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Aug 18, 2009
05:08 PM
Rajiv met a tragic end and if that gives him greatness,he deserves that.But,look at the highlights of his premiership.He brought the country to bankruptcy.His stupid decision to para-drop IPKF in LTTE stronghold areas resulted in nearly 2000 jawans getting butchered.Rajiv's succumbing to Muslim clergy in Shah Bano case resulted in snowballing effect for long drawn Hindu-Muslim fights.He could not defend himself in Bofors scandal.His arrogance in publicly slapping the then Dalit CM of Andhra prasesh shows his poor class.Many feel his insulting Prabhakaran at the Thimpu meeting ultimately cost his life.His contributions to the country have been mostly damaging ,save for the Yellow telephone boxes.May be his good looks gave him this false greatness.He does not deserve to be imposed on the country in hundreds of ways.
Bangalore, India
Aug 18, 2009
09:09 PM
This solution is supersatuarted with Rajib Gandhi. Rahul has now a big problem. Where the poor guy will melt into?

Sycopahntiles are now advised to stop. They might be made to eat crow if nothing's left to be named Rahul blah..blah..blah.
Aug 18, 2009
09:10 PM
nagaraj ji aap hamesha dukhi kyun rehto ho.. itna pessimism!!
test, American Samoa
Aug 18, 2009
09:45 PM
A very contrasting point.

NDa brought an unprecedented infrastructure project called golden quadrilateral and pradhan-mantri gram sadak yojana.. This project was so huge that Sonia Gandhi called Vajpayeeji mungeri lala who just dreams..

But see one thing there was no name of any jan Sangh stalwart like Shyama Prasad Mukherjee used there.. it was not party specific name.. That's how it should be.. Come congresis again all projects becomee rajeev gandhi this indira gandhi that.. As if money for those project comes from the swiss bank account of these individuals..
A law shoudl be brought banning naming of projects based on leaders unless those leaders family fund the project.. We the peole are paying for the project nto some rajeev or indira gandhi
Toronto, Canada
Aug 19, 2009
02:51 AM
Boy-Oh-boy !! The common public would know about such slow 'brainwashing' tectic on voters only when a good journalist brings it up. Unfortunately, there is a Congress's mole (Navin Chawla) at the helm of EC. Let us see what happens.
P.B. Joshipura
Suffolk, Virginia, United States
Aug 19, 2009
04:04 PM
It was Rajiv Gandhi who started this so called "software revolution" by insisting that we should not miss this , the way we missed industrial revolution.

IAS babus have no vision they are not the policy makers but many in Congress did not agree with him , let alone parties in opposition like BJP, Communists etc.,

It may look silly now but in those days, to think about computer software revolution and imagining India as hub of activity for software products, and outsourcing services (call centers) based on software products was indeed a bold new world dream and it needed vision.

At the start of this revolution on world stage, IBM thought that there would be a need for
Two (2) P.C’s in a year!!!!

When Reliance Dhirubai Ambani wanted to import computers there was licensing system and some 300% tax.
Rajiv Gandhi also started cell phones; phones to every village(PCO), and merit based national level resident schools.

Importing some 1200 howitzer guns (Bofors guns) put him in big problems though later on during Kargil war these guns saved the day.

He ruled only for 5 years but faced lot of criticism from Communists and BJP for his 21st century dream.
Railway reservation system, and PF offices were computerized bringing a great relief to public by reducing corruption in both and increasing efficiency and transparency.

He brought in or helped our scientists assemble two super computers,NIC was concieved and established.
He was surrounded by his Doon school mates who put him out of reality and very soon
real politics of wily politicians put him in the seat of leader of opposition in parliament.

Wether or not for Congress, India definitely needs a PM like Rajiv Gandhi.
bowenpalle venuraja gopal rao.
warangal, india
Aug 19, 2009
08:21 PM
Rajiv is being re-branded as 'beloved leader' similar to Kim Jong il. This will help son Rahul to get an absolute majority and enjoy life like father with innumerable foreign visits and Bofors like deals.
delhi, India
Aug 20, 2009
03:09 PM

the only good thing indira did was the liberation of bangladesh, but failed to send back all the westpakis back to karachi, before ceasefire. she froze india in permit-license raj, restrained electronics, communications. colour tv permitted, only after bwtv became obsolete over the rest of the world. in 69-71, when I told boys in WG that one needs a govt license to keep a radio in india! they were just assembling them for themselves. foreign exchange was a luxury, smuggling a thriving profession. a respected news editor jailed to death, for flimsy foreign exchange violation.

the only good thing that rajiv did was the removal of the permit-licence-control raj, opening up the economy to the talents of emerging youth. chidambaram working under him also removed the low upper limits on salaries and on the pensions for salaried classes, removing the corruption-inducement element among officials reaching retirement ages.

time has come for indians, as a whole, to stop 'worshipping' heroes or wily politicians. every kid has the right to grow up as hero and achieve the maximum in one's life.
chennai, india
Aug 20, 2009
06:46 PM
Indiar did liberation fo bangaldesh.. I am sure Indira Gandhi had nothgin to do with the army deployment startegy. Just like her father she took decion that too hasty to attack but army cheif told her in no uncertain terms that look we hae made one decison fo jumping inot war without groundwork in 62 and I do nto want to tmake another decision. SO liberation will happen but when and hwo that army will decide and that's hwo date of actual attack got shifted.. My point being politicians do not fight wars it's army which does.

Politicians work comes in negotiation room after the war and am sorry to say anyone who has had even a cursory glance at Shimla accord would tell you Indira Gandhi screwed up big time victor in that agreement was Pakistan.. So we won in battle field surrended on table of diplomacy.. I wonder why Indira GAndhi should be patted for this kind fo fiasco.. Army certainly deserves a pat not Indira for sure
Toronto, Canada
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