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Apr 14, 2010
06:29 PM
One thing is for certain.In Congress party no one can express an opinion unless preordained by the mother-son team.People like Digvijay Singh are only mouth pieces for the thoughts of the latter.Sonia and Rahul are not satisfied that enough blame has not been apportioned to BJP government of Chttisgarh.
Bangalore, India
Apr 14, 2010
08:59 PM

The rift in the congress is now in the open.One is trying to pull the leg of the other.P Chidamabaram while not being a typical congressi politician like Digvijay Singh but commands more respect amongst the congress members and other political parties.Though P.Chidamabaram is looked upon as a confidant of Sonia he is increasingly toeing the Manmohan Singh line.Thats why BJP has advised him not to resign on Dantewada.And if this is not enough there is another troubled child in the congress in Mr.Taroor.

But the still suspense lies in why the media is not grilling the Sonia-Rahul duo on Dantewada and whats happening in Kashmir as both have a bearing on the stability and security of the country.If the congressmen do not allow the duo to speak on that subject why the hell media is shying away from asking them.And what about the media going silent on Mamtha Bannerjee too.Is it because she has some soft corner for the Maoists they being her new found vote bank?The media has to answer a lot including the OUTLOOK.If the media practices double standards then how at all they can have any credibility.

As suspected by Mr.R.Jagannathan on a possible link and nexus between the church backed notorious christian missionaries driven insurgents of the north east to have supplied arms and explosives to the Maoists as many of the tribal in the Maoists movements are christian converts.Who knows they may have been inspired by how their counterparts could reach the throne in neighboring Nepal.Or it may be possible that they look upon Sonia as a christian to rule this country directly or indirectly.

Moderator's Note: R. Jagannathan's column was already linked in an earlier blog. Please do not copy paste entire articles here.

Rahul kandel
bangalore, India
Apr 15, 2010
06:46 AM
Digvijay Singh's comment on his own colleague P.Chidambaram is harsh an uncalled for.It smells of a caste and regional bias.The politicians from north India always undermined those from south because of the comparatively more knowledgeable south Indian than their northern counterparts which Digvijay Singh unashamedly calls as intellectual arrogance.But saying so publicly is his own ignorance and lack of a basics.Chidamabram may have unnecessarily visited Deoband for which he received flak from all sides so is Digvijay for visiting the homes of terrorists instead of visiting the victims of terrorism.ultimately though both are faces of the same congress coin Mr.Chidambaram commands more respect amongst the adversaries of the congress.In the rift between Gandhi family and ManMohan Singh both of these stalwarts are standing in the opposite camps.This open rift is sending wrong signals to the extremists.
Rahul kandel
bangalore, India
Apr 15, 2010
09:27 AM
Though the Congress essentially represents the interests of Indian capitalists and affluent middle-class, it still holds a microscopic element of concern for the greater portion of society comprising of poor and marginized people. That is why leaders like Digvijay Singh, Mani Shankar Aiyar, etc. still survive within the party, even if they are sidelined. Conversely, it ensures that the grand old party to retain some credibility, unlike the BJP which does not consider itself answerable to any Indian outside the upwardly mobile caste Hindu fold.
Kalobaran Singh
Kolkata, India
Apr 16, 2010
01:34 AM
Corporate masters of PC don't give a damn about UPA rule. They will pressure PC to follow through with the policy even if it meant the alienation of large swathe of Indian polity. It will only bring in their darling bjp the most "development" oriented party of the country. If bjp is kicked out PC would be back. Very much Tweedledum-tweedledee of US(DEM/Rep).

For the sake of national security, foreign returned Indians should not be posted to the sensitive positions like Home Ministry, Finance Ministry etc.
Kolkatta, India
Apr 16, 2010
02:26 AM
This is another dangerous game that Congress is playing. They did the same thing during Batla encounter. On one side, they set up investigation and confirmed that it is not fake encounter and at the same time sent Digvijay to Azamgarh to meet terrorist's relatives. It looks like Digvijay is a go to guy to play for other side.
NJ, United States
Apr 16, 2010
12:49 PM
Why blame PC for the Maoist violence. It is the economic policies of the UPA Govt led by MMS for the last SIX years which has boosted the Maoist Cadre. Cost of all essential food items- rice, wheat, sugar, dal etc have sky rocketed making the poor tribals starve while a few are making BILLIONS.
Bangalore, India
Apr 16, 2010
02:26 PM
This is another dangerous game that Congress is playing. They did the same thing during Batla encounter. On one side, they set up investigation and confirmed that it is not fake encounter and at the same time sent Digvijay to Azamgarh to meet terrorist's relatives. It looks like Digvijay is a go to guy to play for other side.'


Indira Gandhi too had her own Gaini Zail Singh who discovered Bhinderawale.Now Dig Vijay Singh .Let us see what misfortunes he brings for the Country and the Family.
a k ghai
mumbai, India
Apr 20, 2010
08:59 PM
So now disease called DIgvijay Singh has spread to all over india from MP. He blithely supervised over grwoth of SIMI and IM in Madhya Pradesh during his 10 year rule. Underground casinos were discovered by Police recently in Indore in Muslim areas of city.After ruling MP like Laloo lorded over Bihar minus the social dignity Lalu provided to lower castes, now Mr Singh wants to harm India as well
Anshul Gupta
Bangalore, India
Apr 21, 2010
01:31 AM
It is sad that the standard of discussion on public affairs is low, with the emphasis more on personalities than on policies, principles and substance. Issues like the Naxalites and Moists are complex and intertwined with social, political, economic and national security undertones. The net effect of each of these issues can be one of serious damage to the local and national economy, social cohesion, and public confidence in the system. This leads to growing frustration and people taking law into their own hands.
It is good to see that the political leadership is trying hard to solve all these problems in a systematic manner. But their efforts have been able to bring only limited results; in some cases, the results are negative and divisive. What has been lacking is a strong and enlightened national leadership, inspiring people to broaden their vision and raising their consciousness to national dimensions. People must be helped to see how their local issues could affect India as a nation. Their freedom from misery lies in a prosperous united India and not with selfish local politicians.
People need to be educated about the progress that the country has made in various sectors and the growing opportunities that are becoming available for them if only they could develop the required skills. The growing economy of the country is making more and more demands for educated and skilled people to join the productive forces. Leadership at all levels should make efforts to support this trend by creating an environment that would help the poor people to become more skilled and creative, thus becoming productive members of the society. In other words, the salvation for many of the social ills of India lies in encouraging the population at all levels to become more self-reliant and free themselves from the opportunistic exploitative politicians.
The greatness of India is in being united, hardworking and productive.
Giri Girishankar
Voorhees, NJ, United States
May 09, 2010
05:38 PM
Digvijay Singh has met PC under goading of Anthony.Instead of saying sorry Digvijay raised the stakes by asking HM to expedite the cases of Indian Mujahidins and a special cell be created to deal with Hindu Insurgency.

So now further serious divisions are being created for UP Elections and Minority Votes ? Indira and Giani Zail Singh traversed this route in Punjab.Consequences we all saw.Ultimately self created Frankenstein Bhinderwale was the cause of Indira's assassination.

Today Indian Mujahidn's involvement in Pune German Bakery has been confirmed .

a k ghai
mumbai, India
May 10, 2010
03:45 PM
Diggi Raja is one notorious Neta who is hell bent on Appeasing Mulim vote to such an Extent that even a Dog wud b ashamed of it's habit of Licking .
Vijayant Sharma
Nagpur, India
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