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Aug 21, 2009
07:16 PM
Book-banning is non-sensical. I admire Narendra modi's tireless work ethics and all thenpositive changes he has brought in adminstration of Gujarat but censoring thought is somethign that should not be delved into..

but then we are nations who banned Saman Rushdie's book must before Pakistan did. We are a nation that bans historical account book of Justice like Mr M R Bhasin: "ISLAM - A Concept of Political World Invasion by Muslims". This ban was never talked by media.

Despite all the hoopla we are nation that strangles free thinking. We make noise only when wesse our thought being censored the thoughts which we do nto agree with their censorship is fine with us.

This also reminds me police attack in Tamilnadu on the art gallery of Francois Gautier just because it showed Aurangjeb's soldier killing Sikh gurus a hisorical fact. red here more : http://speekout.word...-new-indian-express/

I never heard brouhaha over thsi in media.
Toronto, Canada
Aug 21, 2009
09:08 PM
Answer to the PostScript is Easy: It would impair "relationship" with Pakistan. Remember the lecture Musharaf gave in Agra ? We would have embarrased him, would you like that.
Newcastle, United Kingdom
Aug 21, 2009
09:10 PM
The rest of the article can be summerised as censorship good if anti-hindi/india bad if anti-muslim/christan/Pakistan.

Rao, should come out and have the guts to say - repeal all censorship laws.
Newcastle, United Kingdom
Aug 22, 2009
01:03 AM
Gujarat government's banning of Jaswant Singh's book should not come as a surprise. Gujarat has officially or semi-officially banned or tried to ban movies such as "Aakrosh", "Parzania", "Fanaa" and "Firaaq".
Dallas, United States
Aug 22, 2009
02:41 AM
There we go again. The point is that it is not just the Gujarat government but Gujarat Congress that is saying that a mere ban is not enough!
Ajit Tendulkar
Seattle, United States
Aug 23, 2009
12:22 AM
Banning any book is quite unjustified in any free democracy. Only those who do want to read it will buy it or pick it up and judge its merits themselves. banning will only drive up the curiosity for reading it.

But, there is really great justification for banning many of the highly inhumanist tv serials being telecast in the hundreds of tv channels in dozens of languages in the country. crime is being presented as common-place phenomenon in very ordinary families of educated and cultured people. serials become tutorials in criminolgy, really. revolting on mature and elderly folk, these can serve as mis-educ for kids and make them grow up as criminals.

many such serials produced by anti-hinduist chr/mosl producers are also very particular in showing in the serials that prayers by hindus to their gods at homes or temples are likely to be immediately followed by disastrous mishaps in life very soon! one can imagine the effect of such episodes on impressionable kids.

a mechanism for citizens writing to, or sms-ing, a central agency against such serials from time to time is badly and hurriedly reqd. when a very large number of complaints are received against any one serial, the suspension of the serial may be ordered by the govt until cleared by an impartial and mature boards of review.
chennai, india
Aug 24, 2009
11:23 PM
abanerjee, your challenge is an easy one and doesn't need any special guts on my part as I have always been an opponent of all censorship. Please read my post carefully, especially para 2-4 where I knock the anti-BJP partisans who will suddenly discover their inner free speech advocate. Was I being too subtle or oblique in communicating? I would like to know as I don't want my message to be lost.
K.V. Bapa Rao
Los Angeles, USA
Aug 24, 2009
11:25 PM
Abanerjee, again, about the postscript. You and I may have our own answers to Jaswant Singh's silence on the Kalia matter, but it is up to us and the media to Shri Jaswant's feet to the fire and make him answer why he has so casually dropped the matter. Otherwise, politicians will continue to say random stuff without meaning, to the people's detriment.
K.V. Bapa Rao
Los Angeles, USA
Aug 25, 2009
07:50 PM

In what way, one wonders, we are different from say Pakistan, for example, where people have been disinherited and beguiled of their own history ... or China, where any dissent is ruthlessly suppressed and crushed?

Our democracy systematically over the years has become prey to vote bank politics. So, we were among the first to ban Satanic Verses, Taslima Nasreen, Bhasin, or Gautier ... and now just because an attempt has been made to bring out in the open the events that led to the partition, our politicians from all, left, right and centre are acting like a bunch of zombies and headless chickens ...
Vijay Agarwal
Northampton, United Kingdom
Aug 26, 2009
04:05 PM
"knock the anti-BJP partisans who will suddenly discover their inner free speech advocate. Was I being too subtle or oblique in communicating? I would like to know as I don't want my message to be lost."

Dear Mr Rao,

Sorry I forgot the one-liner in para 4. My answer to your qiestion is yes you are far from being even handed. For every (anti hindu/indian) incident mentioned there is an equivalent incident from the secular/muslim side.

For example the case of religous scholars. Amartya Sen espouses on Hinduism and indian society though he is an economist only (His nobel prize was due to his technical work).
Newcastle, United Kingdom
Aug 26, 2009
04:37 PM
For the post script: Your contention is that Jaswant lied and my belief is that Jaswant did not but later it was realpolitk. In both cases Jaswant do not want to reopen it.
Newcastle, United Kingdom
Nov 18, 2013
02:16 PM

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delhi, India
Dec 07, 2013
03:07 PM

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abhishek kumar
delhi, India
Jan 04, 2014
06:38 PM
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john flynn
copenhagen, Denmark
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