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May 13, 2011
08:21 AM

 In TN, it's always been the case that when the Congress (or a Congress prxy such as the Tamil Manila Congress) supports a party (DMK or ADMK), that party wins (e.g., 1984, 1991, 1996, 2001, 2006).  When they support no one, the DMK wins (e.g. 1990).  This is because the Congress has always had a base in the state, but that has been shrinking since the '60s, as the DMK & its derivatives have been on the ascendant.  

Interestingly, in the last two elections in the state (2006 Assembly, 2009 Lok Sabha), the DMDK + ADMK vote has exceeded the DMK + Congress vote in several constituencies, suggesting that the DMDK could emerge as the third force and the balance of power in the state.  We'll know today if the historic Congress role as the balance of power will hold up again.  Or if the DMDK has supplanted them as the one that everyone woos to gain their support.

Srinivas Ramdas Sunder
Austin, Texas, USA
May 13, 2011
12:11 PM

 An onerous duty has been cast on Amma by the trusting people and she should govern in the real sense of the term, giving utmost prirority to Ethics in Public Life. She has everything to gain and nothing to lose.

S. Soundararajan
Portsmouth, United Kingdom
May 13, 2011
12:35 PM

Joy illegal Bangladeshis Muslims who are on way to create Islamic a brand new Republic of Assam !!

Our Bangalies woke up after 35 yrs' hibernation. Now 2050 they will change the Govt.

TN usual pattern AIDMK & DMK change the baton every 5 yrs.

a k ghai
mumbai, India
May 13, 2011
12:50 PM

 Politicians think people can be fooled all the time. This vote of course is anti DMK, and I voted AIIDMK not out of love for JJayalalitha but hoping for a change from the highly corrupt and dynastic rule of wily and rapacious character called M.Karunanidhi. This man is like Pakistan in his manouvring and trustworthiness. 

Chennai, India
May 13, 2011
01:01 PM

Anti-incumbency is giving the other party an equal opportunity to be corrupt.

Bangalore, India
May 13, 2011
01:14 PM

 While everyone of us is ranting and raving, we have forgotten the sacred duty done by Election Commission most sincerely.

Mr Quraishi,Sir, I salute you for the excellent conduct of elections.Never the elections were conducted so peacefully and so well- almost free of violence.

Earlier,as a UPA appointee I was skeptical about your capabilities. But you have more than proved that you are a worthy son of this country. Thanks to your team. You deserve our fullest respect in this days of hyper corruption. If you were also like one of those politicians like Karunanidhi, you could have happily marrowed that 70+ crores seized but as a true good bureaucrat you have not siphoned it for yourself.
Once again my congrats to you and your team for the job well done, and my sincere respects to you who I see as a silver lining in these hopeless days when a good bureaucrat is almost non existent.Jai Hind

Chennai, India
May 13, 2011
02:20 PM

News: "Neck and neck race in Kerala"

TN does not face such a situation. Has anyone seen Amma's neck ?

Bangalore, India
May 13, 2011
03:31 PM

now amma will cm... for dmk... no one can ruins us unless we can ruin overselves

May 13, 2011
09:51 PM

The situation looks similar for the TMC, as the situation, when the CPI(M) first came to power. Mr Jyoti Basu had been written off many a time, by the Congress, perhaps, before he first became Chief Minister. How many years did Mr Basu sit in the opposition benches in Writer's Buildings? Ms Banerji is as charismatic to her followers, as Mr Basu was to his. I would not like to hedge my opinion on how Ms Banerji's political fortunes will lead. She has risen like a phoenix from the ashes, just like Jyoti Basu had once arisen.

 I would like to see how Ms Banerji settles into her new role. Being an ethnic Bengali, I wish Bengal all the best.

Aditya Mookerjee
Belgaum, India
May 13, 2011
10:34 PM

Bengal would go back to stone age..It was a choice between the devil & deep blue sea..I guess Buddhadeb was the right man in a wrong party but Mamta can win elections but she cant give good administration. Look at what she had done to railways. On a lighter note, we can expect the new railway minister to behave as the railway minister of India rather than Bengal. Dearest Bengalis, please be prepared for the storm. Mamta would do the same with Bengal like what she did to Indian Railways!

Kiran Voleti
Chennai, India
May 15, 2011
11:43 AM

Hindus are incapable of making a discerning analysis of an election result.In Kerala,20 out of 24 Muslim leagures were elected,but on the other hand, despite BJP's best efforts to woo,them, Hindus voted either for CPM or Congress.TOI has pointed that the UDF victory in Kerala was due to the combined votes of Muslims and Christians.Even the victory of Trinamool in W.Bengal was due to overwhelming support of Muslims,who were angry with the CPM in Rizwanur case and Nandigram shooting where the majority of those killed were Muslims.Yet again,in Assam it is the combined force of Muslims and Christians which has brought the Congress back to power.Hindus will never learn till their doomsday,wasting their time on politics instead of understanding the danger from Muslim,Christian combine.

Bangalore, India
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