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Masaba Gupta
The fashion designer talks about creating sports apparel for the Women’s International Cricket League in Singapore in September
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What is fashion to you?

I think fashion is fearless and it should set people free.

Which sport has the best dressed athletes?

Tennis, where you can play around with shorts and dresses. I personally like Maria Sharapova’s style and also Usain Bolt’s.

Which male celebrity you think is best dressed?

Ranveer Singh has a personal identity and a quirky, outlandish sense of style.

Which celebrities would you love to dress up?

Rihanna and Beyonce. And Michelle Obama.

Do you have any favourite team and players in the IPL?

Well, I like the Chennai Super Kings and Mahendra Singh Dhoni as a batsman. When it comes to bowlers, I fancy Lasith Malinga.

Do you expect the WICL jerseys to catch on like IPL jerseys have?

The intention is to give importance to women in a male-dominated sport. You can do much where fashion is concerned. We hope it catches on.

Factors you’d keep in mind while designing for a competitive sport?

We’ll have to work backwards as we await the guidelines. We’re working with a local manufacturer in Australia and while we can’t play with the fabric, the textures or the cuts, we can work on the caps, armbands and training gear.

Which colours are picked for the franchises?

We’re still waiting on the franchises, what they stand for. The owners may also have ideas.

Which other projects can we look forward to?

This year we’re focusing on collaborations, like home decor and crockery. We also have Masaba Lite, which offers a cheaper version of products, and accessories and nightwear.

One outfit in your wardrobe that you keep coming back to?

My ripped jeans—now tattered, but I love them.

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