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Every year Outlook puts out a Holi playlist for its readers.

This year we have put together a playlist with Bollywood songs from each decade of the last 50 odd years.

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The Delhi High Court today stayed the telecast and transmission of the BBC documentary on the December 16 gang rape. The documentary shot by British film maker Leslee Udwin, who herself is a rape survior, comprises of an interview of one of the convicts, Mukesh Singh. Two lawyers who defended the men convicted of Nirbhaya's rape and murder have also been interviewed.

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No more soya wine chilli beef or Tappanyaki beef in Mumbai's Leopald cafe. It's time for some of the Mumbai restaurants to reprint their menus, it seems, or be jailed for up to five years and fined Rs.10,000.

President Pranab Mukherjee has signed the almost two-decade old Maharashtra Animal Preservation (Amendment) bill that bans cow slaughter in Maharashtra with restrictions on sale and possession of the meat.

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Leonard Nomoy who was almost synonymous with Mr. Spock, a resolutely-logical alien he played on Star Trek died on Feb 27 at his home in Los Angeles.

In its obituary, the NYT writes:

His artistic pursuits — poetry, photography and music in addition to acting — ranged far beyond the United Federation of Planets, but it was as Mr. Spock that Mr. Nimoy became a folk hero, bringing to life one of the most indelible characters of the last half century: a cerebral, unflappable, pointy-eared Vulcan with a signature salute and blessing: “Live long and prosper” (from the Vulcan “Dif-tor heh smusma”).

The BBC obituary says:

Despite a career that also embraced directing, writing and photography, he never managed to escape the character that came to define him. At times it seemed the actor and character were becoming one and the same person and Nimoy battled with alcohol abuse as a result. But he eventually derived great satisfaction from the role that dominated his life

The Guardian obituary says:

In front of the camera, as the half-human, half-Vulcan Spock, he captured with delicious wit the tensions in the character. Spock’s logical, detached perspective could be infuriating to his more demonstrative colleagues; it also caused him to be amused or bewildered by the workings of humans.

Nimoy contributed key details to the character, including the traditional Vulcan greeting: a hand held up and the four fingers parted to create a V. This was inspired by prayer gestures witnessed by the young Nimoy at synagogue.

He would later title his 1975 memoir I Am Not Spock. “I was trying to illuminate the actor’s process in creating a character. I talked about the fact that I grew up in Boston and Spock did not. My parents were Russian immigrants; Spock’s were not. I’m an actor who portrays this character.” He conceded, though, that the title had been a mistake and had given the erroneous impression that he was trying to shrug off his best-known role. He made amends by calling the 1995 follow-up I Am Spock.

The Telegraph writes:

Nimoy redefined the character from the minor one envisaged at the show’s conception into the most memorable. When Paramount studios made the mistake of allowing Spock to be killed off at the end of its second feature film spin-off, Star Trek II, public demonstrations demanded his return. Paramount’s stock fell on Wall Street until the third film in the canon, The Search for Spock, was completed and the character was “regenerated”. Six further films followed.

Leonard Nimoy’s cameo in the Simpsons’ X-Files spoof episode, The Springfield Files, remains one of the series’ all time greats. Seated behind a desk, he sonorously intones: “Hello, I’m Leonard Nimoy. The following tale of alien encounters is true. And by true, I mean false.”

Star Trek wasn't the only time when Nimoy dabbled in science-fiction. In the mid-seventies, a pair of recorded albums came out — Leonard Nimoy reading out works of author Ray Bradbury who is best known for his dystopian novel, Farenheit 451.

We give you samples of Nimoy reading Bradbury's Martian Chronicles and the Illustrated Man

US President Barack Obama issued a statement expressing his love for Spock.

While many took to the social media to express their condolences, the Canadian Design Resource led a call to action, encouraging Canadians to "Spock" their $5 bills.

Coincidentally, Nimoy ended his last tweet with the blessing that every Trekker is familiar with: Live long and prosper

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With less than twenty-four hours to go for the presentation of the Union Budget, all eyes are set on the Finance Ministry and subsequently on the corporate honchos for their expert analysis. 

In 2014, Outlook studied what CEOs and the captains of industry have been saying about the budget over a period of five years. The period covered three finance ministers as well as two political dispensations. Funnily, it appears that "there's often little to distinguish between each of these pronouncements, filled up with catchphrases and blind praise, often completely divorced from economic reality."

A sample:

Chanda Kochchar

2014 "As the decisions and plans are executed, I am sure the country will move back to a robust growth path." FE
2013 "The budget balances near-term priorities and long-term growth drivers." IE
2012 "The budget is a pragmatic exercise aimed at growth and stability in the backdrop of the challenging year gone by." BS
2011 "It recognises the long-term growth drivers for the economy and seeks to strengthen them further." BS
2010 "The budget focuses on leveraging the strong fundamentals for growth while committing to better fiscal management." HT

And here's another: 

Deepak Parekh
Chairman HDFC

2014 "Overall, Arun Jaitley has made a good beginning and one looks forward to bolder is a budget on an even keel." ET
2013 "It is a pre-election year. Given these constraints, the FM has presented a sensible budget." TOI
2012 "The finance minister has assuaged the fears (of drastic measures) by presenting a reasonable, equitable and balanced budget." TOI
2011 Did not comment
2010 Did not comment

Needless to say, this leaves one wondering why the media gives so much importance to what India Inc has to say when they could just use what they said the previous year.

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