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Aug 26, 2009
06:40 AM
I did not expect Mr Shourie to be so cynical. As Shekhar Gupta points out, after all that is what leadership is all about. Mr Gandhi failed in 84. Mr Modi failed in 2002. Mr Advani and Mr Vajpayee also do not acquit themselves well in this episode.
New York, United States
Aug 26, 2009
04:53 PM
"Mr Shourie's claim that "You can’t then prevent those things. Nobody can prevent those things."?"

I guess then he just invented the perpetual motion machine - a cycle of action-reaction forever.

All I can say is if we can't, then our aspirations of power and greatness are delusions and I am glad the world only gives us lip service (to get the next defense contract or some such thing).

The BJP is clearly unwilling to accept that it lost the national elections (the real War) due to Gujarat (won the little battle). Centre not handling Gujarat well made them loose valuable allies, in particular DMK. Do the math and that was the difference. That loss that is still hurting them - they aren't just able to recover from that jolt and appear to going from bad to worse for the moment. Problem in all this appears to be that there isn't any real opposition.
Arun Maheshwari
Bangalore, India
Aug 26, 2009
06:58 PM
In my opinion what Shourie means here is that mob fury is such that can't be contained unless a leader so powerful whose words people live by, and believe in, advises them to do so. What happened in Delhi in 1984 and consequently in Gujarat, was an outburst. And a mob driven by anger fuelling upon religious passion couldn't have been contained by someone as passive as Vajpayee. It needed a Patel, a Mahatma Gandhi to have stopped what Modi set rolling.
Delhi, India
Aug 26, 2009
07:21 PM
Point 1984 and all congress lovers will hound you.. Fact is 1984 was much worse in that case administrtaion litrally did nothing. Not even sigle rioter was hurt by police. In case of post godhara something was done otherwise 300 rioters wud not have been killed by Gujarat police btw majority fo them hindus.

But then logic is BJP is guilty always all you need is some incident to fortify that claim but congress is saint and much worse incidents can be shoved under carpet under pretext of aberration..
Despite the fact that 99% of riots in India have been presided over by congress party
Toronto, Canada
Aug 26, 2009
07:24 PM
if mob furty were so easy to contain completely then I demand answer from congress party for allowing total of 66000 riots in country.> What stopped them from stopping. To quote some of the big riots

(1) Bhagapur 1990
(2) Asam 1983
(3)Delhi 1984

Each fo these riots alone pale the gujrata riot in comparison. In other instances at least soem effort was done to contain riots but in 1984 litrally nothign was done during and after riots and the zero casualty of rioters in police firing and zero conviction of killers after the riot testifies to this claim
Toronto, Canada
Aug 26, 2009
07:28 PM
DMK walked out of aaliance at the end of the term and it had nothing to do with Godhara.. DMK has its own tamilnadu specific interest and politics and on that basis they enter and exit from alliances
Toronto, Canada
Aug 27, 2009
12:26 PM
Thank you. Your blog just showcased the hypocrisies of the so called intellectuals Jaswant Singh and Shourie. Very interesting insight. I wish Shekhar Gupta stopped being enamored by the Shouries and Vajpayees who dilly dally on matters that have caused deaths of 1000s of Indian citizens and resulted in societal fault lines.
New York, United States
Aug 27, 2009
01:44 PM
After getting the royal sack from Ramnath Goenka, Shourie floundered into the blunderland. He did not do badly either. But this time around it will be tough for him to land another plunderland. Men with dishonest intellectual pretentions cannot afford to be acerbic.

