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Daily Mail
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Mar 03, 2011
10:44 PM

".... this could be the moment at which the Islamic world moves beyond Islamism, moves beyond the politics of religion."

Salman Rushdie comes up with some very good insights in this interview on the subject of the current upheavals in the Middle East.

Dallas, United States
Mar 04, 2011
04:35 AM

The world has moved on, the world of Islam, much of it, remains trapped in the past.

london, United Kingdom
Mar 04, 2011
10:27 AM

 Brilliant stuffs from Mr. Rushdie. Every word was worth its weight in diamonds. 

However, I don't agree with his viewpoint that "......these countries begin to construct modern states." The hold of the Mullahs on Islamic politics and governance is far too strong to be sidelined with such ease. But, with improvements in education and modernity, the grip is definitely getting loose.

The Irreverent Indian
Online, India
Mar 04, 2011
10:29 AM

Rushdie has analysed the events right. Why does Muslim youth need terrorism when they can better their lives with Old fashioned "revolution"? The trouble  with this theory is that islamic terrorism exists because  they want to crush every other idea by force;  not because want to better their  own lives. He himself has given the example of Ayman Al jawahiri, who does not feel vindicated even though Mubarak is gone. Rushdie's  hopes  for the Islamic world to move beyond Islamism are a non starter I am afraid!

Ashutosh Kaul
Toronto, Canada
Mar 04, 2011
02:19 PM


>>  islamic terrorism exists because they want to crush every other idea by force.

This is an incorrect analysis. There are several excellent articles and books on the subject which you may want to look into.

Dallas, United States
Mar 04, 2011
06:50 PM

So again u got the great thinker,who is always ready to talk about Muslims,here he also trying to tell the west and specially the english media that Muslims are not intrested in Islam they are intrested in democrecy?Dil ko bahelane ye khayal acha hai Galeb..ha haaa haaaa,I think u people always want to hear what your mind want to hear,who is this Salman rushdie?Even he can't move freely,does he know the ABC of Arabic language?Does he know the Arab culture?Their mindset?I know so many people praise him they are not prasing him actually they are praising the desire in their hearts that always want to see the downfall of Islam and Muslims,people like salman rushdie and like him talking about Islam and Muslims all the garbage for 1400 long years,but sorry to say Islam is still here,if u don't believe in me just see the muslim population,pls don't say this is due to 4 marriages...ha haaaaaaa haaaa....Na Jane kaon kaon duaaoo me yaad rakhta hai ....Ham jab bhi dubte hain samandar uchal deta hai...i request outlook pls u should not worry about Islam and Muslims we Muslims are here to take care of everything which is related to Islam and Muslims

Aurangabad, India
Mar 04, 2011
08:30 PM

"Here are people trying to get their freedom. You know, they are not being given it by American tanks, they are really getting it for themselves."

Being given freedom by American tanks, Salman? Thought all along the Yankee tanks are designed and made to take freedom not give it!

david albuquerque
Brisbane, Australia
Mar 04, 2011
08:37 PM

 "And I think actually what this is showing a whole generation of Muslim youth is that Al Qaeda is bankrupt. You don't have to go down the path of terrorism. You don't have to strap suicide belts on and kill people and kidnap people and terrorise people."

The advice is well made but could as well be given to Americans and Brits: "You don't have to arm Israel to kill, kidnap, besiege and terrorise people. You don't have to install and arm despots across the globe. You can get a better life for yourselves."

david albuquerque
Brisbane, Australia
Mar 06, 2011
02:16 PM

"Islam isn’t the problem and it isn’t the solution, it’s simply a religion." - Nicholas Kristof; New York Times.

Dallas, United States
Mar 06, 2011
08:42 PM

i agree with rushdee... educated muslims dont have anything to do with all old muslim believes...  they have as much as people of other religions... in today's world face of relions is changing... all wrong thing is because of some people who want to cover their face with makeup.... old fashioned makeup!!!!

ankit singh hooda
rohtak, India
Mar 07, 2011
01:33 PM

Well said Mr. Rushdie but I did not understand the analogy between secular revolution in islamic countries and the fall of communism when he says "I mean, what I experienced was one moment of Islamic radicalism, you know.. This could be the moment as important as the fall of communism--the moment at which these countries begin to construct modern states."

Arup Keshri
Kolkata, India
Mar 08, 2011
07:51 AM

Regarding people power in Arab countries, I think Rushdie has given some unique insights.

S. S. Kere
Richmond, VA, United States
Mar 09, 2011
05:25 PM

We are a lucky generation to be witness of fall of communism and the hitherto unthinkable Arab revolution.

Mumbai, India
Mar 09, 2011
10:37 PM

Salman Rusdie is an intelligent person & a brilliant novelist but a poor political analyst. The euphoria of the liberated Arab protesters ,will disappear once they face the same old problems of unemployment ,endemic corruption & shortage of food.It at this point that the well organised Muslim radicals will take over.Make no mistake.The basic requirement for democracy to survive in a country is to tolerate dissent.Islam is too insecure to allow dissent.Just look at the majority Sunni countries. Here the Shias, Ahmadias etc are considered to be Infidels, who don't deserve to be alive, Forget about tolerating dissent.The newly Arab countries will turn into nasty old Irans.Quite a nightmare for us- the non muslim 'Infidels'.

Ps:The Muslim countries could do themselves a huge favour in drastically cutting down on their population growth.No country or the world itself, can sustain such massive population explosion.Perhaps they need to follow China's one child policy.

London, United Kingdom
Mar 12, 2011
03:02 PM

The idea of a dignified life was stronger than the idea of religious fundamentalism. The call for dignity toppled the arab dictators.

A similar call for dignity routinely gets snuffed out in India though. India is in dire need of change, of a revolution. But no revolution will come out of India for India is divided into many internecine factions of class, caste, sense of entitlement. These ideas are stronger than ideas such as individual's dignity, right to life and livelihood.
So worst crimes against humanity keep on happening in India, without an iota of stirring.

I have argued about the matter here at

Ambedkar tried to affect change by adopting individual as a unit rather than a village or caste community in our constitution. But India hasn't been able to live up to that ideal.

Ajinkya Pawar
Nasik, India
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