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Mango! Yay! Is what you should be saying, but are you?
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Mango! Yay! Is what you should be saying, but if you are fearful of all local fruits, be it the seetaphal, chickoo, banana, grapes or jackfruit, you are most likely to have the following concerns:

My doctor asked me to avoid mango. If he/ she also asked you to avoid the fruits above and instead eat apples, berries, kiwis, oranges and melons, simply disregard the advice. It stems not from facts but lack of value and knowledge (bordering on fear) of anything local.

But it’s too sweet! Sweetness is the virtue of a fruit, don’t turn it into a villain.

But I have diabetes. Mango is low (or moderate) and not high on the glycemic index. It’s safe. Fruits that are low to moderate on the glycemic index are recommended for pre-diabe­tic, diabetic, insulin-insensitive cases.

What about cholesterol? Rich in fibre, pectin (a natural bio-polymer), Vit C and Vit B, they together have a beneficial effect on your lipid profile. In simple words, it will reduce your cholesterol levels. Psst...the same dietician who tells you not to eat mango is likely to push for oats for its ‘fibre-rich’ properties. While oats are sold by large food companies, mangoes are sold by small farmers. I rest my case.

I am a heart patient. Rich in antioxidants like beta carotene, Vit B6 and minerals like zinc, copper, manganese, mango actually has the power to red­uce the effects of free radicals (damaging to the heart and other organs) in your body. That’s also the reason it is steadily gaining popularity as an anti-carcinogen.

Celebrate the mango, and relish it not just for its nutritional properties but for its taste, sweetness and incomparable richness.

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