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Nov 13, 2010
09:53 AM
Congress should resort to fast and peaceful protest. The way they are resorting to gundagardi they will loose what ever sympathy they have.
Identity lost
vanuatu, Vanuatu
Nov 13, 2010
12:04 PM
Sonia mafioso being a illegitimate child is a widely known fact. Other allegations are serious and there is no harm in getting them investigated.
Melbourne, Australia
Nov 13, 2010
07:53 PM
>> As a reader also pointed out in our rants and raves section, what Mr Sudarshan said now, bizarre as it was, has been said before and remains, for example, on Dr Subramanian Swamy's Janata Party website.

Thank you for acknowledging. I'm surprised none of the journalists mentioned it, given that it's been in the public domain for a long time.

Interesting, another site mentions another gaffe from a senior Congress leader

"Responding to the article, Janardan Diwedi, congress general secretary and media incharge, said: "Who removed Z plus security cover of Rajiv Gandhi? It was the BJP government at the Centre."


Are these guys for real? How can senior leaders make such stupid errors, unless they don't give a damn for facts, and are only interested in lies and smears.

There was no BJP govt at the center till long after Rajiv was dead. If someone reduced his security, it was either their secular friend VP Singh, or the guy they themselves supported (Chandrashekhar), before bringing him down on some false charges.
Whats InAName
San Francisco, United States
Nov 13, 2010
10:51 PM
Shekhar Gupta provides some more insight into KS Sudershan:

"...Godse did not kill Gandhi. And you know what,” he continued, “Nehru made sure no post-mortem was conducted on Gandhi’s body. Because he did not want the truth to come out.”“So then, Sudarshanji, who killed Gandhi?” I asked.“Why ask me?” he said, with a smile that was as conspiratorial as QED. “You can see who stood to benefit from Gandhi’s assassination. Everybody knows Gandhi was going to make Patel prime minister.”“But, Sudarshanji, somebody did shoot Gandhi in front of hundreds of people,” I asked.“Yes, somebody did. But not saamne se, kintu peechhe se,” he explained. “It was a do-dhaari ki talwar (two-edged sword),” a conspi-racy to give the Nehru parivar unfettered power and to blame the Hindus for killing Gandhi.“And how do you know this, Sudarshanji?” I asked.“There was this book written by a former police officer in Andhra Pradesh. I believe he exposed all these facts,” he said. Of course, he said he had not read the book himself, did not remember its title or the name of its author and closed the argument with the finality of death, literally, by saying that the supposed cop-writer, whose name nobody could recall, had also obviously been dead for some time. But why bother re-checking or verifying when you confuse faith for facts? ...many in the BJP and RSS told me, but Sudarshanji is like that only"


The Express also has an editorial today that places the latest kerfuffle in perspective:

"...the Congress seems to have decided that they must oppose this fringe lunacy with their own heated self-righteousness... the furore illustrates two things: the Congress’s pathological and silly defensiveness about the Gandhis (even when they need no defending), and the BJP’s uncomfortable relationship with its Sangh base. These remarks about Sonia Gandhi might be too unhinged even for the RSS, but the Sangh is all too familiar with the mindset that sees conspiracies everywhere. And their dark imaginings at least partly dictate the BJP’s behaviour"


Sundeep Dougal
New Delhi, India
Nov 14, 2010
06:31 AM
I tend to agree with the theory that Congress is just using this issue to divert attention or have some reason to protest/condemn etc. Otherwise it is hard to believe that anyone in Congress is taking it seriously. There have been a lot more serious and vulgar attacks on Sonia Gandhi and attempts to humiliate her etc in the past.
Bangalore, India
Nov 14, 2010
06:46 AM
This comments are blessing in disguise for Congress. They are using this opportunity to the extreme now to divert the whole attention on corruption charges. I am sure this will be on cover page of their mouthpiece outlook.
NJ, United States
Nov 14, 2010
06:51 AM
If any, it is the RSS/BJP that helped Sonia Gandhi. No one knew Sonia Gandhi - she could not even speak indian languages, a foreigner, no experience etc - pitted against seasoned politicians. If a secular/centrist/lef...trist/left-of-center party were the main opposition, they would have completely replaced the Congress taking advantage of its weakest moment. Instead, the BJP being the main opposition, made everyone who is opposed to ideas like hindutva and the communal ideology of BJP, to support the only other possible alternative available in Congress. In some ways, the situation remains.
Bangalore, India
Nov 14, 2010
08:31 AM
It Is hilarious To see:
1. Chaddiwallahs trashing Congress(I) to resorting to Gundagardi : )))
2. Chaddiwallahs Trashing Congress(I) for indulging in corruption : )))

