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Jun 21, 2009
06:09 AM
FAct is today Trinamool Congress is more communist more Maoist than CPI (M). And media is erroneoulsy playing along trinamool as progressive party just because it's B team of their favourite congress (I).
Toronto, Canada
Jun 21, 2009
08:21 AM
The question shouldn’t be: will the CPM learn? Rather, the question should be whether the CPM or, for that matter, the left parties, are serving the interest of India.

I am very glad for the demise the left parties. Commissars are not going to act as pressure groups to hold an elected government to ransom. Communism is modern anachronism that is unsuited to the modern market driven economy. This truism was well understood by the late paramount leader Deng Xiaoping of China and he began to modernise Chinese dilapidated economy. In the late 1970s China began to progress after ditching the moribund and outdated communist policies. No communist country-Marxist or Leninist – ever succeeded in improving the standard of living of its citizenry. That was the reason for the demise of the totalitarian regimes the word over. Indian commies are living in the past and that was nothing to be proud of and plenty to be ashamed about. On the eve of India attaining independence from the British rule, Nehru’s tryst with destiny speech was listened by the freedom loving Indians with excitement, except the Indian commies who declared the Indian Independence Day as a black day. I am completely in agreement with George Fernandez who once said China was India’s immediate threat. Indian commies are subservient to China and often echoing their master’s voice. That was exemplified by the dirty work done the Commies for China by thwarting India’s attempt in the civilian nuclear deal in the IAEA. Any party going to bed with the communists are aiding abetting their goal of the destruction of India for their master-China. The sinister plot in withdrawing support for the UPA was to serve the interest of China-bringing the UPA government down and killing the Indo-US civilian nuclear deal.

It is imperative for the Indian Government to investigate into the CPM’s amass of wealth-in cash and kinds-to the tune of 4000 crore rupees . Where did the money come from? It was reported in the papers that a Chinese embassy emissary paid a visit to the AKG House for a parley prior to the recent Lok Sabha election. Shouldn’t the Indian citizenry have a right to know how this staggering amount of money amassed by the CPM?
Scaria Varghese
Melbourne, Australia
Jun 21, 2009
07:46 PM
One is getting to read and hear a lot of 'experts' discussing the shortcomings of the CPM. This was not something that happened overnight. What were these experts doing all this while? Is the fourth estate carrying out its duties and responsibilities as watchdogs of our democracy?
gajanan netravali
mumbai, india
Jun 22, 2009
08:27 PM
do you ever expect the karats and baradhan to accept that the communist are calling for a political battle against maoists the communists are indulging in double speak.What else do u have when a communist born to a toddy tapper builds a mansion has his kids educated in the UK.The communist must look into themselves.Isnt it enough to inspire innocent poor to join the maoists in kerala.Karat and his cronies are getting no were.
chennai, India
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