clear name of congress politicians have been revealed.

NY, United States
Jun 14, 2011
11:44 PM

The anti-Baba comments with all the epithets loaded on the swami feel free to express their views in a free country. There is no blasphemy law attached to swamis and gurus, otherwise, the Secus and 'minority' speakers will have to run for their lives!

Mercier Nita
Reunion, France
Jun 15, 2011
01:09 AM

"Government angry with web sites offering RSS feeds which makes Internet full of RSS agents and RSS agenda"

"Dear Sir, RSS ate my homework."

"Hitler was a confirmed RSS man as he had called up digvijay n confessed this before committing suicide"

Lol. Creative minds at work. !

NJ, United States
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