Shekhar Gupta better watch out!
Aug 28, 2009
05:28 PM
when mahatma gandhi was killed, by a marathi brahmin, 1500 marathi brahmins were butchered by the congress thugs in maharashtra. this carnage was managed by vasant patil, who became the CM of maharashtra. the great patel was alive in 1948. he couldn't prevent the killings.
London, United Kingdom
Aug 28, 2009
05:32 PM
in 1967, 2500 muslims were killed in gujrat over a fishing dispute. chimanbhai patel of congress was the CM then. many accuse him of neglecting the muslims then.
London, United Kingdom
Aug 28, 2009
05:36 PM
1947, in the NWFP, 40,000 hindus were trapped in a village surrounded by muslim barbarians. the great mahatma was asked what the hindus should do?. he replied that the hindus should practise non violence and the muslims will follow them. the hindus practised non violence. the muslims practised what they always do. violence. 28,000 hindus were killed in three days.

some american journalists asked mahatma gandhi what the jews should have done against the nazis. gandhi said that the jews should practise non violence. the whole world knows what happened to the jews.
London, United Kingdom
Aug 28, 2009
07:20 PM
The problem is more fundamental than that. All communities and classes - Sikhs, Christians, Hindus, Dalits, Muslims etc. have faced riots and attacks at some point of time. But, they have moved on with life. A good example are the Sikhs who have put 1984 behind them and moved on with life. Now, I am not justifying the riots or the inconclusive investigations that followed. They are indeed reprehensible.

However, the Muslims continue to hang on to the Babri demolition and Gujarat riots. Their problem is intrinsic. Islam is inherently intolerant to any notion of multi-cultural existence and democracy. This is the reason why Muslims across the world struggle to co-exist with other communities, be it India, France, UK, China, US wherever... And this is also the reason why they struggle to have a viable democracy in Muslim-majority nations.
Brilliant Babloo
BablooLand, India
Aug 28, 2009
07:31 PM
I can understand a bong fed on communist crap in name of history geography physics chemistry calling stalwarts like Shourie names..I consider those guys lost cause.. But anyoen who doubts Shourie beyond BEngal has to be uniformed..

(1) Indira Gandhi brings emergency and Shourie leaves suchy job with UN and returns to India to fight it.HE woudl easily have stayed back iNUSa like Tharoro did and claimed so watch hsi youtube interview but nohe didn;t do anythign of that sort he returend to fight as a greenhorn journalist..
Stalwart journalist liek Khushwant Singh were licking Indira gandhi all over others were fawnign and licking her boots in that milieu a youngman comes to fight and you people who hae not moved a finger to help india anywhere have gall to question his commitment.

HE joined cause of BJP after nonsense of Shah Bano nonsense of Bofors..
Midn YOU BJP was nothig in those days to claim he did that for some plum posts is just an uninformed mind bloviating..

His commitment can;t be judged by pigmies.. he certainly is not yesman like ManmOhan SIngh who one days relases qwuttrochi money and another day says corruption is abd.. He is man of conviction man of moral man of honesty and man of his own mind..

He is fully right when he says these thigns happen.. If nto I demand answers from congress for all those riots in which comparison post-godhara pales..

I demand answers from rajeev gandhi why he was sleeping while Delhi burnt for three days..

One Rajeev gandhi worshipper Pankaj Vohara who writes for HT answered that Rajeev gandhi was mournign hence he could nto do anythign.. i retorted so mournign didn;t stop him from going throuh the long drawn process of getting sworn in as PM but writing two words like "CALL ARMY" could nto eb donw because he was consumed by mournings.. needless to say I never heard from him again other than the retort that I am congress hater..

I woudl have bought people like Vohras claim had they been consistent but no these same fools who make million excuses for Rajev gandhi will not buy the evidence like
(1) Police damned from neighbouring states by Modi
(2)300 rioters majority fo them hindu killed by Guj police .. Mind u in ciomparison 1984 saw0 casualty by police firing
(3)Army called immdeiately

These thigns msut eb ignored and Modi barbequed but the same set of fools go out of their way invokign mournign and what not to save rajeev gandhi..

I forgot I aslo asked oke so he was mournign but what drove him to make sure not even single person gets convicted.. Vohra saheb;s reply was that's judiciary's job.. then I pointed out how he cries everyday how Guk judicary is under Modi's thumb and soemhoe he can't face to the fact the PM fo India with 425 legislators could influence judiiary..

I see hypocrites everywhere lecturign others on morality while they themselves are immoral fo worst kind..
Toronto, Canada
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