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Isa Guha
The England cricketer of Indian origin on being an IPL co-presenter
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How different is the IPL from other formats?

IPL is a T20 franchise tournament combining cricket and Bollywood to offer entertainment.

Are you a frequent visitor to India?

I have played here before with England and worked on Extraaa Innings T20.

How does it feel to be on the glamorous side of cricket?

It’s fun, but it’s important to remember I am here because I’ve played the game. It’s great if I can add a bit of glamour too.

How is it to be the only girl cricketer in a gang of guys?

I have always enjoyed male company, which has probably stemmed from playing in boys/men’s teams while growing up. The guys on the show are very supportive and I enjoy the banter.

Does the perception that women add glamour bother you?

Not really, that goes with the IPL.

Do you feel it affects longer forms of cricket?

T20 is fast-paced and a wonderful vehicle to attract wider audience. On a technical level, it probably has impacted Test cricket.

You were the first Asian woman to represent England. Was it hard?

Not at all—I was never discriminated against and it was an incredible honour to represent England.

Does your India connection come up often while discussing your career highs?

Yes it does. My first game was against India and while my roots will always be Indian I was born in England and wanted to represent them.

Do you feel you retired early when you were still on top of the game?

No, after 10 years I felt I had given it my all.

Is making a career out of sport still difficult for girls?

The fact that women’s cricket went professional two months ago in the UK makes it easier for the players to train all year round and I believe other countries should follow the example.

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