Sandeep Dougal has proved his credentials as a Saffron Chaddiwallah with his every post. Why doesn't RSS explain how all the young Congress(I) Leader died under mysterious accidents, Scindia, Pilot, Rajshekhar Reddy and Rajeev Gandhi ? In a murder mystery the compass always points to the one who is supposed to gain most from the deed. Who would gain most from the death of popular young Congress(I) Leaders ? Sundershan should answer this question as he is so capable in solving murder mysteries.
Kolkatta, India
Nov 14, 2010
08:41 AM
>> If any, it is the RSS/BJP that helped Sonia Gandhi. No one knew Sonia Gandhi - she could not even speak indian languages, a foreigner, no experience etc

What had BJP/RSS said against her when Congress nominated her as their chief after the death of Rajiv?
Whats InAName
San Francisco, United States
Nov 14, 2010
10:41 PM
another one from leftist kolkata. Kishoredas munshi your types should only write in local papers because here right wing lynch mob rules.
Identity lost
vanuatu, Vanuatu
Nov 15, 2010
12:35 AM
Whatever Sudershan said doesn't relate to country but mere a person. Its a game, if you would say, which is currently on about who can cry fould louder to deviate the attentions from various issues that India is facing today in termes of corruption. The personal issues can not and must not take over the important issues of corruption the current central and state government's are facing. All this ho-halla is just to try deviate issues of corruption. Louder the cry, higher the media attention but I hope the larger issue of corruption/ scams should not get side lined in this battle of personal mud-slinging.
Lalit Jha
Houston, United States
Nov 15, 2010
11:03 AM
read what Dr.Swamy has to say? Why congress silent on this statement. Why not take action against him? Statement of Dr. Subramanian Swamy, President of the Janata Party The Congress Party deserves to be condemned for taking to the street and engaging in violent protests against the RSS for the disclosure made regarding Sonia Gandhi’s past by former Sarsangchalak KS Sudarshan. Any party which is committed to democracy, which the Congress Party have proved in the Emergey, it is not, should resort to media rebuttal or court action to counter the disclosure made by Shri Sudarshan. But obviously Sonia Gandhi cannot address a press conference or go to court on this matter. In 2008, the Congress Party had filed a defamation suit in the New York State Supreme Court seeking equivalent of Rupees five hundred crores as damages from three NRIs based in US, namely, Mr. N. Kataria, Mr. Arish Sahni and Mr. D. Satya for bringing out a fullpage advertisement in the New York Times precisely making the same disclosure which Mr. Sudarshan has made yesterday. The New York State Supreme Court however dismissed their defamation suit and the Congress Party chose not to appeal to the Federal Supreme Court in Washington. Obviously going to court would lead to further disclosures that Sonia Gandhi would be required to make on the witness box during her cross examination. Hence she has chosen the path of all dictators to engage in violent acts to intimidate her critics. Unfortunately such violent acts against Shri Sudarshan will only boomerang against Sonia Gandhi. Subramanian Swamy
Hyderabad, India
Nov 15, 2010
02:28 PM
defnitely there lies some truth in his comments...but i dont agree everything except sonia gandi as cia agent may be chances are thre
trissur, India
Nov 15, 2010
03:38 PM
ARTICLES BY RAJINDER PURI IN OUTLOOKINDIA ITSELF How One Man Can Subvert A Nation The jibe by Quattrocchi's lawyer, that CBI did not argue its case properly, might well be perceived then in an altogether different, sinister light. Updates RAJINDER PURI The Knives Are Out? Has the Volcker probe succeeded in insulating Mrs Gandhi and nailing Mr Natwar Singh? Regardless, the Natwar-Sonia public spat isn't an exchange between Chhota Rajan and Chhota Shakeel but between top national leaders... RAJINDER PURI http://www.outlookin.../article.aspx?233070 How Free Is India? Given the inexplicable conduct of India's politicians, the public would tend to believe that most are compromised and subject to dictation by one foreign power or another. Consider l'affaire Natwar Singh ... http://www.outlookin.../article.aspx?232223 Is Sonia Above Questioning? If the BJP is serious about fighting corruption there is no dearth of issues. Take the case of 'payments in US dollars to the family members of Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, namely Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Ms Paola Maino, mother of Sonia Gandhi' RAJINDER PURI http://www.outlookin.../article.aspx?240332
Sydney, Australia
Nov 15, 2010
06:26 PM
I find the situation quite amusing. I can visualize the feelings of the congress guys because it reminds me of the expression on the face of our school bully when he got kicked in the ass by an innocent looking boy before our very eyes. Earlier it was always the bully who did the kicking part and we did the whining.

It seems the times are becoming interesting in India. Is it not the turn of Rahul Gandhi now? Nothing short of calling the RSS a worse set up than Al Qaida by him will have enough sting unless something much better is there in his brain.

Come on, boy, don’t keep us waiting.

c p narendran
nagpur, india
Dec 15, 2010
10:32 PM

 This is indeed in a very bad taste...
Gurgaon, India
Sep 04, 2011
06:00 PM
Comment removed for violation of Website Policy
Hyderabad, India
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