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Raghavendra Rathore
The fashion designer on the dhoti controversy and how it can be high fashion.
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Do dhotis sell well in your store?

Traditionally not, but I believe with the importance given to the dhoti by the RR brand this season, the fashion system will be more open to it.

What made you start a dhoti line?

It's an integral part of our culture and deserves its place in bridal presentation. It is one of the few men's-wear outfits worn across India.

Should clubs allow dhoti?

The British 'heritage clubs' have inherited an archaic view of dhotis as a symbol of 'revolt'. Clearly, this view needs a fresh perspective.

What do you make of the recent dhoti controversy in clubs?

The emphasis should not be so much on the dhoti's acceptability but on the individual and his ability to respect the decorum of the club.

But are they fashionable?

If combined tactfully, the dhoti can be empowered to find its place in the fashion club.

What are the chances of a 'wardrobe malfunction'?

Practically none, if one wears it in the authentic style.

Do you think traditional dresses like the dhoti are a thing of the past?

The past and the present both take equal precedence when we create our collections.

Who is your target audience?

The beauty about classic clothing is that it is timeless and doesn't fall in any category, and it is accessible to a large audience.

Do you think it can do well abroad?

It is my endeavour to push our heritage onto the global scene and fashion is the best communication channel, since it has no language limitations.

Is there any chance of you starting a western clothing line on a large scale?

Our brand reflects an Indo-western look, which is now accessible to a global customers.

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